NEW 2019 LG NanoCell 4K HDR TV // The Poor Mans OLED

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“Ever since oled tvs started showing up most of us myself included started resenting our our current tv is like my parents did without one kid that lived in our they never did tell me who he was or what happened to him after we moved huh. Only problem is uh. They re not what normal people like you and i would consider what s that word rich. People don t use affordable.

That s it affordable well don t fret fellow normie got some good news lg hooked me up with one of their new 2019 nano cell tvs that comes with a price that lets you keep your kidney and your firstborn child. But also gets you as close to oled as possible. But let s be honest close still is an oled so the designs pretty familiar. But this year.

We ve got even thinner bezels like usually the bottom bezels on tvs are a bit bigger than the top and sides. But this time the bottom is just as thin. There s a couple of built in bottom firing speakers that might not sound as good as my sand bar and subwoofer setup. But usually i ve connected.

But it does sound better than the sound where by itself with much better mids and lows on the back. We ve got some pretty typical boards. But what s really cool and more specifically for gamers is a for high. Bandwidth the hdmi 21 ports.

Which gives us up to 4k at 120 hertz er and variable refresh rate. It s not amd s free sync. But it is variable refresh and it supports 45 to 120 hertz so all that s good news for console gamers lg s webos interfaces probably the most user friendly out there it s clean it s easy to navigate and this..


Year we ve got webos 40. Which comes with some nice changes like hovering over apps in the dashboard like netflix or amazon prime. Video reveals a list of content suggestions you can use like a quick shortcut to jump in super convenient and this year. We ve got amazon alexa and google assistant baked in which is pretty neat because aside from the usual boring.

What s the weather like and where s the closest public toilet. Which is something we all ask while sitting in our living rooms. You can do things like control smart lights so when you re about to watch a movie you just hold up the magic remote press. The microphone button and ask it to dim.

The lights or change the colors for example it might seem silly. But it s super useful now speaking of the magic remote it s pretty similar to previous lg remotes. But now we ve got shortcuts to netflix and amazon video. Which is actually perfect from me.

Because those are the two main streaming services. I use on the regular. So the big buzzword here is nano like lg s using terms like nano color and nano accuracy and nano black. So what s all this nano stuff actually about well basically they ve rejigged.

The backlight panel and tossed in some particulates about one nanometer in size hence. Nano cell tv. Which effectively..


Absorbs and filters out certain light wavelengths and enhances reds and greens. Which gives us what lg is dubbed nano color. So you ll be seeing much more accurate colors and then with hdr content images are taken to a whole new level. It honest to god look stunning.

But with previous led backlighting technology especially with hdr content. You d see a lot of luma bloom. Otherwise. No one has that halo effect or even sometimes those ugly thick columns of backlight going down the screen.

While it s trying to light objects and dark scenes. Well now we ve got what s called full array local dimming. Which illuminates individual leds. So we got way better contrast way better deep blacks and much more precise illumination.

Across the entire backlight panel itself which translates into finer details and since it s an ips lcd display remember these are still lcd displays are just led backlit now we ve got much better viewing angles and something like samsung s cue led tvs which are v al lcd displays so if you re planning on having people over that won t be sitting directly in front of the tv ips is the way to go anyways. If you re like me. And don t feel like paying some professional rando to come by and calibrate. It for you there s a bunch of different picture.

Profiles. You can choose from personally. I use..


The isf expert. Bright and dark options with some tweaks to the brightness backlight and color temperature settings. But then there s this new ai. Picture.

Setting. You can enable. Thanks to lg s new. Gen.

2. A7 processor. So essentially through deep learning. The processor identifies.

Certain scenes and objects and tries to adjust. Picture settings on the fly for a better overall image. Now. I ll be totally honest.

I literally spend an hour playing certain scenes from different content. Over and over with ai picture on and with it off. I just can t tell the difference..


I don t know maybe it needs more time to deep learn anyways at the end of the day. I m actually really really happy with this tv s performance. I mean blacks aren t anything like what you d see on an oled just not physically possible on a technical level. But the blacks on this tv are probably the deepest.

I ve ever seen on an lcd. The colors are incredible lg did a legit job with that so if you are gonna be looking for a new tv hit up a link in the description. Because i think there s some promo pricing going on right now. So if you take advantage of that in addition to keeping your kidney.

And your firstborn. You might have some cash left over for a new pair of kicks. Who knows. But that s it for this one if you like the video show me some love with that like button and subscribe.

If you re new to my stuff. But thanks as always for watching and i ll talk to you all in the next one cheers. ” ..


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