Let s Try [DS 0090 – Nintendogs: Lab & Friends

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“Is ds 90. Nintendogs laughing firms look. I love dogs and everything. But we ve ve already done two nintendogs games.

So for this one. I m going to do a little different. And i hope no one hates me for this but we re going to we re going to rush our way through the early game. Now.

And i m gonna look at the puppies. Okay. Oh oh. That s just i m gonna buy.

A lab. Daughter. Favorite slab in france called. I think we ve been getting a lot of white dogs maybe we should get this get this drama spoiled young puppy doesn t like strangers.

But will love her trainer. Immensely chosen big papi you might you might notice we have nine billion nine hundred nine nine million nine nine nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars. I might have activated every cheat code available for this game just so we can hopefully in as little time as possible try to get as much of the nintendogs experience as possible and we ll we ll see what we can do with this this really cute dog it s kind of like to see actually the brown dog on the actual ds screen. The original ds having that ridiculously dark screen.

But of course on the on the capture window. You can see that dog in its glory. Oh yes. That s us pollock.

Lee dog look at those floppy ears. Wow. That s such a good. Doug.

That s a really good dog. Oh yeah. I don t know what to name this dog. I i m going to google dog names and like find an absurd one 100.

Most popular dog names. What s 100 wait how do i get how do we get there. Oh. It s 50 of male and 50 of female number 50 is henry that s a mac number 46 maximus.

This is like this is a girl dog though i just realized it s a girl dog haiti is number 46 not a good dog named stella zoey katie s penny samantha like these are all human names. What if i just name it maximus. Anyway maximus. You names maximus.

No maximus that s a good name and a good dog name. Even if it is a girl maximus. The game really we got a thing for s s what s maximus maximus yes. That s something all right that s a good dog maximus.


Very good dog you re a very good dog maximus maximus maximus. It really likes making you do this yes. This is kind of absurd maximus. If the figure is actually like the game learning something right.

It s not just making you do this for no reason maximus. How many times you gonna make me do this maximus didn t make me do it this many times last time did it maximus didn t like that one maximus. It s still not sparkling maximus. Oh my god sparkle maximus.

I just i just want to get to the point. Where i can buy a stupid helicopter xms is it actually broken this is not did i activate. Too many cheat codes. Did it just completely break the game maximus.

They re all like money codes. Doesn t even make sense maximus again didn t like that i guess i could just do this for ten minutes next of us. Oh. My god maximus oh final eyesight legitimate.

We thought it was broken and i was just going to do a gag well i just run this for five minutes until we get that 10 minute mark and but it heck is the name of jesus. I can t type on this tiny little touchscreen. It s the name maximus okay just barely fits. It alone.

It makes you choose the name before they even let you see how many letters you have maximus just barely fits. What do you know yeah. That s how dogs work i want these. It s just such a long name like three syllables that legitimately take the game that long over i gave myself.

Max trainer. Points. So now. The kennels now.

Everything is going to get unlocked. Oh boy. Oh. Boy.

Oh. No oh no. Oh god please. Stop.

I did. N t mean it right ones. This sound. Only coming out of one side that just means epic.

Oh. I need to check that now. Let s is my sound good yeah. This sounds only coming out of one side isn t it umm please don t um please okay.


That s better good dog look actually i i would just love to just sit here and pet you forever. But i have nine billion dollars burning a hole in my pocket and i feel like i should probably go spend that oh. It s not gonna let me go out it doesn t let you go out until you teach the dog how to sit okay. I m gonna pass it what if i huh no do it okay okay maximus good dog sit give me the little thing maximus maximus maximus maximus.

It s a really good dog it s a really good dog. But also i would really appreciate the opportunity to spend by ten billion dollars maximus maximus maximus maximus maximus does maximus stupid dog maximus maximus it really doesn t like that name does it is it too much for the voice recognition engine. Maximus maximus next. The mus maximus maximus maximus maximus.

This this name was definitely mistake like it s got to be the name right it s hungry and thirsty. I got to feed my dog. But i can t buy food until i teach it to sit. And it won t let me teach it to sit until it recognizes.

It s a stupid name maximus maximus maximus maximus get over here maximus maximus yay is that you recognizing your name. If so that can i teach you to sit. Now. I d really appreciate it so i could teach you to sit sit.

Give me. The little thing. Yeah. Oh.

Next to us maximus. Mate. My throat. Is not yeah.

Maximus maximus. Maximus. Maximus maximus. She seems to have forgotten her name try teaching it to her again.

Lucky. Max max max max. Max mad. Max.

Max stocks name is now max from now on she should respond when you call max. How s it look. Max max max. Max.

Max. Max. Max. Oh.

That s really cute but also max max max good dog good dog max yeah that s you you re max i don t know if you re actually supposed to max max. That s you max max. Finally maximus that shoot three syllables is choose two too many and okay sit you stupid dog can t even learn a three syllable man it opened up sit it s too fast. I m still trying to call it stupid.


When it wanted me to say sit sit again sit. So this is my nintendogs speedrun sit. We re not making a good split. You know messed up a few times trying to teach this drop your dog.

It s stupid name maximus is not a marathon safe strat. Really i should just name the dog. A shortest name. Okay.

I will maximus. I mean next. Max max yeah. That s you next sit.

Excellent. You re you re a good dog now. She s that you re a really good dog you re okay okay now authority. 16 minutes in at the interesting part where we can lips not supplies list.

I don t have any clothes well we can spend all right so sorry. It s not ten billion. It s only ten million so sorry to disappoint we only have ten million dollars. But we can go shopping yeah let s go shopping bye doug wait bye bye dog it s going to make me teach the dog a name there s such good dogs wow.

Hey. I can t i i can t go through that process again. We let s let s decorate going out of space. Yeah look simon yes beautiful the construction takes some time.

I forget does that mean like real world time or like a couple minutes time am. I gonna have to come back tomorrow. Whatever let s buy things pet supply. How s it go yep by the lot.

But money actually doesn t go down by oh yeah a lot of it why not i m gonna spend all of my money on frisbees. I forget how long its hair is let s just buy one of everything. Though why not oh. I know why not because these things are so slow dismiss.

And you can t tap it to make it go faster. I hate video games i hate video games okay we ve got shampoo dog food the most expensive one buy a lot of it perfect. Doug is going to be so happy. Secondhand shop.

Actually. I don t have to buy anything come to think of it i have another treat coating it select and theoretically. I now have everything. Oh yes sure enough that is everything i don t even know what to do with all these things actually no soccer ball the boring.

Let s play with a bark ball ha well that s fun give me the ball give me the ball give me the ball max give me the ball give me the ball give me the ball yeah. That s a good dog. Yeah. Yeah.


This is a good video game like theoretically can train your dogs and have contests and they ll like earn your money. But that question mark do anything even like make a sound give it to me. I think i think it s just a thing to throw well yeah. Why not just use a cheat code give you everything and then just play with your really good dog let s throw darts that s not how dart boards work silly video game.

That s not out dart boards work blow some bubbles. See i knew you had to blow. Because this is an early ds game. And of course you have to blow excellent.

Let s see what other choice do we have jump rope took a lot of these toys are probably more fun with more dogs this toy is actually completely hip definitely one dug ok. But we ll get to that in the next the next. Oh yeah mario cards we ll get to that in the next nintendo game don t you worry yeah. This is a good dan can crash go cards from your dogs they look like different musics.

I think that mario cart one was the only one i ever had oh wow. They do that s cool as bowser play which they were a little eg coat that s pretty good. I like this. Okay.

You know the toy helicopter is another good. One actually like i should probably take it out just for the music. Yeah. I asked one let s uh.

I mean all the music discs and the keyboard. There was so more stuff in this game is such a good game i just gonna i m gonna shampoo the dog i need to know how long his hair is though important that i get this right you are a short haired dog and it actually tears clean so maybe we should just feed it let s see get a biscuit you re such a good dog. He s such a good girl. Max your name your name is still maximus in my heart landed on its nose oh that s good quite cute clock.

I don t even know where that goes fine let s give the dog water or milk. Actually. Yeah. The good stuff.

Oh such a good dog way. Oh you re so thirsty. That s i m glad they can t die they re worthwhile in here. Mo.

High statue meteorite do anything a very fine vase. Well okay then well the clock is on the top screen. I see yeah it was a good game nintendogs is a good game. But we still have nothing in ten doug s game.

Oh my god so i will see you next time with with more dogs and i think i think there s still even more dogs after that i think they made more than ten dogs games. But we have these three just like right such a good get you max this game. Before. I forget.

This has been nintendogs lab and friends and oh boy what again ” ..

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