Kickass 12V / 240V Power Inverters for Camping

power inverter for camping This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Kickass 12V / 240V Power Inverters for Camping. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys in this video. We are going to make this mini also receive using audio audio so let s get started for this project you will need the audio copy assembly version of the end of 10th who as a one. With you if we point. We will judge agreed and some wires.

You can find a list of components that we need for this project in my website and also the links. Where you can buy them at a very cheap price and getting it delivered very close to you check in the description. Below. Where you can find the links to go to my website for this list of components.

Here. I am applying solder to the oil before so. The ring is over yet make sure to do it virgin. He has an art is very tense if to be excessive.

If we can t have it why not after all the soldiers applied philippine. We are going to solder the wires to our according. To this circuit. You can find this this run in my website check in the description video.

Where you can find the link for the diagram in my website next. We have to stick the knife to the video company for this i am using double sided tape now we have this thick the nr2. The orchid next. We are going to show the all the wires.

According to the circuit shown just people make sure you check the circuit dwell in bible time and this is how it should. Plant know that i have the connected in the account in the 33. Volt. Input of the nra.

Yet as we have to connect with you the trip on pivot is repeated. I am using double sided tape again to stick the word is regulated through the alidium next without you connect the vcc pin. Although to the nif beginning with sorry northern are the patil to give it good and i have also comment the ground of the halogen ooh and as i know it and then connect it to the versatility. There is what it should lie and i am also connected to wires to connect to that i got to sorry the ordinate to the bucket.

I am using a free form. 7 pole like a bucket before connecting the voltage with of the enough use of where this regulator. We have to check if the voltage output of the regulator is between two point nine to fifteen people as we can tell me do the in and this is the output voltage of the what is really there you can see it is showing three point zero four volt. It is good this is my own personal school that i am using you can find links where you can buy it in my website.

If you want it i have also added a 10 microfarad all capacity to the voltage output of the voltage you get again. And i am also showing a while you to the digital pin. 3 of the article and the graph in order to receive a pwm signal. I am using the tdr program.

But to program. The auditor here is the connector. I am connect i am so during sorry i am. So during some wires to the audio dependent.

If you the ftdi programmer. Here is what it should look like now we have to connect it to the tv. I programmer like this now we have to program. It to go grab it make sure all the audio ip and in our library.

Install if we don t have that in our library. Installed. Yet you have people to the sketches managed include libraries. Manage libraries and search for tentacle.

Then you have to spool down. And install the one saying are plentiful by the hmo 20. You can see i have already installed it if you don t have it you just have to click install here next. I m going to program.

It i m going to put it in post war world. But they also told that i have to tell you in order for this code to work well this line should be the same for the transmitter and here you have to initialize that cesc snp of the internet in the audio. Which i have connected to the digital pin 7 8..


Here. I have added in line to quit the out to the input data from the receiver in the savegame editor. Now we are going to appeal to the audio. You can see the led blinking meaning that our code is successfully uploaded to the audio.

Now. It is it we have to use a transmitter here is a simple past winter. I paid using audio video and and obtained t4 here is a circuit diagram for it you can find this also in my website basically check the description under the description good for the needs. I have added a potential beauty.

Too far to vary. The pwm signal and i am using my the scope again to measure the receive detail from the transmitter you can check your serial monitor. If you go out this. But if you want it you can always check the links to buy it in my website.

Where you can find it for a very cheap price and very faucet first there will be tv railings. So you can see that video of um signal is walking. We are receiving the data now i have disconnected the ftdi programmer and up using my beef and seven volt will lipo battery and connect it to the audio and you can see where we are receiving the signal. Yeah so here is we are receiving the signal and we can worry using our potential return.

So this project was a success now you can unclick. All the wires. Here you can see this working perfectly. So this is our mini also receiver using audio as you can see it is very small.

It is even smaller than our battery. It is very light also you can use it for your mini. All setting projects or through a project make sure to subscribe subscribe to my website and like this video. If you liked it and dislike it if you don t like it wave test.

Now we have so many customers wanting to run a microwave off an inverter you know grandma s cooked you up an amazing lasagne you know you re on the beach waves are crashing. You just chuck that lasagna you re in presto five minutes later you re having grandma s lasagna on. I mean what could be better than that and i m going to show you that it s possible with a kick ass inverter. Now.

What you can see here in the setup is the kick ass 2000 watt inverter. Now this is the inverter that i recommend of course. If you want to go to the 3000 watt. We re not stopping you but the 2000 watts fine now what we ve done is we ve sourced some microwaves that have got a low consumption.

Obviously microwaves range from you know 600 watts cooking power up to you know industrial microwaves. So what we ve done is we ve sourced some microwaves for you that have a low power power consumption. So they ll run easily on the inverter and we ve tested them to make sure they work so either you can buy one of our packages or you can go and source your own microwave on the input side you want to make sure that it s not more than 1200 watts and remember that the microwave power is different to the input the consumption of the microwave. So this one here is i think a 600 watt microwave.

But it draws around 1200 watts. One is running now into the inverter. I ve plugged this little watt meter. Just for the sake of the video to show you how much power is drawing you see at the moment is the microwaves drawing point.

6 of a watt and that s because the little display is on now. The inverter is connected to the battery via the short. Cables and then the inverter is connected to the microwave. So it s time to put some water in the microwave.

There we go now we re going to set the power of the microwave will go 2 minutes boom and away we go. Water is cooking everything s working perfectly now remember that it does draw a lot of power out of your battery system. So you want to make sure your battery. That you re running from has is in a good good state of charge.

And you re not going to be running the microwave for hours on end because it will drain the battery flat quite quickly now if you want more information. We ll have a write up on the website about that i m not going to get into all of those details. But i will say running the microwave for a short amount of time is going to be fine. Now we look at the power consumption here from this microwave.

And you ll see that it s drawing around 1200 watts. Okay so everything is working fine. Grandma s lasagnas in there cooking away..


And you re done so on the website. 2000. Watt inverter or 3000 watt inverter for your microwaves. Either by one of our package.

Deals or go on sauce yourself. A microwave that doesn t have an input rated power of more than say 1200 watts. It s as simple as that remember also if you want to so yeah. There you are you can see that the the water is already warm okay.

If you want to you can also run a toaster. So i just go and grab the toaster. The trick is when you re buying these things you go into the shop you re buying them. And you start looking at the the packaging and try and find a device with a low power consumption.

So at home you want the most powerful toasting you can get of course. But when you re using it for camping you want to try and find something that s quite efficient. So we plug the toaster in okay. So toaster on boom.

And you can see here very very close on the power consumption side 830. Watson is rated at around 850. But if you look inside you ll see that the toast is operating fine to make yourself some vegemite on toast at the beach. So there we have running a microwave or a toaster or any high powered appliance.

Now air conditioners are a different story really in our range. I don t recommend any of our inverters for running air conditioners. I recommend getting a generator to run things such as air conditioners. But electric fans that kind of thing of fine like i said sleep apnea machines modified sine wave.

Sorry pure sine wave inverter pure sine wave inverter check with the supply of the sleep. Apnea machine. As to what size. They recommend or you can check with one of these what meters.

Which is even easier plug your sleep. Apnea machine into one of these we re not selling these. At the moment. We might later.

But otherwise just get one down at bunnings and you could work it out for yourself so here. We have the kick ass range of inverters and i ve got to be honest. I m really happy to have these on the website. We ve worked really really hard with kick ass to find a affordable and quality inverter.

Now. There s a lot of garbage on the market. That s downright unsafe and also unreliable because we re bringing these in directly from our manufacturer. We can keep the cost down and give you analyzed aluminium frames.

Really really good internal components. These units have low battery cutout so they won t drain your battery flat. They ll cut out before that happens they ve also got overload warnings and protection. So.

If you try and draw. Too. Much power out. An alarm will go off and the inverter will switch off so really high grade units now in the range.

There s a variety of sizes depending on the wattage of course. But there is one thing that i m going to show you first which is a modified inverter now all of the inverters in the range except for one. What s called pure sine. This is a little modified now a modified inverter is older technology been around for years now modified.

Sine wave. Isn t exactly the same as the power point at home. So there are some devices that won t run properly from them..


But the devices that will run fine and your laptop s battery charges for drills plug packs for mobile phones that kind and i ve brought this unit in because some people just want to get a really affordable inverter for running devices. Such as that so. This is a little modified it comes with a cigarette lighter plug so you can plug it into our our battery boxes or your vehicle. And it all comes also it comes with that alligator clip.

So you can connect it directly onto a battery now if you want to you can also cut them off and put ring terminals on moving up from the modified. We have a 300 watt pure side now the 300 watt pure sine wave is will run everything. It s exactly the same as the power point at home. So those of you who want to run things.

Such as sleep apnea machines that kind of thing pure sine is what you need you need to check the power consumption by the way of sleep apnea machines to see what they draw some have a humidifier and many people will basically turn that humidifier off because that s what draws most power. But you can speak with your sleep. Apnea machine. Manufacturer just as a side note.

So. This one is a pure sign comes with a cigarette lighter socket and i did forget to mention that the both of these units have a 21. Usb output. So you can charge your mobile phones as well.

Or your ipads or whatever from that usb output. So there s the two units. If you want to keep your cost down you got little 300 here modified or you ve got the 300 pure sign now a very very popular size is 600. Watts.

Now 600. Watts. Draw too much power at full capacity to be able to write be run from a cigarette lighter plug so i ve really thought about how to do it. And what we ve come up with is this great little concept of having an anderson plug so these are the ring terminals that connect onto the inverter itself.

And then you ve got an anderson plug now many people who have got our portable battery packs. Or i ve got a 12 volt. System set up have anderson plugs. And what s great about them.

Is you can just plug. It straight into an anderson plug in your away. Now what about if you want a 600 watt. Inverter.

And you don t have an anderson plug. No problems. We ve got an adapter included. Which will give you a couple of ring terminals.

Now if you don t want the ring terminals. You want to hardwire it you can cut those alligator clips off put a couple of ring terminals and connected permanently to battery. And it s easy to remove the end if you want to so. Super handy now that is only with the 600 watt inverter 600.

Is a really good all rounder. I use mine and obviously you ve got to check all of your devices. But you know for a stick mixer in the kitchen. If you want to do some cocktails on the beach you can run your laptop s they really are versatile inverter.

The 600 so after that we can t do the anderson plugs anymore. Because the bigger inverters need to be connected directly to a battery via short heavy duty cables. Now. The 600 watt inverter and the 1000 watt inverter is a little bit different too because they don t come with the usb charging output not a big deal because obviously you can plug your phone charger into the inverter and remember with any inverter you can also plug in a power power board like a from bunnings power board.

Six way output. You can plug that in plug everything in now. Such as 600 moving up to the thousand as i said this one doesn t have a usb. But what we start to bring in anything over the 1000 you get the remote control.

And you might say what do i want to remote control. For well. If you re installing the inverter into a caravan or a camper..


A camper van. You might want to put the inverter in a cupboard somewhere out of the way which means. It s not easy to access the switch to switch it on and off so. What you can do you can use this remote control.

Which has got a really long lead and you can actually mount this to the wall or somewhere. Convenient and switch your inverter on and off remotely that s super handy so all of the inverters from 1000. And up come. Included with a remote control.

Now most people are going to charge. You for that there s a very good quality remote now all of the units. We ve been talking about up to this 1000. Have one single output socket.

One one power plug after that we with the 2000 and the 3000 you actually get two outputs now in the 2000 and 3000 you get your usb socket back as well your usb plug. So remember that the 600 and the 1000 are the only ones that don t have the usb socket everything else the 300s. The 2000 and 3000 do have the usb socket. Now the 2000 watt you starting to get into some really serious power here.

And what you ll find with these inverters is they come with either one or two sets of depending on the size. I believe the 1000 set and the 3000 comes with two sets of battery cables. You can see that they re short and they re very heavy duty. Now the reason for the short distance is because we don t want to lose any power along the long cable.

So that s included and these need to be connected directly to a battery. So you can do that quite easily if you ve got one of our battery boxes you need to take the lid off and you ll need to run the cables through the battery box directly to the inverter the 2000 and 3000. Watt inverter x for those of you who want to start getting into heavy duty stuff like running a toaster or running a microwave. But remember that when you are running these heating or cooling appliances.

That the inverters will use a lot more power from your battery. And drain your battery. A lot quicker. So i do recommend when you when you get up to these these size inverters.

It s okay to run them on a 120 amp battery. If you re using it for occasional use so for example. If you re going to run a microwave for 5 or 10 minutes to heat up a meal. But i wouldn t be doing that if i was running a catering business and just running the inverter all day off of one battery.

If you re going to be using the microwave or your toaster. All the time all day long you need to look at a bigger bank of batteries. And you can talk to us about that if you ve got a commercial application alright. So we ve got the 2000 watt unit.

And then we ve got the big kahuna here. The 3000 watt unit. Now these are some serious inverters and remember that these units also have all of them can handle for a very short period of time double their capacity. So if you ve got an electric motor that draws twice as much power when it starts up for a few seconds and then drops back to its actual normal power consumption.

These units will handle it and they they do what they say a lot of them say they ll do double the output and they fall over these will not do that that concludes my demonstration of inverters. If you ve made it all the way to the end congratulations for being patient. I m clayton. I m the owner of australian direct.

Now we ve got sales team standing by who can answer your calls lots and lots of information on the website. As well a video to watch is our ultimate dual battery system video that talks about our portable battery packs. Such as this that have got all your sink sockets and that kind of thing built into them we specialized in solar panels dual battery wiring kits agm batteries absolutely everything you need for your 12 volt setup so feel free to send us an email. Give us a call anytime.

The number on top of the screen. And ” ..

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