PocketGo versus PSPgo: Which should you get?

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“Now. I ve had plenty of time to play around with big boys pocket go. Go. It s a great little portable emulation solution.

But it s definitely not perfect its flaws have people wondering if they maybe should spring for something a little bit more expensive. Like say the psp go the way whenever i live the look at the white one. But it shows up so bad in video. Okay how about this people have been asking me all over to compare these two and i don t think.

It s just because they share the go in the name. So how do these stack up against one. Another. Let s take a look okay.

So i resisted making this video for a little. While because these two devices have very different price points. While the pocket go can be had for under fifty bucks. The psp go goes for closer to a hundred.

I could have made the comparison with the regular psp instead. Which is quite a bit cheaper. But the size is so different that i felt that the psp go would make for a better comparison. And i think that s why people are asking specifically to compare these.

Two though. Since the psp go is basically the regular psp with built in storage and a replaceable battery slide out mechanism and bluetooth support everything i say about the psp go really goes for the regular psp. The main difference really is the form factor alright. So let s look at the pocket gophers.

So the pocket go is pretty decent. It s like i said in the beginning and i mentioned this in my review. It s definitely not perfect. But it s good enough at what it does for the price.

They charge. It does pretty good gameboy emulation. Gba..


Emulation and yes simulation is good sega genesis emulation isn t bad. But where it really struggles is snes simulation it ll run some snes games. Okay for sure. But you should probably not get it if snes is the main system you re looking to emulate you re probably going to be disappointed with a couple of titles like i mentioned in my review.

It also emulates ps1 whereas the ps1 here. I can t see the screen from the way. I m looking at it right there it also emulates ps1. But it does that more as a novelty than anything else you got choppy framerate and pre noticeable screen tears.

So ps1 emulation is not gonna be something you re going to be wanting to do on this thing. But i absolutely love this form factor. Which is probably the main selling point it resembles the original gameboy and if you re looking for a portable gameboy game boy advance. This is probably your best bet.

There are like i mentioned issues with screen tearing. But if you re looking at portable emulation for under fifty bucks. That s pretty much unavoidable. One of the advantages.

The pocket go has over the psp go is that if you buy a psp. You re going unless you buy it pre modded. You re going to have to mod. It you re going to have to tinker with it to allow it to run unsigned code meaning emulators or pirated games.

If that s what you want to do i mean. That s what people did back when the psp was a thing so i can t pretend that that s not what you re going to do if you have a modded psp. So that requires a little bit of research. A little bit of legwork and if you re not a tech savvy person modding.

The psp go might seem like a daunting task. And i know this because i get tons of emails and comments from people who tell me that they would love to buy a psp. But i can t find a modded psp locally and they don t know how to mod and now yes. There are lots of resources online.

There are tons of videos online that walk you through the entire process all but literally holding your hand. But again for people who don t really know their way around computers. Even that just seems too complicated so if you want something that out of the box is gonna run everything or almost everything you want to run the pocket go is probably the screen went off it s it s got a timer to a save battery so after two minutes of inactivity which you can customize the screen aloft..


I m gonna have to keep pressing the reset button here on the top to bring it back on as i was saying if you re looking for the easiest way to get into a portable emulation. The pocket go is probably a better choice in the psp. Go if you can t buy one. That s already pre modded now if we go into the build quality.

I mean obviously the psp go we ll take that one the psp go is super solidly built. It s beautiful. I think anyway. And it s i mean obviously a lot more went into making this thing than this thing.

So you can t reasonably expect for this thing to have a better build quality than a psp. Go when you pick up the psp. Go. There s you feel like there s a lot more to it there s some metal in here.

It s it just feels more premium of course that comes at a price. It s hard to find psp goes for under 100 bucks. These days and the white one can go up to 200. I managed to pick this up at a crazy deal for like 80 bucks canadian mine just not even real dollars.

But it s really really really hard to find good deals like that on the psp go especially the white one so again you re looking at products. That aren t exactly in the same price bracket. This one is closer to twice the cost of the puck it goes so obviously you re going to expect things like better build quality and better performance that s the thing. Those say snes emulation isn t perfect on the psp go you have stuttering on subtitles.

You have some screen tearing the painting on the game it will run most games better than the pocket go that s i mean you get what you pay for also if you re looking to getting to ps1 emulation. Then there s no contest you going to want to go with a psp go. Though ps1 emulation on the psp. Go is also not perfect not because of performance issues.

But because of a lack of controls you only have l and r. Here on the psp go perfectly emulate ps1 titles. You need for shoulder buttons now of course there s ways around that you can map the missing buttons combinations like up and triangle or whatever forget which ones they are because lately. I haven t been emulating a lot of ps1 titles on my psp.

But they aren t playable. They are playable definitely more playable than on the pocket go where you re going to run into performance issues. And you also only have two shoulder buttons on that anyway now one thing..


That s important to note is battery life now the lasts about the same. I haven t run a stress test on anything i own for a long time. But they are rated at about the same the psp go was originally listed at between three to six hours of gameplay depending of course on certain factors like the intensity of the game. If the processor is working harder.

That s going to use more battery volume. The brightness level of the screen. So realistically i would go let s say three to four hours that s what s that s what the psp go would likely last the pocket go less about the same bleeding more towards the three hour end of the spectrum. But there s one very important distinction every psp go out there is second hand and that means that battery has run through a few cycles.

Which means. It s old unlikely doesn t hold the same amount of charge. It used to no of course you might look out and pick one where the owner didn t play that much but by and large likely. This thing right here is going to last you longer than the psp go.

But generally speaking the battery on the pocket go is likely going to last longer than the battery on a psp. Go you happen to pick up say today. Another disadvantage. The psp.

Go has is this thing right here a dreaded proprietary connection for charging the battery in transferring files over from your computer. Now. Proprietary connectors are the bane of any tech lovers existence. I hate them i absolutely everybody hates me there s no reason for these things to even exist really want to think about it i have to psb charging cables because i have to be sp goes.

But this is gonna be a problem if you happen to lose or damage that cable. You re going to be out of luck for a little while until you be by yourself. A new one the pocket go on the other hand uses a standard micro usb connection. Meaning.

You probably have a thousand of those cables lying around when it comes to comfort level using these things i should play around i would imagine that the pocket go is probably preferred by most people because though it s a little bit small. It s kind of like a gba. The original gameboy advanced. So the grip is pretty satisfying if you know a little on the small side.

Though people who are into portability would probably not fault. It for that the psp go on the other hand. I never had a problem with it..


But some people a lot of people in fact say that it s not super. Comfortable. The position of the analog stick is kind of odd and the fact that your fingers are constantly brushing up against the back of the screen. When you re using the shoulder buttons and plus you got that frail ribbon cable connection.

Which actually connects the screen to the bottom part here so i ve heard so many horror stories about the ribbon cable getting torn and then you know just broke your psp go i have to and that hasn t happened yet fingers crossed. But that is something to keep in mind. The pocket go will likely last you longer than the psp go would because fewer moving parts ultimately both the pocket go and the psp go are awesome little portable emulation devices the pocket go is definitely cheaper. Though that shows in some departments performance isn t that great build quality is not going to match something produced by sony obviously.

But they re both pretty awesome they run a lot of games really well they are both very very portable. So if portability is a thing for you you can t go wrong with either one of them as the saying goes you get what you pay for and if you get a psp. Go you re going to be able to emulate a lot more games better than the pocket go. But for under 50 bucks.

It s even with all its flaws. It s hard not to recommend this thing. I like it quite a bit and the fact that it looks like a game boy is a huge plus for me. But what do you think.

Which of these two would you go for do you have both which one do you find yourself playing more often on let me know as always in the comments down. If you re new here consider subscribing that helps the channel. So so very much share this video with a friend who is into portable emulation retro gaming. And that also helps the channel like crazy follow me on social media.

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I have for today. I m izzy and i m done ” ..

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