My iPad for Kids: Using the Camera App on the iPad

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“I m sam costello. The author of my ipad for kids i m a technology technology writer who s been covering the iphone ipad ipod and whole apple ios ecosystem a number of years since before the first iphone was released today. I m gonna show you how to use the camera app on the ipad to take photos and videos. Besides being a great tool for getting online playing games and listening to music the ipad lets you take photos and videos anywhere you want you do this by using the built in camera app.

That comes with your ipad to take a picture or a video find the camera app on the home screen and tap on it when it opens. You ll see that the entire screen of the ipad is working like a viewfinder whatever you see on the screen is what your gonna take a picture of there are a couple neat things that you can do with the camera before you take a picture for instance. If you want to focus on a particular area of the the image that you re seeing on the screen tap on it and a little blue square will show up that s the area of the image that the picture will focus on when you take it another thing. You can do is zoom in or out on an image to do that tap onto the screen with two fingers together and then spread them apart.

That will zoom into an image. You also see across the bottom of the app at that point a little slider you can move that slider back and forth to zoom in and out when you re zoomed in if you d like to move zoom back out again. Keep your fingers spread apart sort of facing towards each corner of the screen put them on the screen. And then slide them together into a pinch and that will zoom in you can do that either in or out and focusing on the image to create just the picture that you want to take when you ve got the image just how you want it on the ipad screen and are ready to take a picture tap the camera button on the right hand edge of the screen and that will save the picture.

There s also one other neat trick that you can do with the camera app..

Which is to flip. Which camera you re using this works on the ipad 2 and the ipad 3 but not the first ipad because it only had one camera on the other two ipads there s a button at the bottom right hand corner that looks like a camera with two arrows next to it if you tap that that switches the camera that you re taking the picture with from the camera on the back of the ipad to the one on the front. When you do that you ll probably get a picture of your face. Because you re pointing the screen of the ipad at yourself.

This is great for taking self portraits or if you want to use the ipad for facetime chat or that sort of thing when you ve done that not all of the features of the camera work quite the same way you can still focus on elements of the picture. But you can t zoom in because the camera on the face of the ipad. Doesn t have the zoom feature that the one on the back does but taking a picture works. The same way you still tap the camera button.

And you can always switch back to the camera on the back of the ipad by tapping that button again you use the same camera app to take a video on the ipad. As you do to take still pictures at the bottom right hand corner of the app. You ll see a little slider that is initially underneath an icon that looks like a camera. If you move that to the right towards the one that looks like a movie camera.

You put..

The camera app into video mode. And you ll see that that changes the button. That you use to take pictures into a little red dot. When you tap that red dot that starts recording video.

So anything that you re seeing on the screen. You re recording a video of when you are done recording a video and you want to stop tap the blinking red button again and that will save the video. If you want to take a look at the photos or videos. That you ve recorded tap the icon in the bottom left.

Hand corner of the screen that will take you to the photos. App. And this is a built in app. On the ipad that stores.

All of your photos and videos that you either take with the camera app or that you sync to your ipad from your computer..

You ll see the most recent photo or video that you have taken if it s a video you can tap the played in the center of the screen to watch the video that you ve just taken you can also do a couple of other things with it if you drag the bar at the top of the screen back and forth that will let you jump between different sections of the video. If you tap the action box. Which looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it you can email the video or share. It by text message or instant message or you can delete the video by tapping the delete button and then tapping delete video from the menu that drops down if you d like to see all of the photos or videos.

That you ve taken tap the camera role button in the top left hand corner. And that ll take you to a page that shows everything that you ve taken or recorded on the ipad. You can swipe up and down to see the full list of things or tap on any one item to look at it with regular photographs your options work basically the same way you tap the action box to email a photo or send it using a text message or instant message you can also assign those photos to contact in your address. Book.

So if you ve taken a picture of one of your friends. And you want to put that into the address book you can use that you can also make a photo. The background image or the wallpaper of your ipad. If you want to do that tap use as wallpaper again you can delete it if you tap the trashcan and then tap delete photo you can tap done when you re done with it one other neat option for still images is the slideshow you can tap the slideshow button.

And you see some options you can choose what kind of transitions..

You ll have those are the special effects that are put on the photos. When you move from one photo to another and you can choose whether you want to play music or not from the music that is stored on your ipad when you make those options tap start slideshow and you ll get a rhythm slideshow of the pictures on your ipad to stop the slideshow tap on the screen and then tap the done button and that s how you use the built in camera app. On the ipad to take photos. And videos.

This is a great way to make memories and share them with your family and friends for years to come. I m. Sam costello. You can find me online on at sam costello or you can check out these tips and more in my book my ipad ” .


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