No Start Car is dead No Power No lights.

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“Is a video about how to approach a no crank no start situation and for for the key for the purposes of this. Particular case study. The weather was fine was about 27 degrees celsius. It wasn t an issue with the cold battery.

I was 45 minutes west of town and i was showing a house to some prospective buyers. I drove there the car ran fine not a problem so i spent about maybe. An hour with the people came back to my car. And i turned the key and i had absolutely nothing no click from the starter.

No dash lights no radio. It was as if the battery had been taken out of the car and i found myself in a situation where i had no tools..

I had brought no tools with me i would have loved to have my tv oem. My tester. But i had nothing so i just decided to start at the beginning where all the electricity in the car starts and ends at the battery. I m gonna show you what i found and this is not just about fixing a problem like this.

But it s avoiding a problem like this by checking your wiring. Carefully let s have a look so after a few minutes of sitting in the car and cursing my life. I popped the hood and they came out to the car. I left the key in the run position because i wanted to see if i could play with the wires and maybe hear something so that s what i did and as simply as this i just did this and immediately.

I heard some activity and i was pretty surprised because the wire looks like it s it s on there and although. This is a bit crusty now once i pushed that in the car started..

I drove home and had no further problems. But i am now aware that i have to have a look at the better look at this and make sure that it doesn t happen again. So. Let s have a look at it all right let s have a look at it closely you know i do apologise for the traffic noise.

It s unavoidable. So as you can see it s pretty crusty. The wires are pretty bad also so it s looking pretty rough. It s looking bad and what we re going to do change it out for a new one see how that goes.

But first we need to take a look at that wiry first thing we re going to clean the post on the battery. I ve got some electrical contact spray like this alright now let s have a look at those wires..

What you want to look for is to see if the wire is swollen from the inside. And this one looks good this one looks fine. It s got a little bigger than green krusty s but for the most part it looks good in this one is the same the wire is actually good i think just in case of it being loose. I would imagine and so i m gonna go ahead.

Now i m just gonna hit it with a little bit of contact. There s no there s no need to cut away wire. The wires fine. This was definitely just a loose condition due to the poor shape of the of the of the old one of the the old connector.

So we re gonna put in this new one okay done now we re going to make sure that it s good and tight and well in there. There so now as you can see the wires are well inside of the bracket and i put on new new fasteners and a new connector so they are fastened down there well through and that problem shouldn t occur again..

But just remember if you are facing a mill crank. It ll start the first thing. You should do is check your battery check. The connections and even before it happens have a good look at your battery connections clean them up make sure that there s no swelling in the wire here no no fat spots.

That s basically cuz. It s it s corroding inside. And it s doing like rust jacking and that has to be cut away that that is may not appear on the surface. But internally that wires breaking down.

So i hope this little thing helped you out and do go and check your battery connections especially before the winter when your car battery needs all the juice you can put out to get the car going in cold weather thank you for watching please leave a like and we ll talk to you soon thank you ” ..

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