Mine Chest the Minecraft Monthly Box December 2017 Unboxing

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” s not just a mind chest. It s a mind in your chest. Hey guys. Guys.

It s chad and i just received my mind chest in the mail. Really excited about this one because i love anything ender and this is obviously an enderchest the very first in their chest. I have lots of mine chests. I like to turn them inside out to see the textures that are in them.

But we ve never ever ever had an indoor chest before so i m very excited to open this bad boy up it feels like a very very very special mind chest. Removing the sticker on the front and oh. It s a purpur block inside a perper block okay right off the bat. I m seeing there s like another box inside of this box can t wait to see that but first let s get to the shirt.

Okay here it is here it is oh my gosh. It s an enderman. It s an enderman who is mad oh man is he mad that looks amazing waffles. You want to get up here and check out this mine chest okay fantastic this is a really cool shirt i love the purple color.

I really love the enderman i mean i just love in german..

I am a big fan of the end so let s check it out okay kitty you want to what do you want do you want to do the honors to grab the next one. Oh. You don t have opposable thumbs. Okay well i guess i ll have to do it okay.

This is the holo graphic that we always get is kind of like a postcard from wherever. The the writer is you know i ve realized i ve never really actually read it s on the back of these i m i m bad like that. But the holographic looks like an indoor dragon with lots of enderman. Who are mad and of course the end i love how 3d it looks okay this box.

What the heck is this a mine chest exclusive indoor dragon lamp. This is like a second surprise inside of a mine chest instructions what on earth. It s a it s like what are those uh like clear lamp. Things you re joking.

Me. This has an acrylic paint plate a sb base plate. That has mine chest exclusive and minecraft written on the front of it and then a usb cord and kids pull off the connect the protective cover all the first time it s always special the first time ok i m gonna shove this thing into here okay after getting an extension cord over here listen i do all i pull out all the stops for you guys we re gonna plug this bad boy and see what it looks like oh. It has a power button on top host.

Like that was a little anticlimactic here..

We go oh my gosh that is really cool that is actually really really neat and of course. It s usb powered. So i can just plug it into a computer or put it on my desk. Really really cool.

I ve never seen such a thing so it s it s touch sensitive system is down ok. We ll put that aside for now that s really neat. Ok. What the heck else could be in here.

Oh oh. An enderchest squishy block. Oh. My gosh.

This is really really really cool. They have another squishy ball the only other squishy block that i ve seen is they gave us a log. I think it was a spruce log. So really cool man we are interested out on this episode.


We always get an exclusive pin. And that is one of my favorite things. Oh my gosh. It is a dragon head that is amazing this i love these pins.

I m a pin collector these things are awesome now. What is interesting something that is missing is a stamp we got so many stamps stamps. We re like one of the exclusive like what almost like the pin every time you d get a stamp. But that we don t have a stamp in this one in fact we re coming.

We only have two more pieces of things in here. One is a loot crate ad. For 10 off don t steal my code. And the second are some stickers with an eye of ender on on the sticker with some little particles so you could put this all over the place.

But no stamp. But that is i mean i m kind of blown away that we got a t shirt kind of a squish sticker a pin and this crazy lamp. I mean i m i had more i turned it off that is that is new that is really really cool. So you can check out a more just by googling mine.

Chests and signing up..

I m a bad youtuber. I don t have like a sign up code or anything like that for you guys. But really really cool let me turn this block inside out there we go my very own per per block. I think it s upside down there we go waffles would get mad at me.

If the texture was upside down. Very very cool a my chest. Did you just sneeze waffles. I hope you enjoyed this episode of omg craft.

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Open g craft to see you ” ..

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