Left 4 Dead 2 – Infinite Gun Glitch Revealed + Dead Center Shortcut!

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“Guys cold wesson here and in this video. I m going to show you how how to do the infinite gun glitch. Now. If you know if you see.

The and you know what it is you may call it something else. But i basically just call it the infinite gun glitch. Because that s what it is now the reason for this glitch is to slow down the frame rate of the game. So much that it s to your advantage.

Now you can do this in vs. But i don t recommend it because people leave or you know they file complaints about you against you but in campaign. This is a great way to get through expert campaigns. If you find that you just can t do it so.

Here is the glitch alright so in order to do the glitch. You need two handguns and you need a melee now. I think. It s easiest to go into a corner like this corner right here.

And do the glitch. There now you ll want to get the melee away from where the handguns are because if you try to pick up handguns or you try to pick up a melee..

Where there s a stack of handguns. They just go right back to the stack you can see that they just fear they went back to the stack. Now we don t want that we want when we set them down to we want them to you know stay on the ground wherever we drop them so i m going to go ahead and switch between some melee. So that they drop now a tip on getting melee away from a table or something is to jump back and push x.

When you pick it up so that it comes with you you see how it comes with me. When i jump backwards alright. So now that we have a melee in this room. We want two handguns now this glitch is actually pretty easy to do.

But it may take some practice to get it basically what you re going to do is just set the guns down and pick up the melee and just switch back between the two and all you need to do is just keep slamming on x. Over and over and you can see that it s it s creating a stack of guns. Because it s doing the little gun symbol in the middle that means that it s creating more guns and and all you need to do is kind of switch between the two and over and over and over and over and over and as it makes guns for you it only gets easier. Because then you have more guns that you can pick up from the ground and so you just keep doing this over and over and over and you ll know what it starts at lag.

Because it ll take your guy a couple times to reload. You see how it s starting to reload. Very slowly and the melee is kind of freezing in the air well that s when you know it s starting to work. But it doesn t it s it s really working when you do this and they reload about three or four times.

So when you see them clicking they re gonna bout three or four times over and over that s when you know it s working okay. It s and the melee just froze in the air..

So that s another that s another good indicator. Okay see how this this melee froze in the air and these handguns are pretty much stacked in a row. That s when you know it s working because the framerate is so slow that these guns froze in the air. Now we can also check by shooting.

If we shoot and the numbers are messed up then it s working. But i want to mess it up just a little bit more just just to make sure that the glitch is on you can see that it s taking a little while a heck. It s not even showing the melee half the time so that s a good time all right that should be pretty good now you can see that this like stack is huge kind of looks like a question mark. It s really cool and that s what the glitch does so now i m going to show you the huge benefit of doing this glitch now that it s lagging.

So bad you can walk around every zombie. You come to and you don t have to fight a single one and like i said this is great for expert. Because you know if you find that you keep getting swamped by zombies. Then this won t be a problem for you because once you get past a certain part and you don t kill any zombies.

No more will spawn simply because the game only creates. So many zombies at a time because the game can only handle so many zombies so if you simply bypass all of the zombies before on the top levels without killing them look. There s one zombie. And he can t even catch me and now i just went into the elevator.

Now if i really wanted to get through this campaign. Really fast..

I could have killed my own guys and then did it. But that s basically how to do the infinite gun. Which guys like i said you do need a to two guns and a melee so it may be easier to play with a friend and have them carry either the melee or the two handguns. So that when you see another hand another melee.

Then you can do the glitch. There or another stack of handgun to your person can put the melee down either way will work. And that s basically that s how you do the infinite gun glitch. And that is the use of it and you can kind of see that it s lagging so bad that you again you can walk across and he s on me now i m going to show you my favorite voice real quick.

This really has nothing to do with has nothing to do with that. But it looks like now. It s right over here. So this is actually at the beginning of the level.

And if i fail at this then you ll have something to laugh about but it should work so basically what you do is you go over here. The first room. You go left and then you go right in the left. And you can fall to the second level now you may have seen this before already.

But i ve been doing this for a long long time and i never told anybody. But people will eventually found out and start putting on youtube..

But that is one of the fastest ways to get to the elevator. And if you re not worried about your team that works alright that s it d with open arms upon being ported to the switch. It s a prime example of a great game. That has a large player base that benefits from achievements on other platforms and could easily be adapted for the switch secondly we have to mention super hot this game.

Lends itself extremely well to achievements by not only having an interesting story. But also a seemingly infinite amount of options for beating each level as we mentioned earlier nintendo has made no announcements or even hints at the possibility of achievements coming to their consoles. This seems pretty cut and dry for what the future will hold. But there still could be hope with the switch light coming out in a month and nintendo announcing huge titles for the switch like the sequel to breath of the wild.

It s clear that this console is going to be in the future for a while while it may be unlikely. It s definitely possible the nintendo will choose to add an achievements feature at some point down the road thanks for watching. And make sure to like and subscribe. If you want to see more content from gaming instincts.

” ..

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