Navigate documents quickly and easily with the outline tool in Google Docs

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“Everyone its gary. The google guy again i thought i d let you know about about a brand new update that google has added to google drive slash google docs it can be difficult not to mention time consuming to navigate lengthy complex documents to make that process just a little bit easier google has launched an outline tool in google docs on the web and for android displayed in a pane to the left of the page. The outline features headers for each section of your document. Making it simple and easy to jump to section to section.

If you have manually applied headers..

No worries they ll do it for you intelligently detecting the logical divisions. Within your work you can then edit or remove these headers as necessary so to show you one of the things that i ve got is just a simple lesson plan here and this is just one of the templates that google offers and google. Docs now to locate this new tool go to the tools menu up at the top and you ll see it says document outline if i click on that you ll notice that to the left of the page. A panel pops out and then each division that i have here is shown to the left underneath the title.

Which is name of this lesson..

Now you see here. I have over you and purpose click on that and it will go to that area with my cursor. I can go to verification and just kind of like a table of contents. It will take you right to that area now obviously this one already has those divisions of my work already there now let s go to another document up at the top here.

I have nothing here in terms of headers..

I can go to that same document outline tool opens that panel to the left and this time you ll notice that there are no headings here well that s really easy to fix what i can do is i can go up to the top select. Some text go to my pull down and tell google that this is my title. And it will add that there i can then go to each of the areas that i d like to pull out as a body select and i can do a couple of different things i can just bold. It and you ll see it will add that here we ll go to my headings and create this as a heading and then we ll add it there i can even go to a certain area select my text and use the underline and it will add that as a subset underneath that area or change it on the fly.

And it will add it just like that thanks everyone and i hope you find this document outline tool useful in your everyday use of google docs ” ..


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