Measuring Wireless Signal Strength from The Access Point

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“Day it s tony fortunato from the technology firm. I m going to walk you you through a little wireless baselining exercise that you may want to do at work here. We go we have wireless access point in this case. It s a company called ubiquity.

Don t worry i m going to cover cisco later as well and you can see here s all the clients talking to and this is an outdoor access point. And these are all houses talking to it so we re monitoring things such as signal level and noise. Well you can also automate that thing using mrtg so there you go in this case. It s our society can see it s drifting above high.

Then we went just to the antenna and now it s down low. And that s what we re talking about today is monitoring. The signal strength of your clients. So let s deal with something a little more practical for most people.

And that s going to be the indoor test..

And this is from a cisco access point at 12 40 to be specific that doesn t really matter and if you were to use a cli you can type show dot. 11. Associations. And then the mac address of the client and every once.

In a while if you make changes you can also clear those statistics using this command as well rule of thumb. I like to use for voice or video. Generally i call them latent sensitive. Applications.

Rssi. 65. Dbm are better and the snr is 30. Dbm or higher as another rule of thumb.

If these two numbers aren t quite the way you d like to see them i always try to get away with a 20 dbm noise floor to our ssi spread and that usually works..

Ok as well just a few rules of thumb here we go in this case. You can see this is a webcam from a wireless access point. And it s getting negative fifty nine and a forty and if i move back up here to the previous screen. You ll see that this access point to this laptop is not that great with a negative 70 and a 28 dbm.

So that s what we re doing we re trying to make sure things work well where things were consistently the other thing you can do is from your access point or from your controller. You can look for things like the mac s retries. We re exceeded and the access point removed the client. That s a great indicator that the access point is not hearing the client that well and if you re a web.

Person. Then yes you can look at the web interface as well at the top part here. I ve actually included a part of the configuration screen for that access point. And you can see this is right there max data retries is 64.

So 64 times..

If it s not working out then i m going to kick you off that sort of thing. So i did a test here and my collection notes are quite simple either a cli. I did this showed 11 association as i said earlier or you can pipe it to the include strength and that gives you just this one line to look at as you do your test and record. The results or alternatively.

You can use the web interface. And what we did was simply took a bunch of measurements and we had an access point. Which was 10 feet on the other side of a drywall with wooden studs. It s always good to note that and then another 15 feet to the phone in this case this phone is a good old samsung galaxy s2 and this is an example of vertical which means it was obviously vertical not horizontal and a screen was facing the access point as opposed to a way or the edge.

And you can see the measurements are all slightly different and when it s vertical and the left edge of the phone was facing the access point. It s actually not that great it s considerably different than when the screen was facing the access point and the reason why i m doing this is because phones are always moving around and if you do have a marginal signal. Then just literally holding it at the right angle is enough not to make it work well so from there we gathered our results. We did a cool little graph.

And you can see this one s all over the map..

It s kind of bouncing all over the place. Whereas the other ones were a little more stable and this one was that one where. I said it was vertical and the left edge left edge was facing the access point here s your lovely little graph. And you can see how the middle.

One is the least consistent of all of them so in this case. That s all we did was real simple collect the stats. You don t have to do this for every single phone. But every once in a while if you have a problem area you may want to consider recording.

How well the access point here s the client. There you go have a good day bye for now ” ..

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