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“Guys so when i m not making videos. I m usually spending hours mindlessly browsing browsing tumblr. So i thought i could combine the two today and make a video my amazingphil table tag. But before i dive headfirst into the scary world of tumblr.

I think i need some moral support so introducing my mystery guest hi. It s down is not on fire you guessed it i figured in the amazingphil tag. You might eat you a few times. That makes sense you need moral support as well.

I don t know what and you cannot go alone with this adventure. Let s just dive straight in let s do it okay so i m going to open tumblr. Okay. I will see what is the first thing we see right oh god what is that i think.

It s if you make sour faces. Together. And something went wrong. Ah is horrible so don t even.

Watch supernatural or actively follow anyone. But think of it for half my tumblr is just his face whether you like other yes..

I m not sure who he is party face is 50 percents of tumblr. Okay we re searching the amazingphil tag and the first thing that comes up is a really good drawing of me is an incredible drawing that s amazing oh my god who made that kayla good start my face tattooed on your butt. I i don t know how to do the face on my badge. I do know my patrick uncanny resemblance back hair back.

No what is this why are we in bikinis in space. I like the backwards face. I kind of look good in the bikini and what do you only want to know the context. I just appreciate the good drawer.

It s the other supernatural guy who is it the brother always bleeding who knows why am i invisible woman. I m gonna stomp. I always beat a human to watch you look so happy with your new boobs you re just like breasts. My stretch man stretch man in just a sec.

Mr. Pham ngoc said one opening worst name ever. Oh. The vampire thick.

Don t know well that s about okay bill nodded. He felt his fangs growing in do you need any help dad..

Asked phil hungered for dan s blood and pierced his fangs into dan s neck phil why that asked tears dripping down his cheeks a deep pain in his neck. You are a pain in my neck. Thanks. I think we should stop me asking if anyone has a third nipple.

I don t have a third nipple that s good dan fact. If you have would you use it for anything do you use your current tuna bulls for anything so i keep ours don t you know us me. And you in doctor who i like how it s me on de lieutenants body. But then just you this year.

I would have preferred phil on rose tyler. Honestly i could be doctor who in my time you re not phil happy. Which youtuber would you ship with the annoying orange boys with the flower. What is with the flowers.

What d i miss what s good. Why why why why why oh god that s awesome all my dreams are like my favorite thing 3ds built with your eyes see if it works i don t think this is how science works science. Oh. That film ponyo light is going from marianas trench.

Look at the nose. She does have you have no same face okay..

So you have a woman that s worse. That s why is it you look really nice. Oh yeah. The monkey.

What the hell s happening. I love this person ligurian issues. Yeah. They do so many good jewelry also men should be give this that s cool whoa did my own bicycle version more flower things here we go cool so turks hardcore.

Otherwise just loads of me and today is joyful make. It is would you be happy if lemongrab for sentencing. You to the dungeon yes so thanks. Very an amazing filter.

He s either drawn me or written about me or does something creepy about me yeah. It was a wonderful journey through the narnia that is the amazing fill time. It was so. Please thumbs up this video.

If you ever want me to do this again and keeping with the tumblr theme. If you didn t know my tumblr is amazing filled tumblr calm follow it for all your fluffy animal need for your dog picture needs yeah..

It s mostly dogs dogs if you go there. And read blog this video. I will follow ten people who need locket. It s like a lottery is accept the prize is worse do you feel inspired to make one of these.

Then what i tag adventure. Yeah. Kind of yeah. Although.

Mine will definitely probably be a lot more terrifying. Creepy. And with this. I m.

Excited. That s a good reason to do it yeah okay maybe i will here we go guys. ” ..


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