Journaling Bible Paper 101 – What To Know

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“There it s rebecca origins and i have a quick video for you because i i have a lot of questions about bible paper. In my page prep course. I a lot of information about understanding bible. Paper and i m not going to go into the depth that i do there i ll put a link below this video.

If you want to go check out the details on that course. But what i want to do is just help you understand a little bit about the paper thickness with regards to all the general bibles on the market and the new illustrating bible. Which has come out so let s have a look in to bible. Paper thickness as you can see i have out here just a range of paper and i ve tried to estimate.

It s a very complex thing paper and i ve tried to do an estimate just so that we can have a general conversation about paper and you know don t turn out on me. Because i m about to have some videos come out about how products work inside the illustrating bible and there s oreo your favorite pens all of the products that you like to use in it i ve done some major extensive testing. And that is useful for you to understand the thickness of paper and how it may be compares to a bible that you re used to so. I ve got some samples of paper here.

I ve even got some sample of bible paper. No bibles were harmed in the making of this video. Don t worry so we have here some watercolor paper. And this has this this is what you call 300 gsm and it is roughly a hundred and forty pound paperweight.

According to american standard americans use the pound information and gsm is for other parts of the world. Maybe you have something different these are the two i m offering to show you here that i can try and give my best gauge on so with watercolor paper. I want you to listen to this sound. And you can see that there is nothing of my hand through this and is very nice and sturdy right that is a sturdy piece of paper and you can put paper in it you can put real products on here your watercolor on here.

And it s not gonna buckle. It s not going to move around because it can take lots of color being added. It s made for that purpose. This is 300 g s gsm.

This has got some good thickness to it and depending on the watercolor paper. You can even get it thicker. You can get mixed media papers that are like this now. That is that then i have bristol paper here.

I believe this bristol violin. But this is just a nice paper..

But this is just 250 gsm that s 115. A little bit different here now listen to this remember this sounds the same doesn t it. But it s ever so slightly more bendable and it just it moves easier. This is snapping back into place quite quickly this is just a little bit smoother and softer now we re gonna hew you have a huge jump here from 250 down to 100 gsm which is 70 found this is roughly what you would use for an envelope and it listen to this it s not much to listen to is it this is very very i m gonna fluid and moving you can even get some things out of it like this and this is something that if you put something on it it may bleed through it may not depending on the situation.

Now if we move here to 75 gsm. This is inkjet paper. There s not laserjet paper. It s inkjet.

So your regular printer at home 51 pound paper. Roughly now this can really start to do this and of course. This is hard to even snap. Because there s no kind of firmness to it it just flops around now 500 paper comes in a few different things from what i can gauge.

This is somewhere around 30 to 40 gsm. This is an esv journaling bible. This is a paper. This is what that paper is and this is very very similar to just about any bible on the market.

The the actual paper coding itself is meant to deter stuff that you put on it in order to allow you to draw with your pens and highlight and do those types of things and most of the papers made that way. But let s listen to this i can t even get any noise out of it i can t even get it to flip around on me. Let s see it s so different and of course. When i put my hand through here you can actually see my hand on the other side of it i m not sure that the lights picking that up you can see my hand through it and just like when you stick your hand under a bible paper in your bible.

Most bible paper is a under 40 gsm it might be slightly thicker if you look at the esv journaling bible. Then you re gonna find that it s is that and it s got this kind of coating on it if you move to say this one. Here. This is a note takers bible.

This still has that same sort of coating on it that allows you to put stuff on the top of it and it s i m not sure that it s a coating. But it s just the way that the whole paper is made it allows for things to be a little bit more robust when you re putting stuff on that kind it s still it s very thin. All of the that is the same the thickness of this has not changed from bible to bible from what i can see in most of these bibles and you can see that this is the same thickness. It s the same sort of bible.

It s just a different paper slightly. But this this conversation about paper has been roughly the same for a long time i inherited this book from my grandpa when he passed away and this is some of the books of the bible and you can see this paper is opaque..

It s not transparent. If i stick my hand underneath. I cannot see it. But i can see a little bit of ghosting inside of the actual white area.

You can tell that the paper is and it s got something printed on the other side. It s it s just thin enough for that. But i can t really see my hand through it and this paper has a sort of thickness to it. But it doesn t have any sort of coating.

I imagine that if i drew on this it would go straight on through because it would kind of soak up the liquid because it s kind of poor quality paper. But it s thicker and i reckon. It s somewhere around this inkjet paper thickness maybe 70 to 80 gsm. But so it s not as thin.

As your regular paper this here this is from you see if i can figure this out this is from 1989. It s just some older cheaper book paper essentially like you would see any sort of book paper. So i think it s slightly more than inkjet paper. Now why do i tell you about that because i think we need to draw a comparison as we look at the illustrating bible.

So you understand your own paper in one of your regular bibles. Which are all a lot the same there s a lot of marketing. Out there saying they re all thicker or they re better for you and they might be thicker by like 5 gsm. And you can see that that makes very little difference here.

But when we look at illustrating bible. There is actually a significant difference in the paper and i think it makes things easier to avoid bleed through. Which is fantastic as a person who actually invented and developed the page prep technique. I know that you want to hear from me about this and so i wanted to make sure and show you what that s like so let s pop open this bible.

Here the illustrating bible has this sort of thickness to it and i m just gonna do the same thing here. Now you can tell that my hand just barely barely barely can tell that it s there when i go where. The text is i can t tell. It s there it looks to be very white of course.

But you can see the ghosting of it what s underneath. It s that shadowing of the previous text showing through on the other side..

Now. What does this seem familiar to seems familiar to this sort of paper that book paper that is thick enough for you to have a nice little book here. But you can t really see your hand through it. But you can see the text through it and yet this would soak everything in the difference here is that this cheap quality paper.

It does soak stuff in i think where as like your regular book paper this seems to be like just thinner than book paper much thicker than bible paper. But it has the decoding that you would expect on bible paper. It has that same sort of coating. So what that means and i don t mean coating.

Because there is no coating on it i just keep saying that because the feel of the paper is resistant. It s got a very smooth feel to it as if it would hold on to stuff on the top and let it sit on the top without immediately soaking in so. What does this mean it. Means that you can put more things on the top and i can t demonstrate this to you very well with my studio lighting here.

But what i would encourage you to do is find a area where you can put just enough room into the light to hold up your paper and look through it and see all the splotchiness that you can see in it you can you can see the formation of how the paper is actually made and you can tell that this bible paper here has very little splotch ease it kind of if that s a word splotches in between each little section. There s darker spots. And there s lighter spots in between the paper. Whereas with here this these the formation is bigger wider spots and smaller bigger light spots and maker dark spots in the formation of it well.

I think that means is that maybe. The paper is slightly different it would probably if if something penetrates. This paper. It s gonna wake out a little bit more considerably than it would on this type of paper.

However because it s paper so thick. It s not going to make it to the other side of the paper as easily in most cases and you ll see with the testing that i m going to do in future videos that some of these products are actually able to stand the thickness. The weight of the paper much better and because this has got the same sort of quality of paper to it. Unlike in these kind of cheaper quality paper.

This may have the same weight to it potentially as a thin book paper. But it s actually very similar in feel and smoothness to regular paper. So this i am hands down convinced is a thicker paper than any other bible paper on the market by a considerable amount and to my guess. The closest that i could get to guessing what this is is that i would say that it is slightly thicker or sorry slightly thinner than an inkjet paper.

Now if i put my hand here at the same exact thing happens i can sort of tell that i m behind there with my hand. But really but this paper is cheap quality and it isn t going to resist what you put on top of it as well as this does so great quality paper in my opinion in terms of not soaking things in and i reckon that this paper is somewhere around that 70 gsm kind of 50 ish or even 45 pound weight..

Which is really exciting because if you don t like to page prep. Then you can just ignore all my teaching about page prep and just by this illustrating bible. If you want to support my ministry. I ll put a link below so you can go and buy this bible.

If you don t care about that i actually teach how and i know some people don t like this translation or they don t like the spiral or you know whatever the case is i know that the margins here are amazing. But if this bible isn t to your taste. That s okay because there are lots of us on out there. And if this isn t for you then you may want to page rep.

And that might be the answer. However important to know here is that this paper. Although it ties to resist some things some things as you ll see in further videos. It s not designed to have that kind of chemical property.

Put onto the paper fibers. It just soaks straight through and in copious. Amounts. And so you may want to page prep.

Even in this bible for certain types of products and so we ll look at that in future videos so if you haven t before please hit the subscribe button hit. The little bell next to it which tells you to get some notification whenever. I create new stuff and subscribe to my emails. If you haven t i ll put all these things below there s a little seymour wording right below this video on youtube and you can click that and it ll open all the links right there just before you hit comments and all of that will be there for you i hope.

This is helpful. I m gonna stick this video in my bible guide. So that it can further help people. And if you haven t found that s working working for you for your creative journey with god then dude check it out it s free and it should help you find a bible that is right for you and i hope that this has been helpful would you tell me in the comments.

What do you think of this have you got any further questions about your favorite products that you want to learn about and what sort of products are you really hoping not going to use in creative devotionals with anything that i m doing on my channel. I always like to hear about what kind of content you loved from me. And i look forward to ” ..


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