Nintendo 3DS System Transfer Process – Let s How

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“Jason here. And i ve got a different sort of little tutorial today basically i i wanted to transfer my data from a new 3ds xl to my new pikachu essec. So and basically were just going to be going over how we actually do this. So i ve just turned on and done the initial setup or the 2d s.

So if asking me if i want to transfer any system data from another 3ds to this system. I want to say yes. And i m actually gonna go ahead and get into the settings menu here. It s telling you to make sure.

The system is connected to the ac charger to make sure that everything is fine. I ll be doing that during the portion of this i m just gonna get the initial setup. Done. I m gonna go to other settings.

And on the third page for kate here. There s the system transfer option here on this system. So basically on this screen it says transfer from a system in the nintendo 3ds family i m gonna click that transfers feature allows you to move software and data between your systems that you own once the transfer is been performed it cannot be undone and when performing a transfer. The data on the target system will be overridden.

If that of the source system. The system memory of the source system will be formatted deleting. All data in system configuration. Any storage credit card information will not be transferred these will be deleted if you have linked nintendo network id you can continue to use any credit card information associated with that id on the target system you cannot transfer data from a new nintendo 3ds system to a nintendo 3ds system because of the added functionality i m assuming then please note that the following when we re writing data on the target system.

Any limited. Downloadable content with a limited number of uses will be lost software. A downloadable content present on both target system..


And the source system will be replaced with that of the source system. So any plc are like downloaded games from here will overwrite. What s on this one. But this one s blame any software downloadable content purchased on the source system.

We ll be usable on this system. Any microsd cards containing data created on the source system will immediately be usable with the target system. After the transfer data created by the target system microsd cards will no longer be usable and sound recordings and all that sort of stuff anyway. It s basically saying that you can a transfer can be performed only once in seven days and a pre installed.

1003 d s. Downloaded software will be transferred to the sword s source system. And if you leave your nintendo eshop account on the target system have been transferred you will no longer be able to download the software to that system. Yeah.

You must connect to the internet. Intended. Network. Id.

Is if the id is linked well network services. Agreement will call the country settings of both systems must match in order to perform a transfer there s somebody like crazy. So. Many rules data may be loss of the system that runs out of power.

This is a mr. Nam for wireless communications is disabled during the transfer man when they hit agree on this side i m gonna hit receive from nintendo 3ds a convenient guide step with step by step instructions to follow while performing the system transfer can be found on nintendo website at this address its support nintendo comm new 3ds transfer on the source system tab sent from this system. And then from the following screen tap chases having hit the system transfer in i think i just did this a little bit too early so if you re in the system transfer menu and you click transfer from a system in a nintendo 3ds family and agree to the same things that we re on here it says send from the system or receive from the system..


So i m gonna hit send from this system and a hit agreed i m typing my password real quick all right so it s thinking. It s connected to the internet sorry this takes a little bit of time on okay i m gonna select jason okay this will confirm the target a system you have selected please switch jason s please switch to jason s new radius system or nintendo 3s system it says transfer from jason underscore o s nintendo 3s system yes and this is use a source system to control the transfer process it s basically it s time i mean that like the data is gonna be trip transferred once this is done the format that this will be formatted cannot be undone. So basically saying the same things as it was when it was doing the initial lake this is what s going to happen if you do this gonna hit next transfer process will place all data on the target system with that of this system. All data on this system will be reset.

And deleted continue yes. And then it s gonna prepare for the transfer. Okay. If you have the same software.

Downloadable content in both systems. The software or downloadable content on the target system of people bleedin so it s saying that it s gonna delete the streetpass and so saying streetpassed and end up streetpass mii plaza done by nintendo worse it s deleting nintendo. But there is some software and data that will become unusable if you perform this transfer. Thank you sure you want to yep this will start the transfer are you sure you want to continue and then i say yes.

Once microsd card has been you so use a source system preparing to transfer a nintendo dsi. Oh. We re titles in this system memory will be moved to the micro sd card please turn the power off before removing and inserting. The micro sd card.

So i m a hit move. It s basically just moving certain things onto the micro sd card. That i have on the system here i ve got 11 titles here and base is gonna take that so i can transfer that into here so it says please plug in the ac adapter and then it starts transferring the actual data. I think it s super cute how it actually does it it basically shows pikmin taking the data and transferring it over it s transferring my data now place it it s says that it has five steps and you just got to give it some time.

I m just gonna make sure that the battery level stays okay. While you do it so i m gonna take a quick second to plug in the battery. Because i don t want to lose any data transferring built in software all right so in finish transferring the built in memory and now it s transferring in the built in save memory..


This part just takes a little while well there s the rest of the crew. I like that they use the pikmin. I think it s actually the perfect little thing alright where s the whole crew. I mentioned this is what is actually happening on the inside little teams of pikmin moving around on the circuit board done now it s transferring the data for the nintendo eshop okay so it says transfer complete days until next transfer can be performed seven system memory will now be formatted.

Please use the source systems micro sd card with the target system from now on so basically wants me to take this sd card. I put it into this one so it s formatting this memory. And says. This system will now restart to commit the transfer.

Please do not turn off power. Until. The transfer has completed this one is now stock 3ds just ready to go and then this one is just connecting the internet to finish off the transfer. So it s gonna be wanting me to take the sd card from this system and put it on this one.

So i m going to power down the system and much like with the changing of the battery. So i m just gonna use a little micro micro screwdriver to remove these screws or to loosen the rather they have a little click when they should be loose enough and then i m just gonna use this little corner right here to pry and then over to the side. And do the same thing pry right here there you go back of the new nintendo 3ds removed then i can push down which releases the micro sd card and i can take that out i ll leave this off to the side for right now and then i m gonna focus on this high so it says the dsi where will now be moved through the system memory from the micro sd card. Please turn off power before moving and inserting micro sd card from the source system.

The screen will be displayed after the power turned on again. I m gonna power off the system so if you look down here there s a little flap and right there is the sd card slot. So i m going to push down on this to release. It and then remove the sd card that came installed with it i m gonna take my sd card.

Which is which is actually like four times bigger and then i m gonna place that in here push down firmly. And it should be all set to go turn on the system. And it should just bring us right back to that previous screen..


So it s back on the system transfer menu. It says. It s connected to the internet says now that again dsiware will be moved to the system. So i m going to hit move that s going to take those same 11 titles and move those from this sd card to the actual system memory.

So i m gonna let that do that all right so it says transfer complete days. Until the next transfer can be performed is 7 00. Please use this solar system s microsd card with this system and this system will now be reset. So basically just saying that the microsd card that i put in there is this is the one that this system will just want in there forever.

It s now linked to the system. There we go so i ve got all my system settings and data in here. Now the home menu is displayed just as i had it on the previous system. Yeah.

All my little all my games and data are in here as well so i got my 3ds classics got my demos that i ve kept for some reason all sorts of 3ds games come on my pokemon titles. That s all here ready to use anyway. That s basically it if you have any questions about this just leave them down in the comments below or you can check out on nintendo s website. But basically if you ever transporting the system data it ll walk you through the entire process.

Then you won t have to worry about anything anyway. See you guys later ” ..

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