Paint Color Mixing – Turquoise & Teal

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“Guys it makes me a girl here so today. I m gonna show you how how to mix up some different blues such as turquoise and teal and then if guys liked this video. Let me know and i can in the next. One show you how to mix up some different reds and purples like maroon burgundy and stuff so i often just get the primary colors and then i mix my own the only time.

I don t do that is for certain colors that i can t really mix like magenta. I m not gonna really mix that or if i want a specific purple. So these are artist loft flow acrylics mixed with flow trawl and water and we re gonna first start with some turquoise. So you re gonna need mostly white and then just a little bit of blue and the trick is to just add a little bit at a time because you can add more you can t really take it out so and then just a little bit of yellow.

You want less yellow than blue..

Because otherwise you re gonna get more of a mint and even here. Say that s a bit too minty wilfer. So that s how you make mint is pretty much equal parts blue and yellow. There so we re gonna add a little more blue it s not too far off there we go that s a little more on the lines of turquoise.

It s pretty light. I actually did a lot of white. So i d probably add just a little more blue and yellow just to darken it a little bit. But you know there s different shades of everything so there s definitely no wrong colors.

But that s how you make turquoise is literally just white blue and yellow with more mostly white..

Then second most is the blue and then the least of the yellow and there you have a pretty turquoise now for teal. You need definitely less white and there s different till s there s blue teals and there s green teals. So let s go ahead and we ll make more of a blue teal. So because i put a bunch of white in here now and gotta add definitely more color.

So i m gonna start with my blue and at this point. It s getting you can tell that it s getting to the teal. Like this could be considered a blue teal still a little bit light. But we re gonna go for more of a greenish.

Teal can also be called aqua depending on who you ask..

And it s literally that simple you re gonna just keep adding the color and darkening it until you get the color that you like let s darken. It even just a little more here add both a little more yellow. Still leaning heavier on the blue side because otherwise you re just gonna get green with teal. You have to be heavier on the blue side okay.

So there we go we have a really pretty teal. It looks like it looks lighter in the camera. I think sometimes it s a little hard to get the colors across i m going to show you what happens real quick. If we add too much yellow.

So i added a bunch of yellow and now we definitely have a more green..

So it s i hope you guys can see that pretty clearly yeah. It s definitely no longer really on the teal side. So if you did that if you just added. Too much yellow go ahead and add more blue that s all you need to do and we re back to having a teal okay guys i hope this was helpful and i hope you were able to accurately see the colors in the camera.

If it was helpful and you would like to see a video coming up on mixing some different like pinks reds and purples let me know and i ll go ahead and do that otherwise. ” ..

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