latest openshot vs shotcut on scrubbing video: shotcut is clear winner

openshot vs shotcut This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you latest openshot vs shotcut on scrubbing video: shotcut is clear winner. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Dennis daniels here this is a quick demonstration of scrubbing the difference in scrubbing between between shot cut and open. Shot i m running the latest. 206 beta. And this the latest shot cut.

As well let s go straight to it and going to open up two small. Videos see i. Think it s this one. Yeah this one is 68.

Meg. So we re gonna open it and open shot. And i m going to show you scrubbing and open shot and just drag it down here..


And this is the scrubber right here you can see the scrubbing works. Pretty well happy with that okay good so let s open let s close this. There s no conflict of ram and clip. No and now let s open this with open shot.

I ve already opened it because it s a little more tricky to get it started desktop actually. It s not tricky to get it started. It s just that it s buried on my. Machine.

Here it is a small. File 68. And you can hear that it s already started..


I hit the space button and now i can scrub you ll hear that the scrubbing actually includes the audio. Which that is not the case with open shot. So we ll go ahead and file closed this and now let s open up the other file. Which is on my desktop on my.

Desktop and this one s much. Larger this one is 17. Gig. Now let s open this with open.

Shot. Open shot. Video..


Editor and. Again just to. Confirm i. Am.

Using. 206. Let s drag this down into the track into the scrubber and zoom zoom that out a little bit. This is the number of seconds.

You see you can see the file is so large that you can t see the whole thing in the time frame. That s fine now let s go ahead and do some scrubbing again audio note. The audio is up and let s start scrubbing oh and scrubbing kills open shot..


You saw it i saw it everybody saw it so. Let s take a chance with a shot cut now on the on the same file file open here s the one that just crashed open shot. Now let s open it with shot cut open and it starts playing automatically with the audio. You ll notice that let s just make sure we are using shot at 1602 actually there might be a shot cut 1603.

But let s go with what we got and now here s the scrubber and you can hear that shot cut is able to play not only the audio. But manages back and forth without crashing let s see how it plays hey that works so the straight up shot cut is more stable than open shot and shot cut has much better scrubbing than open shot hope that helps you it certainly helped me in terms of deciding. Which tool. I want to use when i ve got video.

I need scrubbing and cutting ” ..

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