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“1999. Nintendo and hudson announced partnership. Which would see hudson develop some games using nintendo nintendo s characters which nintendo themselves would publish there should have been a match made heaven the nintendo characters a gaming gold and anything therein should be classic and hudson were known as being very loyal to nintendo. So as a developer.

They could trust nintendo were also keen to cement the n64 as being the gamers choice for multiplayer games. And also hudson had a strong record in this field with their ever popular bomberman games. With that being said hudson set about creating mario party. A multiplayer board game.

Which was published worldwide in 1999. Now. I know what you re thinking board games and consoles are usually painful experiences just look at ports in this genre for any other consoles and you ll quickly realize that they are usually either budget titles or very poorly received to the sell very poorly how its adson gonna break the trend or quite simply taking the board game experience adding nintendo characters and minigames and have a surefire hit on their hand. You see mario party doesn t play like any other type of game.

You ve come across before well back then it didn t anyway..

The fact that now minigames are added in droves to consoles is quite a new thing. But back then hudson were really onto something the game starts with a choice of boards to play and they play out in the familiar style. You choose your character roll the dice and move across a beautiful range of themed game boards. There are different spaces to land on which can help or hinder your game in forms of items or minigames.

The aim of the game is to obtain as many stars as possible during the selected number of rounds there s a story to the game. However it is very weak the nintendo characters are having an argument about who is the biggest superstar. So essentially they decide to battle it out on the game. There s really nothing more to it than that and to be honest.

This is hardly an rpg so it doesn t need much of a backstory anyway. I digress back to the game. I also mentioned previously there are minigames tons of them there are over 15 total in the game. And they range from one player.

All the way to all against all brawls..

Quite simply this is a saving grace of the game you ll quickly realize that you don t really care. All that much for the port game side of things. But you can t wait just to get stuck into a minigame and thankfully there frequent the minigames like in any compilation or a mixed bag. Some are small variations and others.

While some a great fun my personal favorites are the three against one games. Where you basically get the chance to gang up on and screw over another player. It s so fun seeing the frustration of your friends. As you cost them coins left right and center.

That s a nice segue on to the next topic. However. The game really is designed to be played in four player mode when playing with three other people it s great fun. Seeing everyone s reactions to your choices.

They re having a great atmosphere of competition as you battle out to be the winner..

This is totally lost in solo play and whilst is fun the first time through you ll quickly lose interest. If you don t have anyone else to play it with the controls are all tight and responsive. There s not exactly much they could have done wrong really with it being a board game. But the controls through each minigame are explained clearly before the event and usually just really rely on a few simple movements.

Which means that anyone can play this it doesn t matter if they had never played a mario game before or don t know button combos because there aren t any you could play this with your grandma and they would still get it. Which is why this game has the nintendo magic all over it the graphics are also top notch. The boards are varied and not only in design. But also difficulty and each have their own traction tricks you ll need to learn to win the most stars there are a few oddities like the way luigi looks.

But it doesn t alter the gameplay experience and all in all it s a good looking game. And if you ve played hudson s other n64 games. Has the same kind of look to it now you may be wondering if hudson also did the music or yes they did but don t worry some of the memorable nintendo melodies you know and love made their way into the game this includes a sound effects too. However the whole presentation does seem to like that nintendo polish.

There are some jagged edges which you wouldn t expect him in nintendo game..

And some of the minigames look quite flat and uninteresting. I would have liked to nintendo to have maybe sent a small team to assist in the finishing touches. But don t get me wrong. This is still a great looking game like any nintendo game.

There are secrets to unlock. But i won t spoil them for you if you go back and play this game. Now. I m sure you ll love it just make sure you have friends to play.

It with and you ll be in for a blast. It s just a shame that after the wii. The minigame market seems to have been tainted by poor quality games. But don t let that put you off its merry party on the n64 will not let you down so how do you remember mario party do you have memories of playing this with your family if you do then let me know your stories and memories in the comments below and if you d like me to review the rest of the merry party n64 series then hit that thumbs up button and until next time ” .


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