My new favorite Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G REVIEW!!

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“Alright alright guys. We are gonna show you in this video how to find creative creative commons videos on youtube. Now first. What is creative commons creative commons lets you other creators use their video.

As long. As you link to them back. And and give them attribution give them credit for having done that so for example. You know if you re looking for videos to use like maybe as b.

Roll or something. Then you ll often want to look for creative commons videos..

So let s say you want to find you know a picture of or some video of clouds right. So you can search for clouds. And then what you can do is you want a filter and you want to filter for creative commons. Ok.

Now you can overlay these and have different filters. You can have long videos that have creative commons or just short videos to have creative commons. But basically once this is checked this is only going to show you videos that have creative commons and so a lot of them will have this cc logo. Okay so for example you know right here.

It says licensed creative commons attribution reuse allowed okay so and it says note. The video track the music track does not fall under creative comments..

Okay. So you re basically looking for something like this and then you can reuse that video and put your own or any clips of this video. And let s for example you know and then use your own attribution. Okay.

Typically you want to find something probably that will be more just one solid. You know take like this that s that s creative commons. You can see where has this licensed creative commons attribution reuse allowed okay so this even something will even give a direct download to it so you can actually download the video file and just downloaded anyhow. But that s basically what you re looking for right so you can scan.

These and then you want to find ones that are solid that have a solid you know continuity to them that you can use so this one and typically these are people that would you know do some time lapse videos that they put up so this one just from the description looks looks promising and you can see there s just some different time lapse. Things that you can do and then you can slow this up speed it up you know whatever you want to you want to do and it will have the creative commons attribution license allowed so if there s not a direct download video you can you can either edit this on the you can edit this on the youtube editor itself or what you can do is you can actually download it so you can go to youtube video downloader and you ll see a bunch of these different different videos..

Where you can you know plug in the title of it and paste it in here alright. So the video you can get it in in 720p and it s gonna download okay so the thing is you want to attribute the channel name and if you re using any kind of videos like this what it would also suggest is you just start a spreadsheet. Where you have this information saved right so you d kind of have this saved. And you know you can find the name of it you know who to attribute it to so another way of doing that would be let s show this in the finder and this is putting up in the play button.

But when you download it you want to make sure that you have that that attribution because you do have to have that attribution in order for it to to to be valid okay right there cc by 40 ccs creative comments. But when you download it and i think yeah so we re just downloading this one here. So. What you can do is you can go show in finder and then you can put creative commons and then be the channel name so you ll know no punctuation marks that is odd.

But it s not let me put that in oh. There must be an extra space..

There okay so alright perfect. So now you know who to attribute that to and and basically use that for your own video. So you can load that into your video editor now and change the the audio track remix it put a filter on it and then that becomes your content that you can actually create put on youtube and monetize. So you can monetize those those videos as long as you have that creative commons.

Attribution and you re giving credit back to to this channel. Okay so hope that makes sense and if you have any questions just hit me up and i ll be ” ..

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