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“Everybody in name welcome back to another video by me steve kuzj please hit that that subscribe button. If you haven t already done so and doom. Yeah. Let s going this with you in game today.

I m reviewing the same mp3 flash mp4 player which you can buy on amazon so around 12 to 15 pounds in the top of the ball look at this it also does do one box left anyway. I ll say count this is a box it content. It s just standard white box nothing on it inside the box. You get the instructions just faced with some instructions and obviously get a warranty card and this is this is the mp3 player here it looks like in think it is the second duration generation aim ipod yeah.

It s quite decent listen there s not not plastic. It s metal no it was quite for amateur pay for it i mean it looks quite sleek white do you yeah. But it s not always about the luksus. But what it does it does and they are something to check out now.

I m going to also show you i mean that s the economy and also in the box. And you ll get some headphones. Which are really crap and then i wouldn t even bother with them chop them boys are self indium in them whom was i corner let s call him. It s not microsd in micro usb.


It s in mini usb. Which is the old style which to be honest. Most devices now don t ask up this port on these two years ago. Well this is that s probably up lights on that s probably why i said keeping everything yeah now so you need to charge anyway it didn t upset no this is the mp3 player let s turn it on and have a look now as you can see you can see that it comes of this really bright screen um.

It says music he says video. It has record voice as well and it s got a fm radio on it throat. Oh and set up an e book. Which you can read textiles on that and obviously back to music music.

You just basically mp3 just drag on the just basically plug it into your pc and drag on mp3s onto the device. Hopefully you need a michael microsd card on that damn right now this is where it gets stupid. The videos racked it says you need to compare them. But it doesn t conquer brother computer.

And you call how to download the computer need off our theme online. You need to get cific one from the company. Which he says in the book now i ve actually emailed them saying. I can t play videos on this can you send me the computer and i ve been waiting now three days and it s gallant sending me so don t nothin attendant me or not never know that do and also put your voice recorder question must have built in mic.


I believe them probably goes there and then then deem fm radio and photograph top of those granted. I think you ve got photograph on your soda to show you the quality of the pictures. If i get to the angle. It led me to stare computing have to press menu to select things that s the quality.

If you see excel to petrovin of easy things grasp on to someone puts graph a bran as you can see a look. But with the light and where you go hard are the pet you just dissing to disappear guard. See nothing. It s pretty useless to be on toby.

And that s that now i d you ll get back now deeper someone bye bye perfect yard um. Time safe you ve got to think that this death is only like 12 to 15 pounds. You know it s not like something what s going to cost like milling them on your patterns of like a nap. I in pod.

What cost like 80 pound already. This is all here like 12 pounds of our deference between 12 pound range bound you muscle got then growth. I mean if you brought some headphones to it supposed to have quite good player really and because of battery life on standby. The last two days you know when you ve just got music on in i believe you soon five five hours.


I believe look yeah. It s five hours so when your music on you please far those. Which is quite good crouse mortis. And it s quite light and all some say it s not not going to break the bank on often art board supposed to case.

We have the money even though these are crap him air phones and doesn t play video. Very good we card you get community so a road would recommend it but i wouldn t buy if you wanted just to play video. Because i just don t know dude. I mean you can t says convert them into send form of an ephah net on upc aids on the work and to say about whatever wait for somebody to get back some way to get a computer mixer.

The wick. Which is pretty pointless really shut the software should actually be in the box. But there you go so then i found something useful in please like it subscribe to my channel. I upload videos all the time and do check out the other videos i ve done quite a few with you use different companies from different things doing yeah.

And i ll see you in the next. ” ..

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