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“What s up guys today i m going to show you how to clean your your xbox one. If you have a broken hdmi cord as you can see the thing. I have plugged into my xbox is the power and i have it powered on so this will allow you to play your xbox. If you have a broken hdmi cable or worst case scenario.

You broke your tv. And still want to play xbox. All you need is a windows 10 computer. In this case.

I m going to use my laptops and please keep in mind. There is no hdmi cable connect it at all so let s get right into it alright guys obviously make sure your xbox is either plugged into an ethernet cable and or connected to the same wi fi. That you re going to be using then you re going to go to the app store for windows and download xbox console companion. We re going to open that up and now this will come up with all your information of your xbox.

And so right here. It says xbox. One connection connect to a console to start streaming your game. So you can confess.

Connect and then it should find your xbox like here s mine right here. If it doesn t you can it ll ask you to put the ip addressing. But it should it should just find it and now you re just going to click on it and then hit stream and then where it says. There s no controller obviously you re not going to have controller hooked up to you the computer.

This you could do whatever you want with. But i continue and then as you can see this is my xbox and it has sound actually uh let me pull this cue. And yeah so like i said. This is completely working on a laptop right now you know if i hit escape and minimize it this is the laptop.

There is no hdmi cables. Which i will show you now yeah like i said there s no hdmi cables connected the xbox is way over there. And there you go. There s your your xbox.

No hdmi hooked up and here s the xbox with no hdmi up and as you can see you can fully play games. And it will record it you know here s like spyro you could also watch tv with hulu or whatever you want to do so. If your tv breaks your hdmi cable breaks as long as you have access to the internet. You know this the computer.

I m using is nothing fancy this is just an hp it s quite a few years old it s nothing special. So you guys could do this. Just have windows 10. Have that app and you can get your games.


Playing again. If you liked this please like subscribe and share. I m out of here ith the video. Okay i ll be right back door shut.

Alex responded. What did he end up saying he s a chicken this time bak bak bak bak he s not even saying words anymore that s not what i wanted though here we go we ll give him a poo no i didn t mean to no i didn t mean to send that i didn t mean to send that i didn t ok. I swear i didn t mean to send that i ll hold on i ll come up with something better yeah. We ll go again.

And go little doggy. Little doggies are cute trying to imitate dog sound. I don t know why you re watching this video. Honestly if i were you i d go ahead and unsubscribe immediately.

I wish you could get like an animoji extensions because right now all we have to work with really is we got the monkeys. I mean. No monkeys are great in all. But then i mean like i don t know you you worked.

But by the time you get to like the pig. You re kind of you re kind of over it right i mean i don t know maybe not ladies jump in alex responded. Again confusing stuff. Okay okay.

Here s a pet peeve of mine when it comes to iphones any apple employees watching this video you have to fix. This why is the volume adjustment directly in the center of this screenwhose idea was that it covers everything you do put it at the top of the screen like a normal phone. He ended up sending another one actually let s go see what that one s all about he s a sad panda animoji alex subscribe to alex yessss. No no no don t do that don t do it pretend like you didn t watch that just i if you are subcribed to alex unsub.

Alex now got a better one i got an even better one and you know what because because we re about kitty cats here on the channel. You know what kitty of the day by the way play something real quick. We got this little itty bitty. Pretty kitties sniffing a little blade of grass.

Oh gibberish accent. So cu u. Ute you sound like a robot malfunctioning. I really need a cat like i m starting to go insane without honestly this next one it s just adorable but if you want to check it out you guys are gonna have to subscribe to the channel.

It s the only way go ahead and uh you just click that big juicy red subscribe button and then you ll be notified as soon as new videos obviously the next kitty of the day and of course. I mean the video itself. I suppose if you re interested in that too. But let s let s give alex a piece of our mind.


So you know what actually i think you should get a little message from sir meow s a lot sir meows. A lot you suck there we go that s perfect perfect. I don t even know how he could possibly respond to sir meows. A lot because that is it s i don t know he told him right straight.

He got him good. It is i generals are oh and i am here to invade your planet for you see you are all doomed. I am going to kill everybody that you ve ever known and loved okay that got a little bit dark. Let s move over to i is something a little bit happier.

A little bit more positive. How s it going i produce a large percentage of the meat that you consume my people are in terrible danger. Okay. This isn t wow.

This is supposed to be fun and happy okay let s see let s go back to the unicorn unicorns. Always are they re always magical and happy and fun and cute joke. Oh you want me to tell it to you okay. Well.

You see man here. We go guys. Let s act out a scene. Let s create a little bit of a story and then we can go from there hello.

My name is princess peach. I can t come up with a name i m incapable. Ronald reagan no okay let s try that again hello my name is peter mu. I probably shouldn t be throwing my phone around like that okay.

I m sorry is everything okay still perfectly shiny look at the reflection. You can see the bottom of my face you stepping up on my property. You burned all my crops. And kidnapped.

My family and you leave me to burn. Alone. What if you can make a full out animated movie with oh you know how they made the emoji movie ladies and gentlemen for those of you who need a billion dollar. 2018 movie idea.

The animoji movie. Oh i should have seen if this captured. It oh no okay. Let s get another burp going hold on by the way.


I can t burp on command. I ve never been able to uh oh. No he looks so sad is that how sad i looked right there just then all i can do is make them either scared or you put give them some sort of really deep monologue. I don t know what else to do let s give ourselves a scenario.

And we have to play off that scenario. So the panda has a problem this episode of the an animoji movie series is going to be called the pandas problem. Okay here we go what can we do with the pandas problem. Hello.

They right yeah. I seem to have a well it s a bit of a problem you see i i think i m gonna need your help you don t go need my help no sorry i ve got a little bit of carrot. The side of my teeth here okay sorry. What s that you need some help from me.

Just a little buddy well let you see the problem is i can t find love i m so alone well i you don t do dibbley got a do you just walk on up then you say i love you if you don t love me you can scram well. I think i m gonna go ahead and then try your advice. Thank you i mean it s hopefully. It s a step in the right direction.

I ll go ask i ll go ask oh no i need to come with the name. I m terrible at this joseline. The the what s a nile that starts with j did the jumping mmm and the jump. I think i m gonna go ahead and try try my luck it it foxy.

The fox guys like that one foxy. The fox. Yeah i know it s the name that already exists. But this foxy s a girl okay well hi nice to see you pete the panda you know my name i can t believe it you actually know my name how could i not know your name with you sitting there all the time looking oh so good this is working fantastic okay okay just remember what the bunny said well all you dibbley got to do just walking up then you say i love you if you don t love me you can scram okay alright here it goes foxy.

The fox. I love you with all my heart. Do you really think so peter the panda. Yeah.

That was it peter that pete the panda pete. The panda. How do i do i really do well. I can t think of anything oh i m sorry everybody i thought i d be better at this.

It s what i want you to do is on some script unsubscribe for my channel go find a better channel and watch them. Instead that s probably that would probably just be better for you in the long run or you could stay here and watch me play with more on animojis here we go let s give ourselves another scenario that worked pretty well like what s a scenario with a pig. The pig is doing terrible at school and his parents are very angry. Oh.


I got it anyways. Though. No. No no no strange character um.

Mama. Papa. I got something to say and i don t think you re gonna like it what what do you have to say to me boy hmm. I don t know why his mom is a 85 year old woman that is also poo spit it out i did not raise you to be a brick because it doesn t talk do you get it guys you get what i m trying to say well ma.

I hope this doesn t break your poor small brittle heart. But i failed every class in school doesn t really work too well with the poo. Let s maybe try a different one here. We ll make it a monkey that does not look good.

That does not look like an angry mother i get it to work that situations just not going to play out. And as you guys can see. Alex never responded to sir meows a lot so i m just gonna immediately assume. It s meow salt 1 as per usual and actually you most of you who don t know about this well you can get your very.

Own sir meow s a lot at denisdailycom link in the description below check this out. He s been recently improved. So now he sets up all nice on your hand like this or on your shoulder. However you please.

But he s just so cuddly and so soft and i love him. So much wheels improve the tie much better just you know overall everything. It s great. I m so happy with it so check out this room.

A lot of plushy tennis. Ted. Only was good a little open as well as this your mouse all onesie as well as their mouths. A lot of beanie.

I mean come on we got it all but on that note. I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another video. If you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a like maybe even subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already but other than that i will see you guys in the next one ” .


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