Jennifer Love Hewitt at the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 09/23/09

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” m just that hideous to close do i hate people that stand too. Close do don t you hate people stand. Too. Close.

Hi. How you doing buddy. How you hi hey. How s it going.

Yeah. All right. Those are nice shoes. Nightmares.

Courtesy of the scottish guy. My first guest tonight is very very beautiful woman. And she s on the ghost whisperer show. It s in its fifth season.

Premiere. Friday. 8. O clock.

On cbs. Well. I m not there bitch take a look at this grumpy. She s usually so nice please welcome jennifer love you and everybody lovely don t you look just absolutely splendid in every way dressed up for you you it s all working.

Thank you yeah you re looking fabulous are you are you pregnant on the ghostbusters. Oh yes are you gonna have a ghost baby..

Yeah. You got pregnant by a goose no no by a real person they show that on the show well i know because i use i see i m jumpy with the last season s david. They didn t show it but they they show that i got pregnant yes. I bye.

You know what this usually guys you start kissing and then they cut to shorts of trains going through tunnels. And you know yeah did you do that cuz you direct some night. Yes. Did you do that um well we i actually i direct the season premiere and and i had to direct my own birth.

Which was very odd. What is back hey yammer a drink from the snake up. Oh gooden that is girls love. This.

That s amazing. Oh i touched the snake. Yeah. I ve missed you it s nice to see ya thanks go and give a nice summer gear anywhere.

I did i travelled a little bit and and kind of hung out i am. I traveled a little bit with my boyfriend would you connect jamie kennedy yes comedy stuff so i was traveling with him a bit and i just kind of you get up on stage and interrupt him. And he says i m trying to sing a song stop interrupting me and you go why it s a crazy sometimes he does bring me up there it s nerve racking. I don t know i don t know how comedians do it it s carried on a high guys do well tough childhood really probably from the forgetful really you don t find sea doing some stand up comedy.

No i know i m terrified to speak in public. You me all right here then. But this doesn t feel quite as nerve wracking. It s not it s not really public to be honest.

It s some people who didn t get into dancing with the stars. But i get nervous i get nervous..

I know i m good i m good just. I m gonna go and then we re what parts of the country. Did you see a really fancy places no we went to like edmonton. It s a good time.

Yeah. A bit there we stayed at this at this hotel called the fantasy island to tell have you been there i know it sounds it sounds back and we stayed in the um in the polynesian room. And then it s getting worse. No no it s getting better in fact.

I might ask you to start slow in it. I may have like these huge like lava rock tubs and your bed is like this. Big sailboat. And there s the sky and there was like there was a parrot in the corner.

It was real good know now like some weird fake parrot and it s in the middle of the mall and they have like glow in the dark life and i really have it i think it was it was really nice. He s gonna be like yeah they really sell the fancy places. I take a much it was a it was fun it says fantastic guys they re not gonna know that i will tell this perfectly acceptable and probably advertises on cbs. But they know i stayed in a very gonna normal hotel didn t know they do they have a vampire room.

They have they have um. I don t know if they have a vamp i see i m until the vampire. Oh damn do you do an obsessed with ac. I don t like all the new ones.

The tru bloods. And all that doesn t work. For me. Oh oh.

Oh. Me either you do you like..

That you like. That. See i like my vampires to be blood sucking and evil. I don t like anne rice vampire yes well i m talking bram stoker vampires you know like ah i know i thought those new was it like i really respect you as a woman.

I mean really bad part. This is a hairdresser. A baby. They are a little girly now and come on yeah well it works for who for me dude really did you get you get jamie to dress up as a vampire chase your own in the polynesian.

Really parent makan coming to get you with my comedy stylings. I like yeah that s vampire. I don t think it must be very easy to spot a vampire. They re trying to discuss they just walk around like that like when you see the north s piratas at the mall or something go.

He s very nice. But you know he s always pointing pointing. So you would be an evil vampire for sure. Yeah.

I d up your bow disrupt open. And a bit your neck. And a heartbeat. See that s why i like vampires.

Yeah yeah. But the den vampires don t do that they re like i love you from beyond the grave weird watches fell asleep in twilight he watches her sleep does he yeah that s sweet yes if a person watch you sleep. They should drink your blood well. He does that later.

But first he watches their sleep. Yeah..

I am sick don t you think jimmy boys you sleep. I don t thinks he does i ve seen it on youtube. Now i i don t know if that s true you could put it up and get a lot of hits on the youtubes you go in the youtube. I don t you don t i find it very disturbing no they ve got wi fi disturbing like i can get like a thousand hits for something on this show and they re like a pigeon with its foot stuck at a piece of gum.

It s like 25 million heads. I have something know if you like the internet that you have to see i don t like the internet. Oh bouncy anything anime. There is this girl this is gonna sound very inappropriate.

But there s this girl but whatever there s this girl named felix who just got added to the circus olay zumanity show and she s like one of the world s like number one strippers um and she does like a not a stripper. But she does pole dancing that s what it is yes she has been alright you should not go on you have to see what she does it s amazing. This has nothing to do with anything i m sharing. We re talking about the internet.

Yeah and you have to see it it s unbelievable you look at the she i can t even explain it she s a pole dancing in this show and she like literally goes up the pole and at one point. I m pretty sure she s balancing on just her shoulder blade like it s the weird thing. But it s amazing you will love it are you excited that i came here to share that you really will find it fascinating. I m excited just containing myself containing try to be appropriate you ll like it dogs always good to see you it s great to see ya.

But i ve got to come back again then next time. I m never coming back. I m never gonna have any backup. Why do you like story no we look in fact.

We re gonna find that on youtubers. We are gonna find out we re gonna watch it you bet we are oh gee willikers. We re gonna watch it you re gonna love it oh she battles his own hurt shoulder you re gonna love it more than mean vampires. I swear true don t joke about that all right good all right jennifer loved you everybody.

” ..

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