Motorola MG7700 24×8 Cable Modem Plus AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router with Power Boost, …

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“The price could have changed when you watch this video you can check the current current price and discount by clicking the link in the description below now. Let s some customer reviews review by ctn 412. I had just moved into a new home in xfinity is the only game in town previously with fios. I was renting the modem router monthly.

I told myself that the next company won t get me on that again. Although. This is an expensive out of pocket cost now. I know that it will pay for itself down the line.

I did a lot of reading and research between the different models and decided on this one installation was flawless. I was already connected to the internet. Even before the tech was able to finishing setting up the cable for the tv signal is strong all around the house..


No issues problems thus far edit. Just one update that the modem have been solid for the last four. Months signal is strong covering 3400. Sf home review by bob kay.

Did. My research and purchase. This modem router to replace my xfinity comcast ryderwood cost me 11 dollars per mode or rent. Why did i not do this earlier this new router will pay for itself in 15 months.

Which is nice. But the performance upgrade was so dramatic. I could not believe it my rented xfinity router was less than a year old it had trouble reaching the third floor of my house with reliable signal..


My nest cam would go offline several times a day very annoying and i was blaming nest download speeds were okay but not impressive with this new router i m getting strong signal on the third floor. And my nest cam hasn t gone offline since i switched over about three weeks ago. Download speeds are two to three times faster than with the xfinity router bottom line thus motorola router absolutely rocks. I could not be happier review bias brooks.

The device itself works perfectly however the self install process with xfinity failed. I have an existing xfinity account with the rented modem. I was forced to call xfinity to register the motorola modem first the tech had to deactivate the xfinity modem. Then the new motorola.

Modem was activated via two mac address. This process took about 30 minutes. After..


That all is well review by neo erised setup was very. Easy the range is excellent 24. Gigahertz and 5 gigahertz frequencies are very nice to hit i ve hooked up nest thermostat ye dome camera lg tv chromecast ps4 samsung dvd home theater yamaha dvd player iphone an hp laptop the performance is excellent the one wrinkle. I found was when changing the default admin password.

I was able to successfully set a short password. But when i tried to set a long password the modem would seem to accept the change. But i would not be able to login using these longer password forcing me to need to reset the modem to restore the default password. I didn t experiment enough to find the length limit where the failure occurs so i ve settled on a shorter admin password.

I ve logged an issue with motorola. Presumably. This issue can easily corrected with a firmware update..


My current firmware version is seven thousand seven hundred minus five point seven point one eight review by tim jensen. A no hype wireless gateway. What it says it will do it will recently got this because my internet provider xfinity notified. Me that my internet could go as high as 400 mps.

And my current modem couldn t handle any more than 260 mb s. Upgraded. This tried speed test net and managed to get as high as a 496 mps. This is also my first modem that supports the ac protocol by the way you need to be on the 5 gigahertz frequency to make use of that this increased the speeds of my iphone and ipad which already had the ac protocol built in i did have to get a wireless adapter for my computer that supports ac to get the full advantage of the extra speed would highly recommend if you want more reviews on this product.

You can find the link in description. That s all for this video and thanks for ” ..

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