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“This is derek smeath for sff tech reviews today. We will be looking at the the linksys smart wi fi router. This is the ea 2700. It s kind of middle of the road.

And it s good for the average mom dad and two or three kids. It s great for that the router is made by linksys and they are together with cisco. I think cisco is the parent company it s not just a colorful box it s a very different type of router this router simpson is a smart router means that you can tell it to do certain things at certain times. And it can do it it s kind of like programming.

Your old vcr to to turn on and record. A certain movie at a certain time during the middle of the night. When you normally wouldn t be around to record. It yourself well with this you kind of use about the same idea.

Where you can allow this router to be used in ways that you are more in control of it a lot of parents. Nowadays feel very out of control. When it comes to the internet. Because of parental concerns and linksys and cisco have taken this into consideration also one of the other biggest things about this that you can actually set up like doing port forwarding like if you have a camera and you want to access it from say you re taking a trip to italy and you re kind of concerned about the house and you want to take a look you can do it with it you can set it up there and and the instruction manual.


The owner s manual that comes with it is very concise. It s short and easy and to the point. And that s what i like about it let s open the router and see what it looks like it opens from the front. And it s got the two little obligatory flaps and when you open it.

This is what you see this is the linksys setup cd. And before you do anything put. This in your dvd drive run. It just let it run and let it do the work for you you don t have to be a network genius to work these out you just need to follow instructions and this instructions are very simple but anyway this is the instruction manual okay also the router itself is protected by this phone and it s very well done and this is the router this router is meant to be sitting flat like this but a lot of people like to hang theirs now they don t give you any kind of hanging type of things.

But one good thing that you can do is you can take a zip tie like this here. And you can actually stick it inside here of course. Murphy s law says that if anything can go wrong. It probably will but anyway.

You probably need to use one a little smaller than this one right here. But you the basic thing is you stick this down into vent and pull back out and then you ve got like a loop. That you can actually use your hanger or something like that and you can hang. It upside down of course.


The cisco logo will be upside down. But who stares at the router right. But the router we just care when the router doesn t work now. This is the power supply for the router and linksys does say don t use another one.

I know that the other one may look like it it may act like it it may even have saying plug in it. But they say that they want you to use this particular transformer for this particular unit. I don t know why they do they doesn t they don t really express the reason. Why but you know who s going to argue with them they re the guys that made it this router is smart even another way to is if you can if you have a guest in your house.

And you want to give them access to the internet. You don t have to give them your main password you can actually set up a guest account that they can use and you can turn this guest account on and off as you would like another good thing about this smart router is like i said if you port forward. Like say for example you send camera to a website. You forward it like forwarding your telephone call.

Now you port forward it to a online. Http and then you can actually look and check and check on the babysitter and you can check on on the kids make sure they re okay you can look around the yard. You know if you re on vacation. And you want to check and see if everything s okay after a storm or something like that you can do that with this and also this router also is great for bandwidth control.


It s like a highway and each information. That s being accessed by each device in the house six or less from this so. There s a six lane highway. Well what you can do is actually you can make this system give priority lanes to certain things like event watching videos or gaming.

If you want to get more priority for your gaming. You can do that and you can turn it down for the other things like facebooking and other stuff like that that don t need as much bandwidth. So that is what is great about this it smart in the way that it is a very controlled router and as a parent. You can also put the super no no on there to where you can actually make it to where you can t access certain sites.

And it s really good at that too so your kids can t you know access netflix or something you know what i m talking about there are four gigabit connections. Which are straight in and go to a switch or it can go straight to a computer and these are gigabit. Which means there are thousand megabits per second. This is where you plug in from your isp.

Modem and this is your main water coming in to it and then these are your water spigots that go into different places. And you can turn the pressure of each water spigot or your need. This is your quick access smart device. And you need to connect it wirelessly just when it asks you plug you push this button.


And it does it and of course here s where the power plugs in and there is a reset switch the reset. Switch is in the back. And you re gonna have to need a pin to get to it. But you can actually reset it back to default if you mess up your settings or somebody else messes.

It up or you have a storm or something like that there s always a need to reset or boot. The system and that s how you do it s right here on the back anyway. This is sff tech review. We do recommend this product especially for parents.

And we love this product. We give it a thumbs up and thank you newegg for allowing us to review this product. We really appreciate it and if you want to buy one new egg is the place to get it again sff tech reviews. This is derek.

” ..

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