PlayStation Vita Memory Cards

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“Dotnet and what we re going to show you guys today is how to place place one of the new memory cards inside the playstation vita now as you guys for the vita you can play games. Two different ways you guys can either go to your local gamestop or best buy and actually purchase copies of games like this or you guys can download the same games on the playstation network the same day they come out now games. You guys download on the playstation network are a little bit cheaper around five to ten dollars depending on the title and the actual cost of it or again you can definitely purchase games like this where then you can place them in your vita your friends vita or something like that now here. We have our playstation vita right on over here.

And today. What we re going to be going over as i said is just where that card is now for you guys to know there is a card slot at the bottom of the vita itself. But that s actually not what we re going to be dealing with it all and there is a card slot to the right of the vita or to the lots of depending on where you re looking at and that s actually where your sim card goes. So again.

It is not there either..

And it is actually directly on top of the playstation vita. That s where your card itself goes. So here. We re going to have ourselves uncharted.

So. Uncharted is one of my favorite games out they want to do they franchise out there. And i m just going to take that part and so far actually all the games that i ve had on my vita have been directly from the playstation network itself as well so i have yet to actually placed a card inside of the vita so as we get rid of the rappers themselves. There is uncharted and if we open it it s actually very simple there s the card and that s it is really not a whole lot housed inside of it so we place that down over here.

We re going to take our heart out again..

Very tiny card or flick and see from that angle. Very tiny card right on over here and on top of here. Just little slot back opens around on top and the card itself should open afford cash will point towards you when you insert inside so the card and the image inside of it will be pointed towards you and then you close the top part of it and when you launch your vita. It will say here.

Installing uncharted and some games have small installs. I think i m charred. It has the 64 megabyte install for us so again in case. It is sealed there and so what happens from there on is it s done installing it there s an icon popping up for us.

And if we go through our different pages..

There s everything we have and so just check it to the most bottom page. But you guys can now click on this and actually move it around to where it is that you want to fit. And it should be on another page you can place it right there. There we are and then you can launch uncharted or whatever that game may be hard.

Everyone so that s just been a short quick video for you guys and the playstation vita and how you guys can place memory cards inside of it different methods for downloading games whether you like digital downloads via psn or again whether you guys want to take the card and actually place it inside of the playstation vita as always you guys can find us all over the internet on different websites twitter facebook youtube flickr and just backslash so your rumors and you ll come to our site. Now again. If you guys have any questions. Just or comments.

Even feel free to drop them in the comment section..

Below. We d be happy to answer for you guys till. Then thanks for watching are you guys. So.

That s been our short little video today on how you guys can place a memory card inside of the playstation vita and some of the different ways that you guys can go on ” ..

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