Most Protective Case for the Macbook Pro… UAG Plasma…

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” s up guys average set got here and today. We are back with another case case review. Now you know how i like my cases. And my macbook is no this is the uag plasma cover for the macbook pro 13 inch.

Let s check it out. So. This case is just pick this one up from you ag from their website urban armor gear. This is the plasma series now this case is the same as the phone series that they have for the iphones.

The notes. Any model that you have let s run through a few features about this case first now you notice right around here you got these vents on the back. So..


If you see those vents. They re right there on the back. They re gonna allow the computer to be able to breathe not getting so hot now you have this strap. Now this is not a piece of fabric.

There is microfiber right here but on the outside you get a leather like cloth material. We ll talk about that a little bit later and the purpose that it serves. You get a hard outer shell you get clamps right here this is plastic. So if you spill anything it s not gonna get wet your computer isn t gonna get wet.

It has these little feet on the bottom right here. So if you can see those feet on the bottom with those feet. It s gonna allow it to be stable..


Once you put it down on the table. So it s not gonna do a whole lot of moving a whole lot of sliding you get your you ag branding right here this front is hinged so once we get the computer in here. It s gonna snap around it now you have your cutouts for your usb type c. Ports on the side and all we have left to do now is actually get it on the macbook pro.

So in order to get this installed. What we re gonna do is we re gonna take the macbook set it to the side and we re gonna take the case and we re gonna open it up just like so now since we have the case open. We re gonna start by placing in the bottom first so i like to open this up make sure we get it right side. You want your ports to be in the back facing these so i m gonna open that up and start dropping these in you want to make sure you hear a snap going all the way around so we have it in there.

It s nice and flush and you can see how everything lines up right around the front on the side over here you can see how everything matches up now next thing. We re gonna do is we re gonna put this top on so as you notice top is a little flimsy at first what we re gonna do is we re gonna line all this up so just lay your macbook back in there. And we re gonna get these snapped on top snaps on then your sides just like so when you get everything snapped on nice and neat then you can close it and we talked about these at the front they re gonna snap shut that allows you to have no room to wiggle or loose your macbook pro 13 inch..


Is fully enclosed. It is fully protected and you actually now the back that you thought was a little flimsy that connects them it can act as a handle. So you can carry your tablet. Just like this you have a nice leather like grip right here you get a nice experience with this case.

I like to protect my devices. And this is one of the best investments that i made for my macbook pro. I ve been waiting on a case that s gonna give me the durability that is nice and lightweight that gives me something to hold on to and it looks really nice too people gonna be saying like hey. What was what s that you have on your your computer.

Just a uag unlatch. It open it up computer comes on you don t lose any functionality. Everything works well and you get a great case to boot..


You can pick these up on their website. Uag com. Look for the plasma cases. This case is gonna run you about 70 bucks.

But it s well worth the investment on this piece of machinery. So hope this is able to help someone until next time be sure and give me a thumbs up be sure to subscribe. ” ..


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