LG27UD58 an affordable 4K monitor, what s the catch?

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“Lg 27 ud. 58. Is this 4k qi monitor any good or was the catch catch welcome to not a drama i m max i recently boulder lg. 27 ud monitor for less than 400 euro on amazon so quite a cheap price and that allow me to finally enter the world of the 4k.

So is this the best money tour money can buy well. If you have no more than 400 euro. That is definitely the monitor you should consider i won t go too much in detail into the tech specs. I will put the link below to the lg page.

So you can just go. And read. The official text pack of the model here is what i m going to tell you in this video. What this monitor does not have what is that made me choose this specific monitor aside from the cheap price and is it worth it to buy this 4k monitor for gaming.

Even though you may not have a very top of the line graphic card let s talk first about what you won t get with this monitor..

You won t get any usb hub. Or any usb c. Connection or camera or any additional functionality. If not the display itself that means that you won t get any speaker.

As well. Which was kind of surprising even at this low price point you won t get hdr 10 bit color. But if you don t know what i m talking about more likely you don t have not interfere. But it s really nothing that you re going to miss especially at this price point.

Unless you really need usb hub or speakers. Included in your monitor. There s really. No reason.

Why you should not seriously consider..

This 4k. Monitor. Let s see what this monitor have then maybe buy it a great price without compromising. Too much on build quality.

The included stand even if not the best you can find and you cannot adjust its head is actually looking pretty good and stable and resistant to shocks or i m not really going to use it because i m actually using the monitor on a vesa mount it has a very nice jaw seat at the bottom of the screen that can drive the osd you can even switch off the power left which i know is just a little thing. But it was unexpected and i was surprised to see it he has a good 60 hertz refresh. Rate and it comes with an included hdmi 20. Cable to ensure you can enjoy these refresh rate.

A vesa mount which is quite a rare feature for monitor at this price points. And it was really something i needed to mount it neatly on my desk with a vesa mount so that i can have lot of space underneath. The monitor without have to use the included stand and the last bit i wanted to clarify. It s about doing gaming with an entry level graphic card on a 4k monitor can you do that well obviously not playing at 4k.

But you can nicely play at 1080p..

Given 4k is exactly double the resolution you can play at a resolution of 1080. And it s going to look like a native 27 inch 1080 display. So no artifacts or any annoying blur on your monitor you can just play nicely and greatly at 1080p and of course. If you re going to happen to upgrade your graphic arts to be up to date with a pc master race and gaming in 4k at 60fps.

What your monitor would be up to do that plus. If you happen to have an md card bear in mind that this monitor is actually coming with three sync technology. Which means that the monitor will actually sync up. Together with the graphic card and you will be able to play at a variable frame rate.

Without having any artifact or teardown effect freesync is definitely a great option at this price point. However may not be useful to you if like me you are on the green team and you have a gtx nvidia card keep talking of gaming. This monitor has a 5 millisecond response time and even a gaming mode that should supposedly reduce latency as low as possible i use this monitor to play fast action games such as for example a racing game dirt tree really and i didn t have any issue at all image quality is great and more than enough to do basic photo editing or video editing. There is some slight light bleeding.

But not in crazy considering again the price point of below 400 euro..

The ng 27 ud. 58. May not be the best 4k monitor on the market. But it s definitely one of the best choices you have at this price point around 400 euro.

It has nothing that will make you regret the purchase well unless you really look after having integrated speakers in the monitor. But aside from that everything is there hope you enjoy this video and help make a decision about buying these cheap. But very capable 4k monitor let me know in the comment. If you have anything to say about this lg.

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