My CPU ran hot at idle – here s what I did to fix it

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” s up guys harper hecht here. I wanna talk about this weird tech problem i i ran into where my cpu would just get super super hot for no reason. If my computer was completely at idle. Nothing was running no programs were running and it would just get really really hot and all the tech thermometers are the thermo sensors or whatever it would say was hot.

But the cpu block is like top of the line or brand new or whatever i checked that i checked all the drivers. I went on these tech forums. They don t really know they you know they made some suggestions and i went even when i searched for the questions and answers that were similar to mine. Sometimes people found an answer sometimes they didn t and they just didn t know what was going on so after like uninstalling and reinstalling and messing with different programs.

I think i m pretty sure it was not the cooler because i uninstalled the cooler reinstall that redid thermal paste and stuff like that because that stuff is super easy to do that s just hardware stuff i messed with the software. I know iq isn t hasn t really been the greatest with rgb and keyboards and stuff..

But when it just comes to basic cooling. It s it s fine. It says this job. So other than that i was just looking at pretty much the programs that run when the when the computer starts up so with that in mind.

I noticed that uh there s this motherboard program over here the msi gaming app. That came with the msi motherboard. It normally started up on its own there s a few msi apps. That just started up on their own because you know when you get some motherboard or a new computer.

Just comes with all this bloatware that s like oh we ll check this out. We you can do tweaks and tools with this program in this program and stuff and sometimes you just don t know what to uninstall..

I uninstalled a bunch of that i stopped a bunch of that to make my computer startup faster. But it seemed this thing was what was stopping it or what was making the cpu run hot and so i know there s some overclocking and stuff over here with a cpu. But i did mess with some of the motherboard overclocking in the bios setting. I mess with all that but it still was acting weird.

So once i kept this up to start up when the computer started up then the cpu kept remaining low like it would be around maybe 50. Degrees. Celsius at idle. Maybe well maybe i ll be more generous.

Let s say 60 degrees celsius idle. And so nothing s running no programs about 60 degree celsius idle with this on without it sometimes it would go to like 80 celsius idle..

No programs. Exact same room exact same computer. Everything is exactly the same that s a 20 degrees difference because of this one program and then like i said there are many programs that come with a motherboard on the computer. So just finding one direct program that messes with your cpu or gpu might be a little bit difficult.

But if you can t find out a reason. Why your cpu just keeps acting up or is getting super super hot and you already went into the bios from restart of the computer. And all that it could be some program like this that messes with the cpu while the computer is running so i m just gonna throw that out there maybe this will help somebody maybe it won t i don t know. But uh.

I don t know give the video a thumbs up if it did help you and you can leave a comment. You know if it did help you if it didn t i don t know tell me if you tried it and you also i want to know like what kind of motherboard you guys have if you guys are having this problem..

Because i ve only had msi motherboard. So i believe i don t know i my last amd motherboard was a soos so i ve had a soos and msi. But this was like the first motherboard that had like a thermal sensor up on there that was always telling me the temperature. So like i always had my eye on it and plus.

I was doing a bunch of gaming and computer editing and stuff. But i m rambling and stuff. So leave a comment thumbs up if you want subscribe for more tech stuff. And i guess i ll see you guys later ” .


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