My ULTIMATE Modded Wii for 2020 and Beyond!

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“What s up everybody welcome back to my virtue arcade. Don t forget to subscribe. Subscribe. If you haven t already and if you like my content hit that like it really helps the channel to grow and also motivates me to create more content for all you awesome subscribers today i m gonna show you my ultimate fully modded weave for 2020 and beyond.

We ll be taking a look at the custom aesthetic mods. I ve done to my week as well as take a detailed virtual tour of the software mods. I have installed and my personalized menu setup are you all ready alright then let s jump right in the nintendo wii. Was originally released in 2006 and stood out compared to the ps3 and xbox360 for its lack of horsepower.

But most importantly for its unique motion controls the control options along with a super mario galaxy release was enough motive for me to skip the 2 power systems that generation in exchange for this little white machine back in 2007. The first soft mod. I have done on this was in 2008 in order to play tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Which when first release was not available in america. So i ordered it from play. Asia and modded the weed to be region free well things kind of snowballed from that day in 2008 up until now so here. It is my fully modded.

We for 2020 and beyond. I wanted to change my week to look more current. But still wanted to keep the originality of the clean white integrity. It had when i first bought it so i added like accidents to emphasize the hard lines of the console.

And it works well to keep the we looking updated. Sleek and clean actually hardwired the disk loading light to stay on when the console is powered on as opposed to only flashing on for a few seconds. Next. I changed the boot to be a sin to purple gradient fate to be cohesive with the side window lighting.

You ll see coming up. I added..

The side window to have an internal view of the hardware side of the we lit by two led strips set to a c on to purple fade ultimately. This was done to match the overall scheme of my vaporwave kts arcade room to improve the video quality of the week. I purchased these three items which when combined work wonders on the native output. The first piece is the hyper can we hdmi converter which plugs in directly to the back of the we video output the second piece is a female to female hdmi connector.

Which connects to the third and most important piece the marseilles m. Cable. Which takes the 480p signal from the high perkin and uses its own graphics processor to output a super clean 1080p picture is it worth it well if your fanatic like me about the week. And game on about a 50 inch plus.

Tv hell yeah. It s worth it. But to each his or her own look up a few bits on youtube and see if it s right for you i set up my way to start up directly into usb loader gx. Which is a backup launcher that lets me play games and emulators off of my one terabyte external hard drive in combination with my 32 gigabyte sd card.

Which holds all the emulator files. I actually ported the usb loader theme myself from an amazing. We flo manning theme released in 2019 called rhapsody created by huck aisha. This awesome theme.

However was not available for usb loader gx. I compiled my own version as an ode to the original design. I also added different background songs mostly simply that play randomly while in the menu usb loader lets you download box art for games and emulators but instead of downloading the weird box are available for the emulators. I just designed and installed my own icons for a cleaner interface here is fce ultra.

Gx. An nes emulator that works perfectly. Gen. Plus.

Gx is a genesis mega drive. Any later that also plays flawlessly..

Not 64. As an emulator for nintendo 64. Many of the n64 roms work great and many of them don t. But that s not to say this emulator is bad on the contrary.

If there are hundreds of games. I m still able to play without any issues. I haven t figured out how to get box out working for not 64. But that s on my list of things to do with the wii.

We sx r is a ps1 emulator that is also picky with some games. But it still plays many roms quite well i have yet to get boxart to work for this emulator. Too. But i m working on it.

As well rhetoric. Plays a ton of classic arcade games. There are literally thousands of arcade games. And my retro art library.

But it doesn t recognize all four controllers and four player games name is another classic arcade game hemi later. But name gives me no issues at all when playing for player games. Like the simpsons with other people snes9x gx is yet another perfect emulator for all of the snes games. And my final emulator is we 2600 an atari 2600 emulator.

Before nostalgia purposes. It was my first home console as a little kid. So i just had to install this luckily. I was able to get the box set for this to work which is a bit of a task.

But wow. This is some cool retro game art to preserve so it was worth it and the time invested as well the cool thing about usb loader gx is that it allows me to categorize my games..

And so i went with an arcade game style list that s easy to navigate the classic arcade stick. Which combined with my fighting game category is over 75. We gamecube virtual console and wiiware games that are all compatible with my arcade sticks yep 75. Plus games.

On the wii. That don t need wiimote and nunchuk this. Even includes a few games like donkey kong country that were meant to be played with the wiimote. But with an enabled cheat that i found can be played with the arcade.

Stick. Instead. The light gun category. Showcases my 18 on rail shooter collection.

And if you were in arcades and the 90s of it you can imagine how many hours of fun these games are the pinball category has about four very cool 3d pinball games which are included in a recent video on wii virtual pinball check that video out it s got some clothes stuff there are actually two racing categories. The first is arcade style racing games that use the wii wheel this is great during arcade night. One special note in the category is mario kart ct. Gp revolution.

Which with the original game disk can be and still is being played by many people online and even today with over 200 new custom tracks this game. Mod is a must have the second racing category logitech racing has 11 wii and gamecube racing games that use my wii logitech steering wheel or my gamecube logitech steering wheel for some serious arcade racing action and lastly the all games category is my entire game collection of we gamecube virtual console and wiiware about 335 games total that can be played in usb loader gx. There are a lot more games out there. But to be honest.

It s mostly just shell where so i only have what i know i m gonna play and enjoy my modded. We also has a few entertainment apps. Which i can access by going to the original wii home screen. Which i also changed to a custom theme called dark.

We we radio is a music media player that plays mp3s. But i always use it to stream online music stations..

The visualizer on this is awesome. Too. We mc is a video player that allows me to watch all movies and tv show files from my external hard drive. I m still adding to my collection of my favorite cartoons and movies from when i was a kid like the x men cartoons from the 90s or the early batman series.

Tom and jerry. I m still adding to my collection. And i ve still got a lot of space to go. I also have tons of movies in here.

Too from the past especially video game movies like mortal kombat. It feels really good to be able to watch these kind of movies. And i am of course adding. Some current video game movies too like that little blue hedgehog guy.

I also have some simply dates on here. When i just want to chill on my arcade room and space out on some retro visuals. The picture quality using vmc is crystal. Clear.

If you know how to set up your video encoders especially with the m cable and lastly is the sd card menu. Which houses more we were in virtual console games just to fill some extra space everywhere i go within this weed. There s something to find it s literally my own little virtue arcade. I hope you enjoyed this episode of my breaker arcade richard into the world of my ultimate fully modded.

We for 2020 and beyond. If you enjoyed the vid please hit that like button also subscribe. If you haven t already catch you on the next. ” .


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