My Xbox One Game Won t Start or Freezes During Gameplay Xbox One Ambassador Tutorial #1

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” s going on xbox community. I m an xbox ambassador and for this video. I i m going to be providing you guys a few steps on how to go resolve the issue of when your xbox freezes or crashes. The games.

And if none of these work just go to xbox comm and talk to the support team. And they ll be able to give you some more advanced techniques and help you guys resolve the issue. So the first step is to select the home button on the controller. So that s going to be the glowing x.

Hit. That it will bring in to your dashboard with the game still highlighted in a white box on your controller you re going to want to select the three line buttons that are going horizontal. This will bring up your menu go all the way down to quit and then hit the a button to quit the game go ahead relaunch the game and see if it still freezes or crashes. If it does move on to the next step for this step you re going to want to go and do a power cycle reset to your console.

So let s do this you re going to hold down the power button on the actual console itself for about 10 seconds. Until it powers off wait about 30 seconds and then power the console back on by using the controller by holding down the home button on the controller. This will go and reactivate. The whole unit together as one and then go ahead and try to play the game again and see if it freezes if it does move on to the next step next.

We re going to go and test our connections to our network to do that you re going to go into settings go down to network go to network settings. And then you re going to go over to test network connection..

Whether you re a wired or wireless. Wired is preferred. But you still want to test it anyway. So go ahead and do that and we ll say whether or not it s all good or will tell you if there s any issues with it then go ahead and try to see if the game is able to still play or if it s going to crash or anything like that after you go ahead and get your connection to say that it s all good next.

We re going to go and remove accounts to do this go to settings go all the way to accounts. Remove accounts you re going to select the account that you want to remove once you remove it you re going to want to sign back in and the way to do that is to go back to your home go down to add and manage and you can go and add the one you moved it will resync everything back from the cloud to the console. Once you sign in using the email and password for that particular gamertag go ahead and try to play the game again if it freezes or anything go ahead and move on to the next step. Okay.

So now we re going to go. And uninstall a game and also clear out the save data also known as the cache. It s a way to do this is you re going to go to the my games and apps on your home page. It s going to bring you to a list of all your games go and select the game that it was the one you were trying to play and having issues wit and hit that three lined button again that we did before it will bring up the menu and you re going to go to manage game or if you want to go and strictly uninstall everything first you can uninstall the game right here.

But you can also do that in the manage game as well so if you go to manage game. It s got this down here. Where it shows move all copy all uninstall all to uninstall everything you can do that right here. But to clear all the save data you can go here.

Select the file and go to delete from console. Now once you do this once you uninstall everything go ahead and restart your console do a power cycle where you hold down the power button for 10 seconds wait 30 seconds power thing back on reinstall the game reinstall everything you had for it and all the safe data should go right back to the console..

And you can go ahead and try to play the game again and see if you have any issues. If you do move on to the next one or the next option rather okay. So now it s coming down to whether or not it s a physical copy or a digital copy if it s a physical copy you want to look at the disk you want to see if it s got any dirt cracks scratches dents or chips on it you also want to see if the center ring has any cracks going all the way down into the disk itself. Because if it does that s probably why it s not reading that s probably why it may be skipping or any cases like that if it is dirty just take a damp cloth or microfiber cloth and just clean.

It make sure. It s got no fibers or anything on it do not use a paper towel or anything. Like that because it will make it even worse. And then just go ahead and put it into the system and see if it works if you re trying to play it digitally and you re not playing on the account that originally purchased the game.

That s probably why it s not working or it s not loading or it s freezing or crashing. You have to be playing on the account that actually purchased that game on the digital side and the way to see the transactions you can actually see that on xbox comm to see all of your transaction history for that alright well that is all the steps i have for you guys to try to resolve the issue of the game freezing and crashing on the xbox one if none of these steps helped resolve the issue. Please go to xbox comm and talk to the support team where they can actually aid you a little bit more on some more advanced troubleshooting techniques and it may come down to where you have to send your xbox in because it could be something internal. It could be the eye could be loose.

It could be dirty. It could be the hard drive not working properly and they have to look more into it. But i will try to help you guys out as much as possible so if you have any questions. Let me know in the comments section below.

And i ll answer questions based on the knowledge that i have i ll never give you guys any wrong information. If it s something i don t know i ll let you guys know that i don t know the answer to that and i would always direct you to go to the support team at xbox comm..

But anyway guys thanks for watching the video hopefully. It was helpful for you guys. And i will see you guys in a future. Troubleshooting video here for the xbox community take care.

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