Keyboard step through calibration

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” s take a look at the keyboard step through function. This function can be really really useful for people who have a lot of head movement. A lot of eye or are easily distracted keyboard step through will give you full control over the calibration stimulus will go to calibration settings. First and select the keyboard step through option.

The directions for keyboard step through are written below in blue. So we ll be using the s key on our keyboard in order to move the calibration stimulus forward..

We ll hit the escape key to stop the calibration and if we want to toggle between a couple of different stimuli. We ll use the t key now i m going to choose a couple of different videos. Because the person who i m working with has a lot of distractions and so they really need to have anything that i can think of in order to get them to look at the calibration stimulus. So i m going to have two different stimuli here.

I m going to change the size to large the speed doesn t matter because i m using keyboard step through instead and i m still going to use five calibration points. Now when you re conducting the keyboard step through calibration you want to position yourself..

So. That you can see the individuals eye movement. Because you need to know when they re going to look at the screen. So that then you ll know to move the calibration stimulus on to the next point.

Okay. So we ll go back to eye tracking..

Make sure that the person is in the correct position here. So we ve got them in a decent position. And you know they re looking around a lot so it might be kind of tough you re just gonna have to quickly make sure that they re there as they keep looking away so there you ve got them all right okay. And then you re going to start the cab.

You all right we ve got them so we ve hit s. Now i m going to hit t to toggle to the other video..

I m going to hit us again as soon as they look and then hit us again to move on to the next step. So then if they ve looked right then i ll just hit s to capture that data hit s again to move on t to toggle to a different video to capture their attention s to collect the data s to move on s to collect the data. We ve got a really nice calibration here by using ” ..


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