Key FOB not detected fix for Dodge Challenger! Farm Girl show how to get your car started

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“Right so mama girl is going to help me explain a quick fix for a a problem a temporary fix. Yeah. And i won t have a very bad problem very bad yeah we had this problem yesterday with the challenger. We were stuck in a parking lot neither of us has ever owned the damned push button car before right right and so what what happened we were sweating.

We were sweating and this thing. This fob. It was not the car larry possessing. It so the car was not sensing it like when you walk up.

It s supposed to much it ll lock it. But it won t sense oh now it s sensing. It now sensing well we could still explain what yes you wouldn t yesterday and so we tried to start it. And it wouldn t it said.

Key fob has left the vehicle..

No key fob detective. Yeah. But our key fob not detected. Now let me see oh all right now.

It s working now okay. No sodas off yesterday. It was saying that it wasn t detecting it show me what here and we tried everything we were knocking that thing says it when you try that yeah he thought not detected all right so that s what it was saying that s right starting. It yeah.

It was just not sensing the key for now. It s sensing her that s crazy so let s show people earlier. What look so went to the gym. Yeah.


It did the same thing. All right let s real quick show. What happened. What was the so it was like five seven o clock at night.

Yes. We were in a parking. Lot. And we couldn t reach the dealer because they had just closed right just to ask the question.

Yeah. So so x. Oh man decides to just me. Come around like a key when we coming around there was lots of fish because i thought we were gonna have to take an uber home so he just shoved it in there and started right up just pushing the chief.

I had to push it in the start button about four times and then it started right up uh yeah this morning it started right up when i did that okay alright so there you go people there s the fix to a temporary possible fix to a key fob..

Not detected. Yeah all right thanks for showing us that farms real what oh we need a car bath cute little bug brother eek where s the dog okay you are a cute little fella sweet boy. Yes. You are hung like a t.

Rex. Though aren t you what s going on cutie pie. You know you re living in the past farm girl come living in 2017 come see the future that we have lived our whole lives with everything never seen. These we have lived our lives with gas.

Guzzling cars. And now the future is at hand is it not so what do you do you just plug in for free huh that is substantial all right well we need to go out and get our tesla. Now and then we ll have to get one that drives itself. Oh yeah.

It drives us around..

I m sure someone can help us out. And explain whether it s a free charge or whether tesla charges you yeah maybe they identify your car. When you plug into it okay help us out people help us understand so sometime in the future. People will be watching this saying.

Yeah. What what what was the holdout. Why weren t you guys with the game. We want power it s pretty finally we got the car started we can go home quietly yeah that was nice ” .


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