Minecraft Tutorial: BEST Ways To Get Enderpearls BEFORE Entering The End!

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“What is going on guys welcome back to the channel. My name is encrypted and and our guys are having an amazing day in today s video. I m gonna showing you guys another minecraft tutorial basically this video is gonna be all about ender pearls. How you can get them the fastest way assuming that you ve never been to the end or you know to the nether or anything like that i m gonna do showing you guys the fastest way you can possibly get ender pearls this early in the game.

So viewers are excited be sure to leave a like about the video help out the channel subscribe. You guys are new for more tutorials like this and without further ado let s jump right into it alright so there are actually two main ways that you can get ender pearls pretty efficiently in the overworld before you go to the end or the nether or anything like that what i m gonna show you right now is the first way to do it and the only ingredients you re gonna need are pretty simple all you re going to need is one water bucket. And at least a stack or two of dirt blocks. Or cobblestone things that are pretty easy to get like that dirt or cobblestone and the other thing you need to have is a desert deserts are pretty flat.

There are orange or yellow or whatever they re very easy to spot enderman and very flat. So you can see all the mobs around you at all times. So definitely go get a desert and this is a desert by the way this is another pod building. But it is technically a desert.

So this count so once you have all those things now we re gonna build ourselves a little bit of an enderman trap now for those of you don t know what that is it s basically a two block high little roof. I m gonna show you guys how to build it right now it s basically going to prevent enderman from being able to get in to attack you so first what you need to do is build a tiny little tower of three blocks high and then build it like this it doesn t really matter how far you go out. I d say at least three or four blocks outwards on each. And so as you can see we re pumped for and since i got stuff right here.

I m just gonna go two blocks out on to three for sure. The sun is starting to set. But i have it set on peaceful mode for right now so we should be okay and as you can see we are simply just building a roof out of cobblestone pretty simple stuff and you can do this with any kind of block. Yeah you know never act like i have yeah dirt.

You have anything at all you can use this to build the roof all you need it s just a roof. So okay. And i m gonna have to use another rack from now on them all out so as you can see we have a little bit of a roof here. Whenever the enderman get mad.

And they try to come up here and attack us they won t be able to get in but we are definitely gonna be able to hit them so that is why we built this now the next thing you need to do is go on top the roof. And i d say like right here probably in the center. Actually right here right in the center of it go ahead and start building another tower..


And i d say this one maybe like seven six blocks high. And what you need to do now is build a tiny little area for you to stand on one block higher than the tower. You built so it should look like this now. This is a little roof.

You can stand on this is gonna be here. So you can actually see everything that s gonna spawn. So it is on peaceful mode right now so nothing s gonna spawn. But if i was on like normal or hard you d be seeing all kinds of mobs starting to spawn right now including enderman.

So that s why it s like this the next thing you need to do is put the water bucket right here and then start breaking blocks downwards like this. But yeah. This part this is totally net um. This is up to you this isn t a hundred percent necessary if you re annoyed easily by water getting in your way like i am you can do that but you don t have to and if you need to break that and somewhere here right here.

If you need to you can actually access the water to swim back up if you want so that is actually what we re gonna do so we re gonna go up the water fountain water spout whatever you want to call it and here we are or back up to the top and now what i m gonna do is i m gonna put my game off of peaceful on to hard mode that way all the mobs are gonna spawn and as you can see mobs are starting spawning already pretty quickly mainly zombies and spiders bud wow okay so as you can see we don t have any enderman which does suck. However there s a really easy fix to this all you got to do go back into the settings turn it back on peaceful as you can see the mobs are gone and now put it on hard mode and they all come back. But they re new now they re always gonna spawn in with different mobs. So that is your way of increasing your chances of getting an enderman now the crazy thing is even doing this it still makes it so hard to find enderman they re still so rare.

But they do spawn eventually you will find them you just have to keep resetting on it peaceful too hard like this you can do it really fast. It doesn t really matter. It s faster you want. But uh yeah.

All you wanna do is keep looking for enderman like this and eventually you will find one hopefully soon. We ll find one also another very important thing to mention if you want to get the most amount of ender pearls from any enderman use a looting three sword actually any looting sword would work but looting three is going to increase the amount of ender pearls. You get exponentially. It could actually give you a leaf for pearls and one drop.

If you re using a looting three and then looting. I believe you get like three from one draw up looting. One is probably like two or three from one drop..


So definitely get yourself a looting sword. If you can and i definitely get a looting sword. That s gonna help you a lot all right so. I was trying to get an enderman to spawn in live that way i could show you guys exactly what is going on live right now.

But sadly. None of them are spawning. I guess rng is not on my favor right now. But that s okay.

I actually do have a clip from earlier when i was testing this where an enderman did spawn. I tested it out it worked exactly the same way it would work right now so i m gonna show you guys that right now that clip so but as you can see in the clip. I simply look at the enderman while i m all the way up here it can t touch me up here. I m all the way.

I m way too high up for it to come fight me. And all i do is simply jump down into the water. I probably should have gone down the waterspout now that i think about it. But i just didn t really care at the moment.

So i jumped down and then i simply fought it while i was hiding underneath the little roof that i made and obviously can t get in there so i was damaging it while i was trying to attack me and then when i killed it in it it ended up dropping to enderpearls so instead of dropping one it dropped two. Now that s another thing enderman. Don t normally always drop pearls. It s usually a 50 50 chance.

So you re obviously enough to kill lots of enderman. If you do use this method. However the good news is there s actually another method to use that s even better than this in my opinion. Because it takes rng all out of the equation.

And it basically gives you exactly what you need right when you need it. And what i m talking about is villager training so for those of you didn t know there are villagers in the game that do sell these pearls and for those of you don t know the villager that i m talking about is the clear basically they wear this purple cape. They re probably one of the better villagers in the game..


Just because they take so much useless stuff. So yeah definitely your self a cleric clerics are pretty easy to get all you need is a thrilling span and a nitwit villager. So if you have a village already go check it out if there s a nitwit there put down a brewing stand and once the ruing stands down. It should only be in a matter of time until he turns into a cleric once he turns into a clear get yourself some rotten flesh.

It s an emerald go trade with them a bit level them up and mine. Ended up getting the ender pearl trade at level 4. Which is actually pretty awesome. I didn t know if i d have to knock them out or not i ve actually never used these guys before i just found out today that you can get and referrals from them.

And i mean obviously. This is the most efficient way by far because it s exactly what you need you don t have to farm enderman. You don t have to risk death or anything like that and a clear villager is gonna be super helpful in the long run anyway. So you re gonna get one.

Anyway. So definitely go ahead and get a cleric villager like i said get them to level four or five or whatever. And eventually. He should sell you some ender pearls.

So anyways yeah as you can see here is my cleric. He is actually only level three. But if you scroll down you can see his level four trades and as you can see he s selling an ender pearl for five emeralds now five emeralds in my opinion. That is kind of expensive.

But i mean to be honest. If it means you don t have to farm enderman and it means you don t have to worry about all that luck. I would definitely go for this trade cuz. You re probably you probably will end up running into an enderman at some point just out of pure luck and if that does happen here s another clip.

I m gonna show you guys if you do run into an enderman in the wild and you don t have time to really prepare a fort or anything if you re near a hill or a mountainside quickly dig a few blocks into it and then look at the endermen aggro him and then he s gonna chase into you while you re in the hole. He s in a chase right after you and he s not gonna be able to enter there and like just like the little port trick either gonna be able to hit him with your sword. While he s trying to get in..


But he won t be able to touch you while you re doing that so definitely use that trick sadly in that clip. Though he did not give me an ender pearl. But uh still definitely make sure you kill enter any enderman you run into try to make a quick little four. It doesn t have to be anything fancy just make sure.

It s two blocks high at least that way they can t get in and just try to beat them to death. I guess agro them by looking at them lure them in and then just keep hitting them whenever they show up or get a clear villager which i would strongly recommend cuz as i said you re gonna want to clear two villager in the long run anyway so definitely go ahead and get one now. There s one more thing. I should mention this probably isn t gonna help many people.

But if you do end up. Finding your stronghold before you have the right amount of five enders. You re gonna need sometimes in the stronghold chests will spawn with ender pearls in them. If you re lucky you might find one.

I believe they also spawn in nether fortress chests. So that s something to remember if you do end up going to those places. You do find a chest. There could be ender pearls in there but uh obviously i wouldn t recommend solely relying on that because if that s the case.

You re probably not gonna get the end anytime. Soon anyways guys hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it helped you guys out if you guys did end up enjoying it at all please feel free to leave a like let me know in the comments below how many pearls you were able to get from this if it helped you out at all i really hope it did wish you guys all the luck in the world with whichever strategy you guys decide to go with whether you decide to farm the pearls or just go for cleric villager whichever. The case i wish you guys luck hope you guys have a great day.

And i will see you guys in the next tutorial peace. ” ..

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