Photoshop Tutorial – Rectangle Border Text

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“Right you do this is nikki here. I m back with another photoshop tutorial and and this one is going to be on how to create this picture right here your thumbnails for youtube or any other social media site. We re going to create this right here open the link in a new tab and i m zoomed in slow going to see it better basically. What we are creating is we re going to create this rectangle with the words right here.

I m not masking anything out for this tutorial. Because this one is just going to be a lot of great things you can get fancy with masking on if you want and that can make another tutorial if you put it in the description or the comments below. So yeah so this is what we re training. So first what we re going to do is i m going to show you all the results.

I m starting off with this picture right here. And it s going to end up with this like this for my thumbnail on youtube. So let me go back to photoshop and let s get started okay so right now we are in photoshop. The first thing we need to do is get the photo.

It s this one right key and as you can see i did take fun of myself earlier. It s for my watermark and first i want to do is i do not want watermark in the photo. Because it s a youtube thumbnail right there it s good enough and i m just going to clip that checkmark at the top and here s the photo image. So first things i usually like to do is i set my guidelines by first going to view.


And you see rulers or this press. Command r. Or i mean i come in are on macs and for windows cookies. I think is still yes control on anyway.

The ruler comes up right click on it go to percent and you will now be able to drag out your guidelines to 50 whole ship if you want exactly and my basically point 0. Increments. If not it ll just do this. And it s sometimes it s already in the 15.

So just hold down shift and do it like that next. What we are going to do is we are going to put the rectangle in my shape right here probably be usually a polygon tool. But you hold this down clip rectangle and we re going to start from the 50 that center point and move it all the way to the edge or moshe begin in this target. There we go.

And what we re going to do first is we re going to change this an old field and we re going to change this to whatever color. You want and we re going to change the border 15 points bam. So there we go. And what we re going to do.


There is i m going to move this to the center and all i m going to do is add my text. The gas takes anywhere this one is going to be called bangkok and i m going to press first. I m going to check the check mark to stop the editing of that then i m just going to press. This right here.

Which is allows me to move basically my letters or whatever whatever you typed in around and press command t. Or ctrl t on windows and that will allow you to get the anchor point that s in the center to spinner that text being able to put on a rectangle like after technology. I m going to click on the rectangle and i m doing back cramping ctrl t. And we re going to move this right here to the center as well and then you can edit the rectangle to be whatever way you want so if you want to recommend to be larger you can create that if you want on a light.

Bit. Where the rectangle is almost close to the text not crazy close. But just close enough where it still has you know some space or whatever. And boom right there.

And put a checkmark again and press command. T. You can see that directing was a little off. Because i did a free form edit.


And i m basically just set it centering. It at ganzel s and exact center and we re good okay so technically at this part. We are technically done with the tutorial anything else out that this is kind of just to make it look better in general. So what i m going to do is i m adding a new layer actually and i m going to drop it too low rectangle one.

So this is we ll just rename this x. All right cool. And what we re gonna do here is this one is going to be my brightness and contrast and then i m also going to add new layer as well that is right here and in this layer. This is going to be a gradient layer so i m using white at the top like at the bottom so when i click gradient you can check it at the top left corner so whatever you start with is from the left side right here.

Where the end will be the right time and technically what i m going to do is i m just going to darken everything down from like this building down through here. So what i m gonna do i m going to drag this like that keep it straight. So the gradient layer is straight. And you re going to end up with this type of background and what i m going to do is i m going to change it to multiply and then i can just leave it there or i can change the opacity to go where i want wanted it and what the contract will talk what i m going to do is i am actually going to play around the brightness to get the color field that i want in the contrast.

As well and actually the contrast is actually pam right there negative god and this from this right. Here. This is where i want it and if i want the bottom part darker. I just bring a little pasadenian.


More and pick up line around a hot there we go. And there we go so close on this guideline. And that s our final image. This image will be used for one of my videos.

And there we go so this image right here compared to the one. I made earlier almost looks exactly the same now all of this if you have any other questions. If you want to learn how to about masking. I ll just put in description below yeah.

I mean the comments below if you have any other questions just let me know and i will do my best to make a video as soon as possible on and basically that is it for this tutorial. If you liked this tutorial. Please like subscribe and by the way check my description out and watch my other travel videos. Thank you and have a ” .


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