Is the FM reception bad after installing a new car stereo a German car

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“Guys today s from the install bay. You have a german car. Because the fm fm reception sucks down that you put an aftermarket radio on it this might be reason. Why stay tuned.

So a lot of people don t know is that german cars typically use what s called an amplified antenna a lot of people get that confused with a motorized antenna. Most cars. Nowadays because they have the little shark fins or short antennas. They need some form of an amplifier to increase the reception of that little crappy antenna.

So depending on the manufacturer. They need they wire. It differently meaning they get power to it in strange ways. European cars are the strangest.

So what a lot of people do is they get this little cool antenna adapter here. So this is what most people end up with when they buy an antenna adapter and how it works is through the center of the antenna ters typically a ground that goes through the antenna and that s it the antennas grounded through out the car. And that s a normal style antenna. This is what most european cars need.


And what s inside the little silver box is a relay now. What that relay does is instead of passing ground down the center of the antenna. It allows it to pass a positive down the center of the antenna and then that positive goes to the cars radios amplifier for the antenna. It turns that on without doing that it never turns on and you get crappy reception.

So now how do you test to see if your car has this style on time. What s actually fairly easy you re going to need one thing. One tool for this one you re going to need a test light of some sort that it tells you either positive or negative. You can also use a digital multimeter that will work the same you re going to put one probe to ground and then the other probe you re going to use to probe the back of the radio.

So let s see how we do that once we ve got the radio out of the dash. What we want to do is go through where the antenna plugs in so go ahead and remove the antenna. So located down inside of the antenna is a male pin. That you re going to want to test for 12 volts with the radio on okay.

So with this type of probe. It has a red and a green white red and depend acade. 12. Volts green in kate s ground so.


When you stick it into the hole. It ll light up red and the reception will get substantially better if it lights up green. You won t need the amplified antenna. It ll just have a turn on built into the harness itself already now in this car is lighting up red.

This is an audi. So we are going to need the amplified antenna all right there you go that s that so if you have a german car in your fm reception stock this might solve the problem keep in mind. Though with most german cars. Even if you do the the right antenna adapter.

Chances are good that the fm could possibly still suck and if you have a crack the amplifier for less tape on a subwoofer located anywhere and here s the back of the car. Which is where it s going to be that can also cause you severe fm problems in a german car or any car for that matter. But just see that in german cars. It s a lot more susceptible to crappy fm right yeah all right well cool.

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