PiJuice Review – Raspberry Pi Battery Hat Portable Power

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” s going on guys. It s a cta prime back here again today. We re re gonna be taking a look at one of the coolest raspberry pi hats that ve ever come across well to tell you the truth. This has been out for a while.

But i kind of forgot about it i finally got my hands on one so i m gonna go ahead. And do a review on it. This is known as the pi juice and basically what this is is a battery hat for the raspberry pi. This will fit the pi a plus b plus 2 b.

3 b and even the raspberry pi. 0 as long as it s version 13 and the raspberry pi 0 w. So this is the base model of the pi juice we have a 1820 milliamp hour battery this is an off the shelf. Lipo but it can be upgraded to a 5000 or a.

10000 i ve even seen a 12000 on their website. They claim. 4 to 6 hours of battery life with the included 18 hundred million power. Battery but you can get up to 24 hours with the.

10000 or the 12000. This is a full uninterrupted power supply. Which means if we want to charge the battery and. Power the raspberry.

Pi no problem at all just plug in your 25. Amp. Power supply that you would normally use with your raspberry pi. It s gonna power the pi and charge the battery at the same exact time.

I ve actually powered the official 7 inch raspberry pi screen plus a raspberry pi 3 b. Running retropie with this here for 3 hours. It actually works really well and through the whole time of messing around with it i didn t get one lightning bolt on screen. So we re definitely getting enough voltage and amperage here with this thing.

It has an integrated real time clock on board intelligent on and off switch low power deep sleep state programmable multi colored rgb leds..

There s two of them on here and there s three buttons this thing is jam packed with features so the best thing. I can do is leave a link in the description to pi supplies. So you can check out what this thing can do assembling the pie juice is fairly easy it comes. Just like this out of the box.

You will have to remove a little tab here that blocks battery from making connections. So it stays charged in transit. But that s about it and this battery is replaceable. It s a motorola bp7 axe.

It s the same one that was used in the droid. 2 i believe so you can find extended batteries up to 5000. Milliamp hour. We have full access to all the gpio and we also have this extra microusb for charging this or powering.

The whole unit while the pi s attached and to put this all together. All you have to do is line up the mail. Gpio pins on the raspberry pi with a female on the pi juice hat and put it down it does come with four screws so you can secure it to the board itself. But i m not gonna be using them in this video and by the way this will work out of the box.

They do offer software that you can install and i m going to show you how to do that in a second. But if you don t want to install anything this will power the pi straight out of the box. So i m actually running a fresh install of raspbian on this sd card. I m going to show you how to install the pi juice software now before we get into it i just want to show you how this looks set up all i have plugged in is an hdmi cable and the pi juice hat plus little dongle for my keyboard and mouse.

This is totally running on battery power right now so i m gonna switch over to my game capture so we can get a better look at the screen and i ll show you how to install this software alright. So like i said software installation is very easy. I m running raspbian here. This is the pi supply website.

You can head over to their github. Which will be located here. I ll leave a link for that in the description. There are two ways we can install this we can have a gui or gui or we can have no gui at all i prefer having the gui.

So i m just going to open up a terminal sudo apt get install pi juice gui..

You the software is now installed. But we need to do a reboot sudo reboot. So now that i have the software installed. I have a little battery icon up here i m at 81.

If i right click i can go to settings. So from here. We have the battery level. The battery voltage and the gpio power input five point zero one nine volts.

This is not charging at the moment. But when i plug in my usb charger. It s now charging as you can see we have micro usb input is now present wake up alarm. We can set this to shutdown and wake up the pie at any time system tasks.

We have watchdog system events on low charge. When the battery s low. We can have the system halt power off system off fault or reboot you can also program your own functions same thing with low battery voltage. No power watchdog reset.

You can also set up your own scripts. All the documentation is over on the pi juice github link for that s in the description. So i m going to go back to hat and configure hat. We have more settings here we have some gpio control from here we have a run pin charging is enabled.

I can turn this off. And i won t be able to charge it through the. Microusb we can set the current limit to. 15 amps to charge this battery or 25.

Inputs. Usb micro or 5 volt. Gpio. So we can charge it from the gpio.

If we wanted to like i mentioned there s three buttons on this unit..

We can set what the buttons do switch one when we press no function. But we can set it up power on power off reset. Halt halt power off there s a few other options here same thing with switch 2 and switch. 3.

We can change the colors of the leds. So charging right now this is showing blue it actually flashes between green and blue choose color. We can change it from here same thing with the other leds battery. We re using that bp 6x.

I m actually on these 7 x. So i want to change this here. I m going to go ahead and apply out of the box. It was set to 6 x.

But now it knows i m using that 1800 milliamp hour battery you can set custom parameters here just in case you get one of those extended life batteries that i was talking about we can set the milliamp hour. All the way up as high as we want to go but make sure it matches your batteries milliamp hour output we have some io and firmware so we can update the where if there s an update present i m on 13 right now so overall. This is a really awesome little setup and i m still charging. I m at 83.

You can see that little icon right there has a little plug on it i m gonna unplug it and that was uninterrupted. I m now using just battery power if i plug my usb back into charge it ll show me that it s charging so yeah. That s the pie juice hat. This is really easy to use it is one of the best hats that have ever messed around with on the raspberry pi.

And there s tons of different projects that i m really interested in using with this for instance building an off the grid solar rechargeable raspberry pi computer or retro gaming console. I actually have a nice little solar panel around here somewhere. I ve been searching for it need a little time to find it i think it s out in the garage it s made by aki it s a 14 watt solar panel with a built in 10000. Milliamp hour battery if a pair of that panel with the pi juice and the official raspberry pi screen.

I could run this thing indefinitely as long as i have enough time to charge it during the day it would run for 24 hours on what i have here. But i do need sunlight to keep everything charged. But before i get to the solar portion everything this just works with the pi juice hat. Raspberry pi 3p plus with retropie installed on an sd card and the official 7 inch.

Raspberry pi touch screen now i really wish i would have got one of these earlier..

But they re on sale for about 64 on amazon. So i figured i d go ahead and pick one up and this screen is amazing. It works straight through the display ribbon cable on the raspberry pi. And it works out of the box with raspbian and retropie.

Unfortunately retropie does not support touch so i didn t even worry about trying to install a driver or anything like that but you can use this as a non touch display and it looks great and like i mentioned at the beginning of the video. I got three hours of runtime out of this using the screen a raspberry pi 3 b. Plus and retropie with the pi juice hat. They also make really nice cases for this screen here and i ordered a bamboo one on amazon.

But it won t be here for a week. I am planing on doing a full tutorial on this because i think this is super simple. And it s pretty awesome. There s no soldering required whatsoever to build a nice little seven inch portable retro console.

Using the official raspberry pi 7 inch screen a raspberry pi 3. Or three b and the pi juice hat of course you could always use a portable usb power bank for this but i kind of like using that pi juice hat. It just sits right on top of the pie and it keeps everything really compact. I mean as compact as you can get with a raspberry pi sticking out of the back of the screen.

So that s pretty much it for this video guys i really appreciate you watch. And if you re interested in picking up one of these pi juice hats or the official raspberry pi screen. I m going to leave links in the description. I will have another video coming up on a full tutorial.

Very shortly. I ll go through setting the screen up with the raspberry pi and the pi juice hat and installing the software. If you have any questions or ideas for projects using the raspberry pi and the pi g s hat. Let me know in the comments below.

It d also be really cool if you could hit that like button maybe subscribe to the channel. But like always thanks for watching. ” ..


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