Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter Review/Destruction

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“I m going to rip this thing a new asshole today. I m reviewing the the monster. I carplay cassette adapter. Oh.

And i will definitely be cursing in this so if you don t enjoyed hearing words like and then click out of this video right now so before getting that monster adapter. I actually had this little philips adapter in my car and it worked pretty nicely. But i figured you know let s do a little upgrade that monster one looks a little bit flash. Here has cool red lines.

And like that right well that idea was terrible as you guys will see in this demo in a second. So let s go ahead and give this thing..

A try and see what the it does my car okay so just imagine. This is my first time plugging this in and we ll see how it goes. Oh yeah. You can set it up to tape.

What s going on and what s going on so yeah as you can see it spits that stupid out and just for reference. Here s that philips one yeah works right off the bat and if i plug my phone in right now music is gonna come close to clearance that way clearly. It s an issue with this stupid thing well as you can see this thing doesn t work review done. It s a shitty product well actually not there s actually more to it and it actually gets worse for this stupid little thing.

I thought maybe the issue was with my cassette player because over time cassette players do blow up dust and other gunk that can hinder performance so i bought this scotch deck head cleaner it actually did do something for that phillips adapter it actually made the performance a little bit better as you saw in the demo. It didn t do anything to the monster adapter at all it still spit that stupid thing out because it doesn t work..

But you know sometimes i actually did get this thing to work it actually would stay in my consent adapter in my car or the cassette player my car. But you know even whenever i did stay in the cassette player it actually made some really nasty noises and whenever actually audio would go through on my phone. It just wasn t there it didn t have as much bass and obviously as you can see bass is what my main focus is with this cassette adapter. So in addition to all that list you know there s actually still some other stuff wrong with this the cord is pretty short.

It s just not not long enough. The phillips adapter is a little bit longer. And it s a little bit better on top of that the scientists thing is actually more expensive in the philips adapter helped set up it was lurking around 15 bucks. This was like 18.

So i m not gonna pay more for a product that works a crappier so clearly this thing kind of performs a little bit shitty so i guess we might as well destroy it right mm hmm okay guys we re over here come on sighs now and we are going to destroy this cassette adapter. My neighbors know and so you might hear that so i will probably add some music what if i swear getting into it..

But there we got the monster adapter right there there we got an axe which i use a lot of these kind of videos. And there is a. I guess just like i saw i actually use it to cut like branches off the stuff of trees. But today.

I m going to use it to cut this thing open this guy that goes. I m bobby i have other videos like that i destroy stuff in maybe i ll like put him on the screen right now but check them up you guys want to because like i destroy router. I think i ve destroyed a couple other things so check that guys so check that out if you guys want to then let me know if you guys wanted for anything stuff in the future. Because that s kind of fun to do that you know okay this one actually seems kind of dangerous because as you can see kind of catching and i feel like it s gonna catch from my skin in a little bit.

So let s switch that out for something else okay as a replacement. This is something i use in a lot of these kind of videos..

It s like a little spiky thing and we use that instead so oh yeah. Let s so i ran off the bat. It s not going to work. Okay so as you guys can hopefully see a lot of things like flu behind the camera a lot of things flu pretty much everywhere.

I don t know if these tools really work perfect. I definitely put a couple of divots in the driveway. Unfortunately um. But hopefully my mom doesn t really notice that okay well thanks for checking out this review hopefully you guys found it i guess helpful because i hope you guys don t buy this thing now it really is just terrible.

I would not suggest it at all but otherwise drop a like in this video and i ll see crazy mother later ” ..

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