Killing Floor 2 BE THE BEST GUNSLINGER! – Gunslinger Perk Guide

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“Right. It wasn t back everyone totter pathfinders guide to parks and in today s s episode. We have the gunslinger so first off want apologize because it took a break from videos for the past week. And that was all because of the school and i pretty much short answer.

I pretty much just and a lot of time doing something that i failed anyway so yeah let s get right into the gun sling ok the gun slinger specializes in akimbo pistols it existed as a popular server most work in the days of the killing floor mod. But it skills were merged with that of the sharpshooter for the retail version of killing floor and has since been split again. And just remind that you re going to be seeing me bash. A lot in this background.

Gameplay and i will answer that in just a minute to be the most useful or most effective with the gunslinger you just need to run around and headshot as many things as you can you re fast. But fragile to be honest. The gunslinger is more of a sharpshooter than the actual short fuse itself. Okay and all let s jump right into the skills for the lot of 5 skills.

It s really up to you a personal aim a lot for the gunslingers. I use the steady skill for the level 10 skills. I know a lot of people use that i came up. But i personally don t like it that much so i rather have the guarantee.


More damage. The level 15 skills are pretty self explanatory you need to speed load. The last 20 skills depend on you and what you like doing slow them down or knock. Them down anything issues will be fine and for the level 25 skills is again up to you.

But i personally like to shoot faster and kill faster in that time great now for the boring part. The bonus is to get was playing and leveling up you get perk weapon damage with which is a 1 for levels you get a max of 25 percent. More damage. You also get bullet resistance.

Which you start with a base of 5 percent. Plus. You get the 1 level. So.

A max of 30 percent. Bullet resistant. You also get movement speed. Which is a point eight percent level to get a max of 20 percent faster movement.

Speed your recoil decreases by 1 per level sigit of max is 25..

And you even reload faster than that time. Which is activity 3 per level. So you get a max of 75 tries to reload in that side all right now that s not the way let s get down to the weapons you got your 18 58 of all riga to m1911 divisive desert eagle air you got your 500 magnum revolver and you can also dual wield all of these weapons. Okay.

Now i m going to tell you how i personally use the weapons on a long held north multiplayer game keep in mind. This is always play irrelevant of the difficulty in length. The 1858 revolvers are they are only good for the first wave and i have enough to buy the 1911 i roll with them until i can afford the desert eagle and i have enough for the duel 500 magnums. I buy them and yes you can have all of these at one i use the same weapons for the boss as well okay.

It s time for strategy. The gunslinger as i said before is fast is that your advantage in run away from trouble when you see a scraper flesh bone shrine headshot him to slow him down. If we have that skill of course or shoot him in the legs to knock them down. It s a good simply work to have sure i am concerned of your ammo.

As much as possible. Well you have three types of duel guns. They burn through ammo fast. So.

Quick your target and shrike headshot in them..

As much as you can the first gun is the 500 revolver. But it was recently nerve with regards with shooting speed. I personally think that this product is great for hell on earth. It s fast and can be shot a lot of damage.

I mean what more can you ask for. But only play hell on earth with this work. When you reach level 20. Enough.

As you probably saw me bash after every reload. By now. And wondered why the hell. I m doing that well you can actually cancel the reload animation and decrease.

It by a 40 which means reload. Faster and shoot more often i highly recommend doing this unless you like watching the animation. All the way through okay. There is really not much more to talk about for the gunslinger anymore sludges some adult a first height damage dealing perk that can easily take on every.

Said it comes in its crosshair..

I highly recommend this product and understand it so very nice wear accordingly okay so sorry for a short guide. But there is really not much else to talk about to this work. And i hope you guys enjoyed this one. I m going to roll a clip of the ball shortly and i know i started going to do these perks in order.

But i m going to skip the sharp shoulder and the survivalist from now i m going to continue with the swat. So the next episode of the guide is going to be the swap because i already have some gameplay for it i m not going to like waste. That and do some more gameplay because i already recorded the swat. A while ago so so the next episode is going to be swat or because like that as well.

And yeah being for the awesome support again for this series the great series. It is doing very well i mean better not all of my other videos. But yeah. Thank you again and i hope to see you in the next port guide.

Yeah. See you guys then oh. ” ..


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