Joe Ebay Best Offer and Remove Best offer Video

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“Joe this is a quick one on what to do with the best offer. We we ll look and see where the information is i m starting in selling manager. Your summary. You can see there s one message here.

Which is probably the best offer let s see where else it shows okay we still have one item not left feedback. We can do that we ll do that in another mini video and let s go look. It s not showing here. There is listing with offers here you can respond to it here.

See there s in one or we can go into messages. Let s go take a look at messages quick see. If that s where it is you ve received an offer so you can go into your messages. You can highlight that item and respond to it so they ve offered you thirty three fifty and there s a review and respond button right here you can see we re also going to go to a different direction.

We can go back to the selling summary two clicks back just to see it from a different direction. We can go here to listings with offers and that will take you here. And there s a button right..


Here. That says and we can adjust this to make it a little bit bigger. So you can see what it s saying. There we can move this gray line.

See the double arrow. The double line pulls up and then left and drag and you can change the size of these to what you like and if we respond to offers it will bring us all of your current offers someone s off with your 3354. It now from this response page you can accept the offer you can make a counteroffer or you can just decline. It and that s all you have to do and once you ve done that like when you make a counteroffer.

You ll be given the option to set a new price in between and send that back or you can decline you offer all together okay. That s the end of that one now i have to bring up my control panel and turn this off so we ll stop this one. Okay joe this is a separate video about how to get rid of the best offer on your listings. We re just going to start again in selling manager.

We re going to go down to your active listings. And you can see you have 59. Listings..


You ve been working very hard here and i m going to select three items you can see they have buy it now and best offer on them i m going to select these three items. If you select more than one you re going to get this different editor. I m going to go up back up here to edit. We re going to edit.

These selected you can go back and use the edit all to change the settings on all of them at once. Which will be easy for you. But i m going to just do the three at once and show you how simple this is this panel gives you the listings for the three. I selected with all of their specs you can see here their information.

How many photos. We can shorten this because your titles are not necessarily that long right now quantity isn t that large if bi n. Doesn t need to be that big your starting price is an auction item. So we don t need that there at mode.

We can rearrange. It later and there s lots more item hidden down here and all we need to do to edit. These three at once is to group all three of them by choosing this checkbox..


These like each individual item. But this box chooses all three and then we re going to go into edit fields and here. We re going to look at price quantity best offer. It s right there click that and then we re going to edit.

These three listings. Together. You have choices here are to individually do it and you go listing by listing. But in this case.

We re going to change all of them at once so we re going to stay with bulk and we re going to go buy. It now price you ve got set the best offers. What you want to get rid of right. So you re going to remove from all and when you save and close here.

It s going to make that change to these three listings in your case. All 59. When you do it you can even select the ones..


You vote that i ve already done and do it again tutor make sure they re all off. And then when you re done then all you have to do is submit the changes and you will get a notification here how much it would cost you to change to submit. These and then you confirm and submit. And it s done and when we go back bed and breakfast bonbon.

T42 will no longer have best offer showing you can use this method to edit any field. And you can see now those three items. No longer have but best offer on them you can use this editing method to add something to all of them to change terms in all of them. I ve got a separate video for you about a few things we want to get rid of in some of your listings from the cut and paste from harmony kingdom.

Ok. This is going to be the end of video number two under my ” ..

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