Plagur Inc – Virus Quickest Walkthough on Normal/Easy on Ipad

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“What is up out there youtube are you doing i am playing some more plague plague inc. I destroy our going to get in on this we re going to another walkthrough this walkthrough is going to be for viruses. And it s going to be on normal mode. Okay let s get in on this you really don t have to worry much about your genetic coding and this will work very easily for you and it is not it is one of my favorites.

So i m going to go ahead go ahead set my ability to fast because we re going to do this as quickly as possible so you can follow i m going to start off in india. Because that s one of my favorite places to start off so we re going to start off the same way. We did kind a little bit of a bacteria. We re going to start off with one symptom.

Which is going to be coughing. This helps us spread a virus. Very quickly since a virus can be airborne and very easily to use and mutate now. This is where it gets a little bit different is you want to start off with viral viral in stainability.

One. As quickly as possible and then go viral and stainability to like i said as quickly as possible so usually i go viral in stainability one viral in stainability 2. Right when i get enough dna points this allows me to you know get in there and start flushing it out more after that i start working on my transmission to other continent or other countries and stuff so as soon as i get 9..


I come right over here by air one after that i m going to buy water. 2. And just sit. There and let my let my virus mutate all these different symptoms.

This is one i really love because you don t even have to buy symptoms at all so i need. 10 dna points and here we go so we re going to go back to transmission by water 1. This will help us stop those sterile techniques on those ships. Damn right it did and we got sneezing so it s going to mutate even faster.

We ll see about hundred thousand two hundred thousand it s going to start replicating quite fast. And it should start going to different countries. Pretty quickly. There we go spread my victims spread so i m just going to keep leveling up air.

One air two who india is getting covered up now so after you get water one and water two we need to start worrying about how it s going to replicate in those other countries. So we re going to go ahead and user use my viral in stainability three. We re going to go ahead and buy that and we re also going to buy cold resistant one because virus is very weak against the cold adi mia s mutated thank you so this is why we get those virus in stainability under the abilities section..


That s why we get these virus and stain abilities first because look at all these symptoms. I ve gotten just from it mutating. It s very nice now we re only going to work in the transmission section and in the abilities section. They kind of help us propel this the next one i m going to get is drug resistance.

Because of those countries. Oh my gosh look at all that money going to so many different areas. We re going to get drug resistant one and genetic hardening to help keep our under wraps. So now we re going to buy a livestock one this is going to help us and then we re going to buy the bird and bird one this is all that we re really going to buy in this section symptoms have mutated again now after we buy livestock one and bird one we re going to finish off our extreme bio aerosol.

This is going to help us push through that productivity through ships and planes after that we re going to get cold resistant and then we re going to work on drug resistance. After this because drug resistance is going to make it give us a better chance to use in countries like the united states and in european countries. Because those are very rich countries. And they use very popular drugs.

So here you go we re going to check making. Sure we get all of our everything in the world we got about fifty cents fifty percent of the world so i m going to go to my data real quick. And we have greenland..


Morocco new zealand baltic states. Madagascar and finland. So i need to worry about the islands here greenland and madagascar. So let s check.

Those who are quick. So it looks like greenland or iceland. Just got infected. We got to worry about greenland now so i m going to do another genetic hardening and since madagascar is kind of a hotter country.

We re going to buy heat resistance. 1. This is where madagascar is it looks like madagascar just got infected awesome iceland just got infected as well ok now you can pretty much sit around all the everything is infected and you can just wait till. Everybody gets infected and then start building on the plague the deadly stuff so as you see i got about 7 billion.

People are yet peeing with a be infected now. We re going to go ahead and start killing off these people one symptom. I really like getting is total organ failure..


So we re going to grab that and then we re going to work up diarrhea all the way to this one right here. This is a very bad one as well so this is going to make my lethal jump up drastically. And we should start seeing a lot of people die here so iceland being infected that s my last infected area as you can see. Only 180000.

People are affected and we don t need to do any more now just let your virus kill them off. And if you get in a little bit trouble with your tear. Here all you need to do is come over to the cure and use a genetic reshuffling and as you can see it brings that cure down about 10 and all to you is here to win. So guys i ll be coming out with more guides as well i m going to finish off my normal series first and then i m going to go on to the brutal series.

I hope you like my series and please don t forget to like subscribe and share. It also don t forget that that you know thumbs up i love my like buttons and i will see. ” ..


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