Newsun Portable DVD Players, Bluetooth Speakers and more

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“Here. We have a dvd divx player here at the new sun. So hello. And and you are showing this portable dvd player.

Yes. This is a portable dvd player you to sit for a second 5s dollar. 35. Yeah.

Titan. It s a very popular in south asia south america. And the mideast. The markets.


So middle east southeast asia. South american south american market. Yes. Africa.

Yes. Yes. South. America africa.

Not so. Much so a customer for the world can contact. You 35. Yes.


And you do all these other ones. There it s all dvd players with divx mp5 playback and then you have a bluetooth bluetooth speaker this is like right here yeah what is the maximum volume there okay i guess let s try to hear the sound. They re just push the plane. Thank god there and this one and then this one what is the maximum volume we turn on volume okay yeah.

How much is that one price ix owner for this mandala. Yeah. You have different quality in price price difference. Even menu on the speakers and the men border.

There was a we use with the speaker is a with the verb will avoid what is people want the best quality. How much better quality. Let s take a break alright. So you have different quality per speaker.


Right pyelo. Yeah. Yeah. Because this one will also tend to worship.

A price. Just that we changing the speakers and then the price around 80 cents. Cheaper and if you want higher speaker car speakers then price. Yeah.

Ethan dolan and on about this yesterday. And the rest of my alright. How about the power bank. You have a different power bank.


You make many powerbank. How many how many divinity that we sell that you are above the bed. The father s for me chorus singing singing is an and the hair was three solid mah. The chloride surprise only five four or five torah there anywhere in the europa market.

How many do you sell dvd player. Everyone okay we can do one kind of if you have some money they get home no progress bar. You have the patent number we can do any color for you what kevin kevin and how many dvd players you sell every month. How many speakers you celery mas how many carbon evd.

We can sell 150 cells in the coma. How about the speaker 57. The ” ..


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