Kinect: Dance Central Full Motion Preview with Jessica Chobot

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“Guys jessica chobot. Here with another ign full motion preview ever get the urge to to just put down your controller. Get up her couch. And dance.

Yeah me too. Ryan comments and i just had the opportunity to try out harmonics was dance central for kinect. And we had a total blast ryan s the expert. Though so i ll let him talk us through the demo thanks jess all right guys let s start off with a dance battle this is a competitive dancing mode.


Where jess and i are competing for points. You score points by doing the moves on the right side of the screen. There in time with the music looks like i m struggling and i am doing everything in reverse whoops time to redeem myself with the freestyle section. This is where you can do whatever moves you want just for fun.

I was worried i looked a little silly here. But doesn t look too bad. I thought i messed this up. But every time i watch it it just seems like i actually don t look totally embarrassing.


But i have to give the stage to a much more attractive member of the ign crew okay. Jess s turn you can see here. She s still trying to get into the rhythm. The flashing red light means she missed the move now she s getting into it though yep the the green light means.

She s got it next is her chance to freestyle let s check. The score big surprise that is their victory dance. Thank you thank you for rubbing it in my face all right. Now.


Let s move into some standard single player not everything is about competition. Only justice being scored here that choreographer and i are just the backup dancers. This is an easier difficulty level so the steps are pretty basic anybody can do this as you can see jessa s getting totally flawless scores now because she s awesome. However don t expect to just jump into the hard songs without a bit of practice on harder.

Difficulties. The moves get way more complex and her chained together much faster. I thought i d be able to do well but i was totally wrong developer choreographer are doing it perfectly i am just falling apart can t even keep up arms are going in the air here s the footwork that i don t even understand try doing that on your first try impossible. Thanks guys back to you jess.


Thanks. Ryan looks like somebody needs to step up their game. If they re gonna challenge me to another deck just an and that s your look at dance central exclusively for kinect. Hope.

You guys had as much fun as we did. I m jessica chobot and make sure and check back soon for more full motion. ” ..


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