Philo TV Setup and Review – 50+ Live Cable TV Channels for $20 a Month

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“Youtube. It s tyler. The antenna man today. I m going to set up and and review philo tv.

It s an over the top streaming service. That offers over live channels with unlimited cloud dvr at only 20 a month. That makes it one of the cheapest over the top streaming services in the united states before i get into the video make sure you re subscribed to my youtube channel. If you are a chord cutter.

I m constantly updating it with new videos relevant to antennas and cord cutting so. If you are seeing me for the first time make sure you hit that subscribe button. So here s the philo tv channel lineup as you can see these channels are mostly entertainment and lifestyle based networks include amc comedy central nickelodeon discovery history channel and many others some of you may notice that there aren t any sports networks on philo such as espn fox sports that s to keep the cost down for the people that don t really care about sports sports networks can get pretty expensive espn alone charges between seven to nine dollars just to be on a cable line up. So philo were to add these sports networks.

The rate would probably go up from 20 to either 30 or maybe even 40 a month. As i mentioned philo is mainly for people that are looking for entertainment and lifestyle channels. If you re interested in sports networks and cutting the cord watch my video review of sling tv and youtube tv. I attach the links to both in the description of this video taking another look at the channel line up some of you may be saying.

Oh i don t see abc nbc cbs and fox. I need those local channels in order to cut the cord philo doesn t have local channels for the same reason. They don t have espn to keep the costs down for their subscribers. Whether you know it or not local channels cost money to be on a streaming platform.

Even though they are available free over the air. So. If you have local channels on a cable lineup or streaming service like youtube tv. You are paying for them.

Despite the fact that they are available free over the air. People there s no reason to pay for things that are free yet the majority of americans do with local tv channels. If you want local channels. And you re serious about cutting the cord get a decent end set up so that way you re not paying for things that are free getting back to philo tv.

One of the unique things i like about it is that you can sign up for a free trial. Without having to type in your credit card. Number. You only need to type in a phone number this is pretty cool because the average streaming service requires you to type in a credit card for their free trial.


And if you forget to unsubscribe after that trial is up you are charged for a month of their service. I m now going to set up and review philo tv on an amazon firetv stick. If you use a roku smart tv or other streaming device. The layout may look slightly different.

But overall should be about the same to get started search for the philo tv app on your streaming devices app store and hit download once it s finished downloading open up the app. And it will give you an option to either start a free trial or subscribe right away in this instance. I m gonna start the free trial. It will ask for your phone number and once you type it in it will send you a confirmation code to activate the free trial.

So. This is the home screen of philo and it looks very similar to many other streaming services out there on the main screen. You can see that has some top things that are recommended where you left off at some saved tv shows that i watched trending stuff categories for kids comfort food nature and science reality home improvement more recommended stuff top movies new and upcoming pretty much a bunch of stuff that you can just kind of go through and look at the icons and just determine oh this looks pretty cool let me go watch that if you scroll up to the top and then click on guide. This layout is probably the most familiar to many of you that are switching from cable or satellite tv services.

It provides all of the channels sort of in a grid. View. And you can just scroll down. And see what s currently on some of the channels.

And you also have the option to scroll over to see what s coming up later on certain channels. I m going to show you what the average picture looks like and just keep in mind. I m using a plasma tv. So if you see any weird artifacts on the screen.

They re not really there it s just how my camera is perceiving the light from the tv set to start watching a program. All you have to do is hover over it and click ok. Within a matter of a second or two it should load up and what i notice about philo is that the faults to the very beginning of a program. No matter what time you re watching so in this situation.

It s 1142 and it s defaulting to the very beginning of this program now it is off by a few seconds due to the regular delay of streaming so it is technically start in the beginning of another program. But it still shows the very end of the previous program. You can change this option right in the settings menu. So technically about 30 seconds.

Later is the beginning of the program and the cool thing about philo is it has a sort of built in dvr that allows you to scroll through and just kind of select where you want to start watching so if in this situation. You already saw the first 10 minutes. And just kind of scroll through and click ok. And it will jump to that the only sad thing is you cannot fast forward through commercials.


I really wish you could because you re paying for the service. But go figure if you try to scroll through the advertisements. So let s say i m trying to scroll through pass those advertisements. It s just going to show you the advertisements.

It s gonna show you the remaining time most of you probably didn t know there can be up to 5 minutes of commercials between a program break at least the timer gives you an idea on how long you have to go to the bathroom or get a quick snack to not watch the commercials thankfully. If you scroll all the way to the end to watch it live it will not have you sit through a commercial break because technically. There wasn t a commercial shown. If you were going to watch it live at this moment so at least that s one bright side.

I was worried that they would show commercials just for me to watch it live overall. The picture quality is decent. It might be a little bit harder to tell with this camera focused on a tv set. But the default picture resolution is 720p.

Which most cable networks broadcast on you can get 1080p. If you watch a program on demand. But if you re watching it live or just kind of through the dvr like this you re going to at 720p. I don t think the average person is going to notice a difference on 720p versus 1080.

If they re watching it on cable or satellite. I can see a tiny difference because i ve dealt with video for a long time i can see a tiny bit of compression if i look very closely. But the average person is not going to notice this overall. The picture quality is pretty good.

You also have the option to save this series to view for later. So. If i have pushed the down arrow on the fire stick. It might be different on a roku or different streaming device.

If i hit save it will save this to my library and i can watch this program at a later day. If i want to watch something else in the meantime. You can also save upcoming programs right from the guides. So talking dead for example.

It s not air now so you can t watch it. But if you hit save it will give you the option to watch. It after it airs clicking on all episodes will also give you the option to watch. Some previously aired on demand programs.


So in this situation you watch the talking dead that aired on march 23rd. So if you click on that should come right up and you have the option to watch this on demand. If you go back to the top of the screen and click on top it ll show you some of the top programs on each network. So this may be a good idea.

If you aren t familiar with some of these networks and you want to see some of the most popular shows that are watched on these networks. They ll give you the option. There if you scroll over to saved. This is sort of your dvr library.

So these are the shows that i have saved in the past. If you want to watch one you just click on it and it ll give you the option to see any of the episodes that have previously aired. So as long as you clicked that little save icon. Any of the series.

It will save the upcoming ones and then you can also watch the previous ones. As well. Which is pretty cool search bar is pretty self explanatory. It allows you to search for certain shows so in this situation.

Let s just go say i want to look up the walking dead. So it s right there if you click on it it ll give you the option to watch. Some of the episodes on demand. If you scroll down a little bit.

It will also give you some recommendations based on what you previously watched on the settings icon. It will give you the option to change from the faulting to the beginning of the program to watching it live. Honestly i would just keep it on defaulting to the beginning of the program. Because it s very rare that many of us will turn on the tv and oh.

It s suddenly four o clock. The top of the hour. Most times. We re turning on the tv set at maybe 4.

10. 4. 15. 4.


20. And just by defaulting to the beginning is pretty convenient for many of us. But if you want to change it to live you have that option so just as a quick refresher. The home screen gives you options to watch certain programs based on category.

You scroll up to the guide. This is your most traditional layout. If you re used to watching tv on cable and satellite top. Shows.

You the top programs on each network. Saved. As your dvr library search shouldn t have to explain that settings shouldn t have to explain that so overall philo tv is a great option for those of you that are looking to keep your favorite entertainment and lifestyle channels. While cutting the cord.

I know they don t have local channels. But understand philo tv. Does that to keep costs down for those of us that know we don t have to pay for things that are free get a simple antenna and you get your local channels. If you want use my youtube channel as a resource to figure out which antenna works best for you i have dozens of antenna reviews and reception tips on how to get you the best tv reception.

Possible. I also offer custom antenna recommendations on my website. Antenna. Man pa.

Comm to give you better guidance on what antenna would work best for your area. Thanks again for watching this youtube video make sure you re subscribed to my channel. So that way you can get updates on upcoming videos that i post. I try to post at least two or three videos a.

Week if you re on facebook like my page at facebookcom. Forward slash antenna man pa. Thanks again for watching and have an ” ..


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