My Computer Froze! What Do I Do?

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“I m eric spellman. With computer tips. 101. And today.

We re going to talk talk about a problem that i see quite a bit. I ll get anxious phone from people saying. Hey. My computer froze.

What do i do well. There s actually a few steps you can do before you take it to a tech. Before you have to pay somebody let s first start out with asking the first question how frozen is it because believe it or not when computers freeze up it s it s not all an all or nothing kind of a thing. Sometimes you can do a few things and see so first does your mouse work.

And what i mean by that is can you move. The mouse around you see the cursor is everything else maybe frozen. But is the mouse working does the keyboard work maybe the mouse froze up. But can you check the keyboard and the way you can do that a lot of times is just by hitting different keys on the key and see if it affects anything now.

The reason. I m asking these two things is because a lot of times. Especially those of you who have wireless mice and wireless keyboards..


It could simply be the battery went out so. If that s the case check that right away and in fact on the back of most mice. You ll see a little button. That you can push.

And maybe reset. It and maybe it ll come right back for you if you have a wired mouse or a wired keyboard and their usb you know the flat little head little rectangular head you plug in sometimes simply unplugging them and plugging them back in will make them work. But if your mouse and keyboard don t work then one of the things. I recommend you do is try the ultimate for instance.

If you re hitting any key. Well try. This key press. Because sometimes this will work every single time.

Alt tab. Now you ll remember from my. Earlier. Videos that alt tab is a way to switch between programs.

So maybe. Just that program got locked up and everything you were moving your mouse on froze and everything you were tapping on that program would work. But if you alt tab and get windows..


And you can switch around then that lets you know that the program. You were in is frozen up number two be patient. So let s say that doesn t work well what i want you to do is just wait give it three to five minutes just in case. I m not a big fan of just flipping computers off okay.

That is the last resort. So give it three to five minutes just to see if it got really busy or or confused or something look over on the computer. Itself is the little harddrive light blinking is it going crazy well maybe. It s just really busy doing something saving something or backing up or checking for viruses.

And it s just using up all of your computer system focused on that one task. So if you see a little blinky light. Just going crazy then maybe. It s just busy give it some time.

But if that s not the case. Then my next. Step is to hit control alt. Delete.

In other words. Hold down. The ctrl key..


While holding down. The ctrl key hold down the alt key while holding both of those down. Tap. And release the delete key.

If you do this it will either bring up the task manager or bring up an option. Which will list a bunch of things and one of them is the task manager. The task manager basically is kind of the behind the scenes. A director ok and it knows all the programs you have running and so it will give you a list of them when you see it you ll get usually get a bunch of tabs and one of them is applications be sure to click that look for one that says not responding ok.

And yeah that kind of got cut off by my video. But basically look for when this is not responding. And that is the problem child and that is the one you need to simply click in the tasks on so you select that item and you click in task and believe it or not that may fix it right away if it s one program that s got the whole thing hung up if it s one program that s holding everything back. Many times you kill that everything starts working again.

But if all else fails you got a reboot you got to turn it off. And you got to reboot so one of the ways to do that you re saying well eric normally i go click shutdown and it shuts no and you can t do that right so what i want you to do is hold down the power button in other words don t just hit it hold it down until the computer goes off if that doesn t work some serious problems here then then i want you to go actually unplug it but leave it that way for about 10 seconds. Just kind of let everything clear out and then turn it back on and bring it up now folks really when we did that we didn t figure out what was wrong some of the other tips. I gave you would lend clues to what was wrong.

But not this one when you have to just turn it off when it s so frozen up that you have to turn it off really doesn t help us so what i want you to do is watch it does it keep happening and if it does i want you to look for patterns in other words are you using certain programs does it only happen after you do certain things and if it turns out that it s certain programs consider reinstalling that program. Maybe there s something wrong with that program go get the newest updates to it maybe even uninstall. It if it s just a stupid game maybe just get rid of it you got to find out like i said..


What the problem program is if that s what s causing it you can always take it to a tech. If none of this seems to work then at that point. I ll probably say you know what take it to a tech and let them look. There actually may be a hardware issue.

Going on some of your ram may be going out. There may be a piece getting too hot maybe your fan is all clogged up with dust. And so the whole system is overheating after a certain amount of time if you hear funny noises coming out of your computer a lot of times. That s what you re hearing the fan.

If you hear a clicking noise watch out that could be your hard drive about to go out and that is serious so if you hear any one of those it actually may be better. If you take it to attack. Well. I have a whole bunch of other videos as you know and so be sure and watch them forward them to friends my goal is to teach you a little bit about your computer every single time.

I m eric spellman with computer. ” ..

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