Minecraft All Secret TU57/58 Easter Eggs! (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/WiiU)

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“What s up guys choose mc here and if you want enter my end to to the month giveaway be sure to leave a like in the video be sure comment down below and be sure to make sure to subscribe to hit duplications to be entered into the until month. Giveaway so so guys excuse them see here and in today s video. I ll be showing you guys some awesome vine compilation secrets if you guys knew the more that s even amazing and if you guys didn t know the more that s even more amazing because i m teaching you guys something in today s video without further ado let s get into today s video. So you guys can see the first.

Awesome awesome easter egg is something to do with paris now paris was something that was added in taller than 55. Notably 56. Sortelha 57 depending on which platform of micra. Few you are there basically you know some birds that you know just fly around and do whatever but if you guys do you know that s actually an awesome awesome secret feature easter egg that was included with this update now i know most people don t really know this.

But if you re a longtime subscriber. You probably already know this one so if we actually you know just get some parrots and i think i might want to just came them i m more entirely sure how to tell them guys nothing like you because you know haven t even playing minecraft server too much and you know i really just you know play grave. I think wait ah. What a cookies poisonous to parrots way someone once told me that you feed them cookies.

But i guess that was an entire torso of cuz someone actually told me. But i guess look what happens hey guys if we place a jukebox down and if we were to place a note block in as you guys could see this is an awesome awesome easter egg cause all of these parrots guys they just start dunt which is a really really cool easter egg. If you guys can see they just start dancing and doing some really really odd stuff and i feel like that s a really really cool easter egg. I don t know why i don t know why why they dance why they do this what they re doing.

It s just so so weird. It s just a really really cool minecraft easter egg. Now i feel like this should be something that should happen to other mobs. There is also like a small radius.

So you have to do it within a small sir there is you guys and see cuz once they fly away and i ll put the disc back in it doesn t really affect them and yet don t feed them cookies because you guys can see if you feed them a cookie somehow they die. I m not really sure about the interaction there. But maybe it s just engrave. I really know nothing about pirates guys maybe you guys could let me know because i m still a minecraft new guys.

But yeah you guys can see that we re just gonna do this one more time because i still think it s something that s so cool that you know you can just get parrots to dance if you just put it in i don t know guys. It s just something that is really really fun to do so as you guys see you can just show your friends that you can make parents like a play doh. I bet you you can t make cards done. So i ll be like well.

I ll hold you to that and you know here we have some dancing crowd. Which is actually a really really cool easter egg. Now if you want to even make this easter egg even a bit cool. I m gonna show you guys an easter egg.

Which works for mobs is something that is really really cool this is something that let me actually spawn in some mobs that don t burn in the daylight. Because this is gonna be something that is really annoying. And this is gonna be something with the name tag. Now the name tag is something that is you know used for a lot of easter egg in the game.

Now this one is a really old one. But most you know old consolation players. See. This and will know of this open.

So the easter egg should be a bit dinner..

But guys now if it s not dinner burn with a capital d. It should be dinner burn with a normal. Um. You know d.

Like with a on a capital d. And basically what happens is when you get this nametag is that a really really cool effect is applied so we just put this there. And i should have i should have i should have just actually so as you guys can see now that i ve got this dinner burn in chapman. This is the wrong one guys to just make sure that you have the capital d.

There and just use an anvil you know to just place it there so basically all i did guys is i just placed it right here i then entered the name that i wanted to change it to like let s say g dinner burn and then i just you know took it from me which i m not gonna change it to i m just gonna keep it as normal dinner pone. So as you guys can see what happens. When you use the dinner bone is that mobs go upside down guys. It s actually really really crazy.

But what s even more insane is that you know these mobs it doesn t actually affect them in any anyways. You guys can see the bird is flying upside down. It s not doing anything out of the ordinary it lands on the block. It is just upside down now if i show you this for a bunch of more mobs.

You re gonna see that the mobs aren t actually affected they can they can eat you know they can breed. You know they can have babies and all sorts of stuff. Which i think is really really weird guys. I think it s really weird that it doesn t actually affect them.

And it s kind of you couldn t kind of troll your um troll you re friends with this one simply. Because it s not gonna affect them in any way. It s only gonna affect the way that they look so let s actually go into if we go into easy mode. I m gonna just born a couple of mobs and i m gonna show you guys how they look with this dinner bird easter egg attached now maybe wait why why why i didn t know these guys for okay.

That s gonna be something new for me. It s got c been turned upside down chicken upside down. You can turn the place upside down. Which actually looks really really weird you can turn this upside down the blades.

It just looks really really weird. And this is like just jumping and flying. Which is just really weird you guys should definitely try it i mean if your friend just came in your world. And saw this enderman.

They d be like what is going on what why is the enderman walking upside down. That is absolutely insane. So um yeah. Something that is really really cool and i definitely feel like you know you shouldn t mess around with so i m just gonna show you just a couple more just because a lot of these are kind of weird and these are you know unexpected because we actually have a lot of you know mobs now so like nearly a full page of mobs and this is still trying to hit me.

I have no idea and the lumber as well then if we get this is guys to see here we get a llama. We can just oh wait it doesn t wait that i applied the wrong one so as you guys can see there. The lamb was just you know gliding it looks like it s gliding similar cuz the way it walks. Which is i don t know guys i feel like it s really really funny.

But guys that is gonna be i don t know why the wolf is moving so fast..

I have no idea why this move is moving they re gonna be possible yeah these guys see upside down. So that s gonna be the second easter egg for today. So i m gonna go on to the third easter egg. Now i m thirty strike is gonna be something.

Which is really really cool now i feel like this is one that most people missed out this is one to do with a rabbit and i feel like this is one that a lot of people did miss sadly guys. I did have to cut the video because one of the easter eggs. I did try and for some reason it only works on pc now if you re wondering what easter egg. This was this was actually the kind of killip kinder bunny the killer bunny easter egg guys and basically you just named a bunny you know the killer bunny and then what would happen is it would try to kill you once you went in survival.

Which is you know it s kind of crazy. But if you arm a pc. You can try this easter egg. Because it is it really really cool you know you control your friends of it.

But now guys. We re gonna go on to another easter egg. Which is even cooler than this and this is something that i showcased in a recent video. But i m gonna be showcasing every single easter egg in this video.

But yeah. This one is something that is really cool now if we use this name tag and just name it on the score jap. You re gonna get a cool effect on a certain mobs especially on a sheep. So we go on the score jabbed.

I think this should work hopefully. I did this right first time. Puddin is right the first time. I ll just cut to where i did do it right.

So. Let s actually find out some sheep over where are the sheep. Where are the sheep. The sheep should be right here i m really bad a finding eggs.

I ve i ve come to realize i m really bad at finding eggs. Okay spawn sheep. There we go so if we do this and if we name it underscore jeb. We should see that it doesn t do anything those guys can see i ve done it right now.

And basically if you put jeb. Underscore. The sheep will just continuously change colors. Now.

This is really cool. Because you know you could like i said just you know troll your friends. If i think if you turn off you know nicknames or game attacks. I think if you go into settings.

Maybe you could um you know in game gamer tags..

I think if you know it s not on well you know even if get in game gamer tags on you re still be able to see the name. But i think from far people are gonna be like wait why is there a sheep that keeps changing color and all of you know the newbies to minecraft and people that i need to minecraft. Technically won t really know that this feature exists now this feature is something that i find really really cool. Because i have a multi coloured map.

Which i just you know spawn. Many sheep like this around and it s just something that is really really cool and i m not sure if you share the sheep or what happen. I think if you see the sheep is just the original one of the sheep. So don t think that you can you know just share.

It and get whichever color. It is as it s changing. That s not how it works and i ll show you guys quickly now because i know some people thinking wait. I can probably you know this is like the ultimate sheep because i can just share whenever.

That s not really how it works it just you know it just shears it whichever arm you know whichever color of wool. It was the first time when you actually got it so if i can actually manage to find shears in my inventory. Then we could do this properly. But like i said guys i am very very very bad at finding anything when it comes to the creative menu.

I have no idea why apparently i just can t find anything. But yeah. I think i m just gonna leave this sharing for now because i hate this year s are here so if we go over to the sheep. I ll show you guys quickly.

I mean if i share it now as you guys can see it s just white because the sheep was white before so if i spawn another one as you guys can see let s see if i can get a different colored sheep. Now i ll just show you guys that you know the original color of the sheep. Actually matters a lot so you just place it under school and if i were to share this other terms are saying. I ll let you wait for it to turn blue and i ll show you guys that i wouldn t get a blue wool.

But you guys see there i just got the white wall. So yeah you can t use it you know to be like oh. This is the ultimate sheep. You can only you know just use it you know to mess around and stuff like that but but but guys there are so many more more easter eggs which i need to show you guys so we re gonna be going on to the next easter egg.

Your next easter egg is really really cool guys the next easter egg is something to do with of indicators and evoke now if you watch my videos you probably already know this one. But this is something that i really really really really like so. If you perhaps in a world. Want blue sheep and you have some you know one of these mobs around i think it s a vex or vindicator.

I m not entirely sure well. It s actually a vindicator um. You know it s gonna be kind of kind of difficult for you to you know maintain these mobs because these mobs don t like blue sheep and i don t know why they don t like blue sheep. It is a reference to something but for some reason they just don t like blue sheet.

Now if we take a look at this right. I think i think i put it in the wrong game mode one second guys. I think i put it in the wrong game of some reason they don t like so for some reason. The evoque is aren t and the sheep blue.

I ve been spending like at least 20 minutes..

Now figuring out why the vocals went tarnish it blue and believe me guys they are supposed to but what i will do guys you know to compensate this that will show you guys it in action because it is absolutely crazy and it s an awesome awesome secret feature so i m gonna switch to that clip right now where i m showing you guys this awesome awesome easter egg apparently and i don t know why this is apparently this is a reference to you know some age of empires game well you know someone didn t like blue sheep or blue blue things. It s just honestly don t know the entire reference. But i do you know that and the presence of blue sheep. You know these these mobs.

They will go crazy and then we ll just change the color of them. Which is really cool that you know they ve added this secret feature. So i m gonna go over to him. I m gonna go over to and these materials over to the lapis and i think i just use the lapis and as you guys can see once i destroy this well.

I don t even need to destroy it they re all going crazy as you guys see they re all going crazy. And as you guys can see they put their hands up and they re changing their changing the colors of these blue things so i guess you can t have blue sheep in the presence of these fo come on this guy should see that easter egg is absolutely amazing. But that s not the only one we have to do with the name tags. There s another guys can you believe it another name tag easter egg.

Now. I think this should be the last easter egg. That is in minecraft consolidation may be the last one. But maybe there are a bit more so if you rename this sheep to johnny not a sheep johnny guys if you rename a em if you rename a mob johnny if you rename this fellow here.

Johnny as you guys can see he will go crazy and will start attacking the sheep s as you guys can see there. If you rename a vindicator. Johnny just makes your capital j. You know the sheep are not safe guys.

So i ll show you guys you know they just bring out an axe and it s pretty much just a movie reference is a reference to a summer movie. But i wouldn t recommend watching the movie or to you know trying to figure out the reference. Just because i don t i don t think. It s suitable for everyone.

But yeah. It s just a a reference to something in the movie. So if you wanted to ever you know troy your friends. And you know kill oh.

This sheep. This is something that you would use spawn in a vindicator. If you want it and then you name him johnny as you guys can see there it has no mercy on all the sheep it brings out an axe and it destroys. All the sheep now i don t ask you guys if you did figure out any of these you know easter eggs before if you knew all of these easter eggs.

Then you guys are absolutely amazing. But hopefully god didn t because i wanted to show you guys something new every day. And i m pretty sure someone knew something new today so guys next time there are gonna be some awesome awesome easter eggs in the update. I ll be sure to let you guys know until the sm has been juicy it s gonna be peace ” .


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