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“So here we have the monoprice ten by six point two five inch graphics tablet. Tablet. I have wanted to animate for a long time but i never had the to be able to so i finally bought this thing. It only costs thirty four dollars on jetta count link in the description and then here it s a very good replacement for the who young age 610.

I hear it s the exact same thing just twenty dollars cheaper so now i got this and after the boxing. I m going to make a review to to see if it s actually the same thing. I m gonna start with the unboxing see the horses magically. It s amazing okay so i m just gonna cut.

It open. What okay so just in the bubble wrap more bubble wrap. No bubble. Wrap.

And here is the box itself. So here. We have the box itself. And you can see that it looks very similar to the who unh exam.

Anyways um. So now i m just gonna open it and the first thing is the tablet itself which i m gonna take out and work on that later just put it right here and here are you under it. There s the driver and the manual that comes with its nice little back pain okay here is the the pen. It s off.

She s very cool. And i won t do that later okay here s it comes with a battery. It s pretty nice thank you here here s the battery that comes with this is for the pen pusher okay and here is the wire that goes into the tablet to go to the computer to connect it and here is the base of the pen holder. Which has four extra pen nibs in common here.

And here. That you can take out too. And newbridge. Rebecca okay.

Then over here is the pen holder. Which you can just connect onto this thing. And you just put the pen like this like that i always so that is um both in the back so now let s actually review with them take out the graphics tablet of the little baggie first thing i notice is that it s very smooth here s an led light it turns on when it s on here are the eight customizable buttons that have preset functions that little icons on the mighty resume in here s as real matter as a pencil is an eraser and b. This is an undo.

But the camera can use it. But that s what it is and here are another sixteen custom are customizable a button thingies that you can press with a pen and also it has a matte finish. So i don t see any fingerprints on it. Which is very cool and on the side over here is the mini usb home that you plug the wire.

This wire in here and you plug decide into the computer. So that you know you can actually draw what is computer. If it ended around it s just you know i m normal. But the over here on the corners.

There are rubber grips so that doesn t slide away now when you put it down cable. It can try to move it out look at her and now we re moving on to the pen. So here is the pain and you can see on the back. There is a little like a normal pen clicker.

Which turns it off like a long time to do over here. This is another nib. So the technically comes with five nibs and it s and here there are two customizable buttons. Which i which i think that i ll do and right click would be very good options to utilize and um.


The part nor you put your fingers. There s a little rubber grip. So it doesn t like you know slide away or it s very easy to hold after putting the battery. You just gotta open this up and in here you slide it down please.

And then should work okay so here is the driver and i will put it into the computer right now okay so now the driver popped up so i m going to open it and since i m using a mac. I ll open the night forever. But if you re using windows. You should open set up that exe so if the driver didn t work like i didn t for me you go to this page here link in the description.

And you just scroll down to the bottom. And you just press drivers for mac osx. If you have mac or windows. Whatever you need and then downloads.

And then you can press x. And then in the downloads folder. You will open this and then you will open this now this pops up. Which says.

The security preferences. Whatever then your open system preferences. And then you press privacy and security security and privacy and then this was black put more in because it s a feminine bit. Then they first open anyway and then it will open.

Anyway. Then you can exce this out and mix this out and then you re done then you press continue then you press. Install and then you close this and then this it opens now i have an idea but i want already so i m gonna go mouse right b. I m gonna keep that kamau s right button for the second button on the first button.

I m gonna make keyboard key and i ll make the shift. Because i think that s a good idea maybe maybe you can do it. If you want now that settings if you click that that is where you can customize your keys now if you open soft key enable then you will be able to customize the 16 keys over. Here.

Now the default. 41. Is this command z. And four key to over here is e for eraser and over here key.

3. Is b for brush and then key. 4. Is for command that for you know zooming in and command that for zooming out and then key.

6. Is the this thing to make the size of the brush bigger and let s make the size of the bar. Smaller and then h for hand to move around a canvas that you re drawing on now since i am using the dvorak keyboard and of the qwerty keyboard it messes it up and it is weird so instead of to cleanse e and then all these things i m gonna change it to what the qwerty keyboard button is where the z is on the dvorak keyboard. If that made any sense for didn t i m sorry now.

I have a paper here i wrote down because it got confusing for z h. Is gonna be the listing so command that thing and then e will be replaced with the d and i kick b. Would be replaced with the n. And if equals plus would be replaced with the that and then the key.

5. Would be replaced with the that and then key. 6. Would be replaced with the fat and seven would be placed with the that eight would be replaced.


What the j. The buttons here still do the same function. It s just that since i m using the dvorak keyboard it messes it up and it thinks that that what i m pressing is really a different key because it goes on the qwerty keyboard for some reason and it doesn t it doesn t change whatever now. I m going to make these three for the three selection tools.

So this would be v. But since i m using for a keyboard and this thing messes it up it s gonna be that and for this would be this is a and because the for a keyboard. The a is the same place as the qwerty. A and now for that it would be x 4.

I m gonna i would make delete 5. I would make a 5 for you to make a new keyframe. I m into making a blank frame and then 6 make some keyframe and the 7 makes a blank keyframe and then. 8 makes something a symbol.

Now this i would make the scroll between frames. So it would be it would be this if i m using the qwerty keyboard and but since its messes me up it s gonna be w. I can t that s 10. It would be it would be this but it messes me up so i have to do instead you know i m going to leave these five blank.

I d love to do that me i will eventually put stuff in it but right for now. We re gonna make this meant that and that is that now i m gonna pressure sensitivity in the middle and now i m gonna x. This out by the way the applications folder. This will appear this pen input folder.

If you open. It you will see this this thing. If you open it you can uninstall the driver. If you open this you ll get the thing.

This thing which i had before and if you open this it does exactly want to test pen pressure test. And i will do that later when i actually install when i plug this in and for now and xsl and i will restart the computer. And the old tv note is the difference because power of editing. Okay now that it is restarted in the computer.

Now i can plug this in so i would take the wire out of its bindings and yeah. So i take this end. And i put it in here and then i take the other end and i plug it into the computer. Okay just plugged in and now as you can see this thing you click it on and then if you hover over it it should move it does wow hovering over it moves coolest thing also if you take in teleport teleport.

Because it s this is like this is like the screen. So if you put it over here and then they go over here it will teleport. So we coolest thing ever and let s see how far i can go up okay so this is the farthest i can go up. But if you can actually see i don t know how much that is it s like it s half an inch.

And if i click and drag it makes the thingy that s pretty cool. If i press the second button here. Oh. I made a good folder.

I didn t me to do that i will know and now if i right click. It oops. It s very little bit slow right click i need to trash right click oh it s very fast so it s not me. It s like i was hallucinating sometimes you got to keep on holding right click and sometimes you don t i don t know what to do when one.

But now i m not keeping record anymore as you can see oh weird haha. I used to this at all see you see over here this black thing. I m trying to this on the side of the gray in between the bezel and the grey part there s a little black thing. I didn t realize this is part of the screen.


So it s like weird because i try to go to the edge of the screen and and since i thought this ledge of the screen. I see it s not reached yet so i try to go back to do that like you do for mouse. But then it teleports me and it s very weird so after playing around for a while let us open adobe animate and see how this works. Oh.

Wife. I didn t even see so. When you when you hover the mouse that the green light here starts flashing and if you click the green light turns on when you click. But if i click this off doesn t do anything take it on it does something cool i m gonna press to be and i m going to make it bigger by pressing this button it should work.

And it does well it makes it bigger. If i draw. Oh wow. This is this is unreal now this is just drawing.

I m not even like this is you can do this with a normal mouse right. But it s not easier with with with the pen. But what s cool about this. It has 2048 pressure levels so if i go down here use pressure.

And i click this and now i draw see that if i go lightly over over it just draws little things and then more hard i click on it the more pressure. I put on it the big. The thicker the line gets that s the coolest thing ever. This is cool this is really cool.

Oh my god i can t i can t get over this wow. And this should command. Z. The sundews yeah perfect let s go back and leaving it clicked.

We ll do anything so that s the thing to know also now that i m here if i press one over here as you can see it clicks. This selection tool and two clicks. This selection tool and three clicks. This collection tool.

So now if i have the free transform tool on and i just you know select this and i make for b delete. So if i click that boom. It is gone now i press b. And i just going to draw something again and i m going to press.

Eraser and then you can see that it erases. So that is pretty cool now back to here good open pen pressure test. I m going to show you that i can draw over here. This is using like the pressure right and this black line shows how much pressure.

I m putting on the pen. So i can do that and then i can wipe everything i can take the green. I could take the blue and i can take the red. I can make the coolest thing ever and this just you know so it s like basically just to test the pressure.

Oh. My god it s like it s like using your inky pens. If you let go a little bit. It s just room it just reads your entire paper and just you you you let it get soaked in ink.

That s what it looks like this is my amazing clown you like it no what does happen. No isn t this clown just amazing okay. I m done with that that s all i want to show you with that this this this is this is cool. I am just i can t i know this picture is blowing your mind.


I ve had a lot of fun with this pen actually so i ve spent you know a lot of time on this pen here. And you know i got used to it avea slee. The beginning goes a little bit hard to get used to took me like a few seconds. But no i got it it s very good.

But one thing. I forgot to show you is that to remove over here to move the tip you re not supposed to do you re not supposed to do what i did in the unboxing video. I m not supposed to just grab it out and i m supposed to open this up here. Instructions says and this comes with thing so anywhere.

There s a metal piece. You have to take out and with this you re supposed to first i ll turn it off supposed to see there s little thingy here supposed to grab it like this and that s how i supposed to take it out which i guess i have nails. It s the same exact thing they have good nails. Don t bite them anyway.

There s one more thing. I forgot to say. Which is the clicker here it feels a little cheap like you know the clicker feels a bit cheap sometimes it won t go back pop back up or. It s just sometimes won t click in it just feels a little bit like it s cheap you know cheap plastic and it doesn t even like a real time here.

I have a real pen this it feels like a fake ten. I don t know it just feels fake. I don t know why they couldn t just make a little anyway. So i have had fun um.

Playing around with this also this was my first impressions on this but in order for it to be more reliable and more you know truthful. I will come back when i have done an animation with this tablet. And then i will continue the review and finish it by giving my opinions of it okay. So it s been two weeks since i got the tablet and now i m going to finish the review.

So i know i said this before and i ll say it again this clicker is super annoying. I hope it s just mine. I hope that if you got this that yours is going to be better also i changed it i took away that that button number one here is shipped because it doesn t really work if let s say this is command z. If i shift this it doesn t it doesn t shift.

I don t know why it doesn t work so i did was i kept both right clicking out and whenever i figure out whatever change. It then also a thing i notice that s pretty cool is that if you put your hand like this between the nib and the great screen thingy it acts as if you press it so that s pretty cool overall. I gotta say this is a very good product especially for 34. This is exactly the same thing as the that s the hooey on a chick s ten.

And that one cost 60 and as i said link is in the description. And i hope you got this because don t waste your money on any wacom products or anything. That s basically exactly the same thing just a lot more expensive. So yeah.

This was my review. If i missed anything or if you have any questions. Let me know in the comments and i will get to you so uh. This is me signing off yeah remember the border flex five minutes.

And i m gonna go jet boarding jet boarding. Now where you can see the ships of here. ” ..


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