Photoshop Essentials – Transform images – Useful options skewing, rotating, distort and perspective

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“Everyone in this video. I m just going to explain about the transformation of the the images like scanning rotating and perspective perspective mode. This taught me all it had other options in transformations. You know what i m going to do is this just i m just going to change this background as on them as a layer for that you need to give that is two options to change this background to sit as an air layer you can double click this like you can rename it or you can give to the layer and new layer this layer from background or layer via copy you can select this to this eye out selected now select this image.

Because when you re in background. You cannot you cannot transform this because transform options will not be enabled. Because of this background. Because this has been locked so use this that s why i copied another one to show this example now you can see this transformation is enabled.

See you can scale. This now. I m just going to hold on the shift key this will be correct and height and width will be trapped you can set this here..


I ll see you can if you re holding the tall shift. It will be in the position of the center it will minimize and maximize with the correct aspect ratio of this item weight then this is the options you have also i just like to share this anchor point thing. This is an anchor point anchor point is nothing. But this middle of center of the image point.

See if i am moving this anchor point here so somewhere. If i am if i would like to rotate this. See there s two arrows and and edge after it may just see the anchor. It s it s just rotating with this anchor point like how your i mean hugging the frame in the wall.

That s why that s like it s it s getting ready to if you want to sit this guy push position of the center of this image you need to put this anchor point. Sit this anchor point. In santa..


See you can sit anywhere this anchor point. Top. Left of the car now like this you can rotate this so. I am just going need to set this in center.

Now you can see this center. It will rotate. This is the option service. One of the options in transformations.

If you want to keep this you just having said this okay. Then i m now i just want to transform this i transform this i just want to transform this image and by just right like this and give us a distort you can see this distort means. It s nothing but c..


It will be like this see the images will be like down. You cannot move it as an distort the image like this i m giving control z. I m going to back going back. I just gave the escape button now then if you want to see this image click this transform fast okay like this image and see this q excuse nothing but moving this like the same like and this dot.

See like this see this bomb. And we have seen that ski when this joint and perspective is very helpful to the current perspective. It will be changing like that so you can change whatever the motive want. According to the transformations.

I m just going to set this and now i m just going to make this image and the background is gonna change this transparency if you this lock you cannot lock i mean transparencies have an image. So what i m going to do is just change it as an lea just sitting as later on zero. So you can see the sergeant s has been enabled and it is unlocked..


I m just going to change opacity and event radio was i m going to just reduce this if you want don t want to see the checkerboard here it just go into this sorry edit preferences in general you can see these transparency and this great size and check your book card you can change as and not see it will be showing us white card. So it will be very helpful when you re giving printout on dot. So see this image how it has been changed you can add more effect. I ll say like in shadow.

Whatever the effect you can just add this that s it this is all about the transformations that s it thank you so much for watching my do please. Subscribe my channel. W at youtubecom. Slash take place please provide your comments and feedbacks in my video forms thank you ” .


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