Lil Yachty “FWM” Official Lyrics & Meaning Verified

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“Was in la playing call of duty christian combs walked in the room with with all his homies my nigga earl put the beat on i went in the freestyled that bitch. I was watching christian and his homies play n. Call of duty they fucking suck goddamn did that shit. My real inspiration.

When i rap like this nbankroll fresh rest in peace bankroll fresh. I was great big fan of bankroll fresh. I could pull up dms right now i was in his dms. I had just finally got where i could probably get a feature or get to meet him and then he passed away.

I was so sad when i went and bought my ak 47..

I went to like to different gun stores. The nfirst one they had a ak 47. But they had carbon fiber ak. 47.

s which is the all black one which is technically the good one to get because nif it get wet the wood won t expand and it don t jam cause. It s carbon fiber and all nthat shit. I want the ak with the wood cause that nshit look hard what it was when i was in high school this nis so irrelevant. But i was in high school and i tried to play nfootball freshman year.

Terrible idea the homies used to eat peanut butter sandwiches nto get bigger and we used to be in class starving with nothing to eat my homie kq shouts out to you used to give nme peanut butter sandwiches in the back to the class all the time damn them shits was amazing i love that nigga cause..

He used to have his nmama make like two or three of them one for me we would eat them amazing. I ain t get a lambo yet. But i m getting one i been in one had some situations so you know it s coming on god i nwas reckless bro. I was just on some reckless shit bro on god i was just ntalking crazy.

I mean that shit might have happened before i don t know but i was just really on my reckless and ruthless nshit. I hate liquor. I hate alcohol with a passion i hate mixers when like the light is low. And there s music nplaying lowly slowly.

Everyone s talking and holding glasses and laughing and nlooking at art and shit like that i hate that shit bro..

I hate mixers bro. I be so bored and weird in mixers when i got my first million dollars. I was n18 years old it was the craziest shit because i signed my ndeal. But when you sign a deal nit takes like two to three weeks for the check to come.

We was checking every day. The bank account every day. We checking the bank account zero checking the bank account negative checking. The bank account checking the bank naccount one day.

I was laying in my bed..

I will never forget i check my bank account. I just screamed i was so happy coach told me that man coach told me he told me that shit when i first met him. He said. I m like fuck out of here old nigga and he did that shit bro that shit as such a blessing bro.

It just felt so good i had just watched superbad i had just seen that shit was so funny and nthen that s when that line hang with the cops you mcfogell came out ” ..

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