PC Game Cheats ..Using Infinity Trainer , Playing Resident Evil 7 BioHazard

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“Folks welcome back to another wise game a video in this video. We re gonna gonna be talking about infinity. Which is a mod train of fear favorite pc games you could come to this website and download it for free. It s an excellent program and haven t had any issues with it and basically.

It s like a cheap modifier. So if you re having difficult times in your game. If they if they actually host your game. The list is rather huge of the games that they actually support with this program and we ll be showing you that in just a few minutes.

But you know my word of advice is that instead of giving up on a game. I rather cheat and at least get my money s worth out of the game by still enjoying the actual game itself. But the great thing about these kind of programs right here is that it s not like using like a cheat code. It s not like using like a game shock code or one of those kind of codes.

Where once you use those codes a lot of times. There might be system issues with the game once you use them. And once you save the game. With those cheat codes on you pretty much stuck.

Using those cheat codes. Now through the remainder of that game until you finish. It with this you could turn it on and off as you want to use it so. If you don t want to cheat you want to play the game.

The way. It is you ve got the option of shutting it off and playing the game regular again. So that s what i really love about this kind of a program. So this is where you would come through download it for free.

And it has some of your games listed down here and all that on the website and but i will have the in the description panel of this video. I will have the link where you could come and get this this is what the program actually looks like once you download it and install it it s very easy to install this is basically what it looks like and these are all the kind of games that this program infinity. Does support so the list is huge..


I didn t realize that the list was actually this big so odds are if you re playing a pc steamed game. Odds are probably the odds are that your game is gonna be supported in this program. So let s go back up to to the top. Because that s where my games listed.

And again. I m gonna be playing the game called for this video. Where the heck is it resident evil. 7.

Biohazard. So that s what we re going to be using it on this game has very difficult boss fights in it and i did use it for one of the boss fights cuz. I i must have tried the guy likes like 25 times. And i just had a real difficult time.

But then as soon as i cleared him for the other fights in the game. I actually shut the program off so now we re gonna click on resident evil. 7. And these are all the different kind of codes well not codes.

But these are all the different implements that you could actually use this for so unlimited health unlimited items unlimited unlimited ammo no reload time and it even has reset. Times. Where you could actually enable this go to pause man you thought that uh. But you can read in here.

What actually all these things do for your game. Now what you want to do is you want to actually launch the game from this program. You don t want to just open up the game itself. I don t think i ll work properly if you do that so right on the top right here for the game once you click on it it s gonna have a play button.

And that should open up your game. So let s let s just press that and see if it opens up my game. So it s updating steam..


So that s a good sign now. There is one thing i want to mention is that how you activate these these cheats or or whatever. Or modify is how you actually activate them is actually once you pull up the game once you log into the game you want to use the keys here on your keyboard to activate them so in other words if i wanted to turn on unlimited items. I would toggle.

I would use the f1k so it shows you all the keys right here to the right and you could actually change my belief. If you want to change into something else so um. So that s that s basically how you do that you the only thing you re gonna be doing here is just launching the game now let s saw i m gonna actually slide this over into my other screen and we re gonna walk expand the game here and get into this alright. Let s just load this up here continue okay now here we are inside the game.

Now. Like i said you can usually shut things off and the game will go back to normal as i mentioned earlier. There s only one thing that the game did give me. Where normally you don t get this in the game.

After the fight. When you fight. Jack. The last time is the let me see yeah let me see if it s still in here.

Oh. It s actually in my inventory. It s the chainsaw normally in the game. The chainsaw is gonna break and you don t get to keep it but using this infinity.

He makes it where you keep the chainsaw now to kind of play more fair in the game. I don t usually always carry an army. I usually haven t in my in my storage box. But anyways to actually use this now like let s say if we wanted to go with unlimited health unlimited ammo.

I m gonna toggle f2 and you should be able to hear a sound when i do it yeah that just turned it on now now let s see unlimited ammo. Let s see that s f4 and let s see uh no reload that usually doesn t work from the other no why oh yeah. It doesn t stay on that one for me so okay so basically that s how you do it..


Now if we back out of here and we open up our inventory. You re gonna see now if we look at my shotgun at the bottom there. It says 1003 that s how many bullets. He s got now for the shotgun.

How many shells so that goes to show you that that this is actually working. So let s uh. See them pull out my weapon. If you use unlimited health for this particular game.

Using this program. You can still die. Jack did kill me. He if they use like a killin blow.

Where it s not damaged over time you can still die. So so keep that in mind cuz. I did die unless if it glitched. I m not sure so let me see if i could try to find a spot now i cleared.

Most of this area out. But let me see if i could find a find a place that s got some some enemies or whatever you this place is usually loaded with insects which i showed in my first video of this game. So let me see there s a nest right up there now i m gonna show you i wasn t ready now normally without this we would uh. We would have bloodstains scattered on the screen of the game because they did attack me because they can kill me these bugs so.

But we re gonna see right now that my health is not dropping it all there s there s no damage being done to my guy at all so we could we could see that infinity is definitely working. The only thing i have to do here cuz. I m not using it is is the reload. I do have to reload the bullets.

But we could still see that it s showing that i have like a thousand bullets. When normally i have like 20 without this so that s basically how that works it s it works really easy. It s simple to use and we could see i don t have any damage at all because my life band is still showing green and again..


There s no blood scatters um actual game screen because when when the guy gets hurt in this game. It s gonna show blood all over the screen. That s pretty much of a dead end. I did fight a boss in here it was pretty simple and i didn t use the infinity.

When i did it i ve only used it so far on jack. I can t find anything to damage me. I had something really big just went down this tunnel and the guy that i m controlling. Actually said.

What the fuck is now what i m going to do for this part is i m going to shut the shut. The infinity off and you ll see the blood and stuff well something s moaning shit. Okay now i do have i do have the i can t get away from all right now this time. I do have the infinity off.

Except for the bullets. So let s see if she could actually hurt me now what a skanky looking broad jesus okay here we go here we go all right they re not doing really any damage to me. I think i know why you have oh yeah they uh. See let s see the screen.

Okay. She is i i m getting hurt on purpose. So i could show you guys how you can shut this off see my so i m probably gonna die. Yeah.

So say so you can t shut it off just so you know that because there we are so until then folks that s how you use infinity with your favorite pc games get. ” ..

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