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“I m illusion. I m instructed on set cornet. And this is my second video video about the data storage and in this video. I m going to present you hard disk.

So the hibiscus in internal storage. And you have to install the hard drive inside the computer to be able to write and read data from hard disk. So. This is the hardest you can see it s 4 inch.

4 inch wide. And it s a standard disk. Which you can buy in the store for 35 or up to 100 or even more than 100. So.

This particular disc is a little bit older disk part disk. And you can see and hard disk is squared and this shield. You cannot see what is inside and you cannot open it except if you have a special screw that you can unscrew all the screws and take the cap out but if you do then you re gonna lose a warranty so the disk has to connection that you can can use to connect hard disk into the computer on one connector is the power connector and for the power connector. Do use either an adapter.

It either you connected directly to the power supply. And this connector is called molex connector and it s not perfectly squared. It has to comforted corners. So you can put it into only one position so when you install the molex connector.

You have to be sure that the comfort comfort corners are in the right position..

And you have to push and apply the pressure to put the connector it in this is how you connect the power. Now you have to connect also the data cable or the data. Ribbon and you have to know that for for the hard drive. That is pata arrive or at the heart right.

There are two kind of cables. The 44. Two wires with 40 wires and with a key wires. So atta has a long history has evolved and hazing increased to the speed so you have utter one or a tattoo at a tree at a four at the five at a six and i will attach service has six and there the last two there will redeem a hudred ma5 high speed and have to use it connector wires and on the wire.

You can connect to cut to hard disks. So. One computer has possibility to connect to other hard drives or four. At the hard drives depending on the model works some motherboards used you can connect even even more than for her lives.

But for this motherboard for example. I have primary ide connector and secondary ide connector. So i can connect four hard drives. So the older cable is still working if you have would redeem a hard drive.

But doesn t reach the speed of ultron. A 500 role for the music s so be careful to use the proper cable. So the cable has plastic that you can use for pulling out putting out the connector from the motherboard or from a hard drive. But what is important about it the cable is that it has a pin number one like the floppy drive pin.

Number one is marked with blue always red or other color like a white..

But it s important to know that is on one side of the preborn you have you have a color. That is all the way for the entire length of that big one on only one side. So you cannot be wrong with a pin. Number one and pin.

Number one has to be connected to the hard disk and towards the power power cable. So pin number one towards the power cable. You cannot connect it into other position. But you can but it is not gonna work so depending on the cable.

So if the cable is the world cable. Then it you can connect into wrong position upside down and then it s not gonna work. But device is not gonna be damaged. So it s so if it s a new cable.

Then the new cable has a plastic not that it doesn t allow you to connect the cable in the wrong position. So both ends are using plastic notch. You can install the cable with one end to the motherboard and with that they went to the harddrive. But if you put it like this.

It s still gonna work so even if it s the cable is reversible. So the only reason to put it in the other position is if you have an awkward computer case. But this cable has two connectors. Very close to each other so it s logical to use it into this position.

So if you want to put it on the motherboard and you have a notch..

That is fitting in the motherboard. So you push and push on the percent to be sure that is set properly. Then you have to connect to the harddrive. So you can connect using this notch into two positions.

So you have to have to twist the cable. If it s if it s upside down. Then you have to twist the cable like this because the hard drive is first up so sometimes you have to taste. Sometimes you don t have to twist.

Important thing is that one pin is missing. So this is another protection one pin is missing. And because one thing is missing. This is a locking system so it s very protected so you can push and this is how you install the data cable.

You can put if you have only one harddrive you can put the hands drive into the first connector or you can put the harddrive into the second connector. So. It is it is possible to put my hand into the second usually you install a cd rom. This is the wrong can have the same interface at the interface so this is zero this is your own is another storage device that i m gonna present into mine and he also can use the same cable as the harddrive so now it s important to know that atta.

A drive has jumper and this jumper has a particular position and you have to when you connect one single hot rod. You have one position. Which is the default position and if you connect to hagrid s. Then you have to put them into master relation master detail master and slave relation so one is master and one is slave and there are two position for the jumper and there you can see the position here you can see this is the single drive no jumper present master and slave so depending.

If the hard drive is master or slave..

You can put the jumper into a particular position for example in this position. If i put it in this position. Then the hard drive is a master hand drive and slave must be present. If i put it into that position.

Then is going to be a slave hard drive a slave. I drive and this position is a slave hard drive. But the master hard drive has to be present. And there is a third position and in this position.

The hard drive can be either master little slave depending on the cable. Where i have installed it so. If i am installing into the first one and it s the master. If i m installing in the second one and it s going to become slave.

So i have to reposition one is the master one is the slip and one is cobbler select cable select all right so once again so this is pata and is a key wire cable. And i can install two pata hard drives on this or one patter driver in the cd rom and how to cd rom also have jumpers. So i can put cd rom as slave or as master thank you for watching how this was instructive and you know now about the butter hot. ” .


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