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” s 3 45. Got a late start to the day because i was up until until 5 30 editing just kind of reminded me in the old days. The first or three months of the game. When i was staying up that late to edit every night have some eggs hatching.

But i m here at furman. Park. Today. Because a nest migration is supposed to happen.

In 15 minutes. Wow. That s disappointing. So i want to be here.

While it happens just to watch it happen in the meantime. We do have some stuff to talk about i m just gonna post up here next to the actual low key stop. I had no idea. This is where it actually was but there it is right here in between two onyx.

Which is currently the nest broker on i m right here in between two onyx. Which is currently the nest program here and i want to watch them disappear as the migration happens since i m here to nest. We might as well talk about nests. Some more nests were added to the game a lot of people have confirmed that they did get new nests recently.

I know you re tired of hearing about it. But some of these nests appeared in parts that people added or mapped on openstreetmap. I was on openstreetmap. The other day looking at the parks around downey and it looks like after the last time.

I talked about some of these parts someone went on and mapped. All the parts that i have been to so. Rio san gabriel park now has all of its footpaths and buildings mapped. Lakeside park.

Is now marked as an actual park and no longer part of the middle school next to it..

Furman park had all of its buildings baseball fields mapped. So i want to say thank. You and shout out to high marbot who mapped all the parks that i was talking about and to the guy who made an account on openstreetmap. Just to delete my red footpaths that i mapped here at furman park.

Find something better to do with your life. Pokemon are now spawning at lakeside park since it was changed from school grounds to an actual park. And there has been an increase in spawns at rio san gabriel park. So with all that said.

I ve seen enough. I have enough evidence for me to conclude that openstreetmap is influencing spawns and other things in pokemon go. But this is the last time. I m going to talk about it because some people are taking advantage of that so that s it if you hate it when i talk about openstreetmap you got your wish now one minute and this migration.

Should happen as a final note. I do just want to say if you are using openstreetmap please use it responsibly use it to map things that are actually there because a lot of really great services and projects actually rely on accurate mapping on openstreetmap. There. It is it happened four o clock furman.

Park. Just changed from an onyx nest to a horsie. It s actually really interesting to see that happen because it tells us a little bit about how nests actually work and that the nest pokemon is you know some somehow coded differently from the other pokemon that spawn here. But i can t click on them what about these that s weird maybe after i catch this i can go back all right now.

I still can t be serious. I might have to restart the game to actually catch these horses. While i do that let s go eat we used to come here all the time during the summer when it was warmer to get juice and stuff. But haven t been here in a while there is a junior though while we wait while we re here at the park eating.

I want to talk about something else that s not directly pokemon go related. But yesterday. Donald trump s regime issued gag orders for the environmental protection agency. Whose job as you might have guessed is to protect the environment.

Something i care very much about something that i think niantic probably cares about and something that goes hand in hand with pokemon go you know the world this planet..

The place where we play this game and experience these things. The agency also had its grants and contracts budget frozen and that s money that typically goes towards research on things like climate change. Which. Donald trump actively denies and apparently thinks as a hoax by the chinese employees at the agency are also forbidden from talking to reporters or using social media to talk about this change all the us.

National parks have also had their twitter accounts frozen by our new government so it just seems like you know they really don t want people talking about science facts things that are affecting the future of this planet. And since the federal agencies and researchers who are actually doing this work aren t allowed to talk about it i will so here are some scientifically verifiable facts about climate change greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide methane and water vapor trap heat in the earth s atmosphere and warm the planet the pre industrial concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 280 parts per million as of december 2016 four hundred and four point ninety three parts per million the amount of carbon dioxide is higher than at any time in the last 800000 years the united states is the second largest contributor of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Though it is home to just four point four percent of the world s. Population if everyone in the world lived the way people do in the us.

It would take four earth s to provide enough resources for everyone the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per capita in the united states is sixteen point four metric tons almost forty pounds per person so just some things to think about i m not gonna go into why the government might not want people to know things like that i ll let you figure that out for yourself. But i just felt like i needed to share some facts today and these are real facts not alternative facts. See if i can catch some horsey. Now excuse me as i get out of my hypocrite wagon right here.

I know i said i was done talking about openstreetmap. But i really meant after this video. I m done we re here at rio san gabriel park. Which as i said earlier someone mapped made it an actual park on openstreetmap added.

All these paths as walking paths on openstreetmap. The last time chance. And i were here three pokemon spawned here in the parking lot one in the corner by the dog park and that was it now you can see there to here right behind me in the parking lot to a little further in on what is actually a walking path and then a cluster here in the apartments behind me. But slowpoke is definitely an out of place pokemon for this area and possibly a nest pokemon here also i m gonna make this quick.

Because cassie forgot her phone first of all let s just take a second to appreciate these colors and second here s another slowpoke slowpoke is totally out of the ordinary for this area. And i m pretty confident just based on two slowpokes that furman park is now a nest at this time. It s slowpoke. The other day.

I did see a couple machop s here so it might have been a machop nest before the migration. But again machop is fairly common in this area. So it s hard to say for sure. But slowpoke on the other hand is a pretty clear indication.

There s a nest activity here now since it has been mapped as a park on openstreetmap before we get back in the car..

I just want to say quickly it s not a good nest. We only saw two slowpokes two slowpokes in the entire time we were here. But definitely more spawns than the last time chance. And i were here it seemed like maybe even twice as many in the same amount of time.

But if you re in the area come check it out try to verify my report on the silk road if you find slowpokes here lakeside park last time chance and i were here we spent a good 30 minutes here and no pokemon spawned at all and that s because previously on openstreetmap. It was mapped as part of the school next to it the entire boundary of the school including the park was marked as school ground the school ground might be the official designation. And as we know school grounds. That includes elementary middle school and high school our dead zones for pokemon spawns.

Obviously because kids aren t supposed to be playing games while they re at school. But since this park has been mapped as an actual park on openstreetmap here s a manky spawning within the borders of the park. There was an ekans just right behind me also. But i guess that d spawned.

So definitely pokemon spawning. Here. Now now that it s actually marked as a park. So that s it just a quick stop here to show you that changing things on openstreetmap does make a difference.

So it s not all that unusual for press releases and blog posts to undergo a review during a period like this but scientific papers is a little different and that was not a public announcement. How did it appear learn about this and basically made called to confirm the freeze. But he also asked what what about scientific papers and ericson said. Somewhat are surprised that for now.

At least. Even researchers will be subject to a case by case review for disseminating their scientific findings. Here s exactly what i said we ll take a look at what s happening. So that the boys coming from the epa is one that s gonna reflect the new administration.

So that s it just a little bit more evidence that openstreetmap is influencing pokemon go and i ve seen enough i believe it so i m gonna continue looking at openstreetmap for my own personal research. But i probably won t share very much more about it here on the channel. Because a lot of pokemon guild. Players are really taking advantage of it to try to increase spawns mapping their houses as parks and adding footpaths and water features.

Where they don t exist..

So this is my last time saying it yes. Openstreetmap does influence pokemon go please. Use it responsibly in other news. Niantic and the pokemon company just recently sent cease and desist letters to some more tracker apps.

So a lot of those are getting down now. Hopefully. Spoofing app. Developers or hack developers will be next mystic.

7. Just made a great video about what niantic needs to do in terms of policing. The community getting clickbait and hacking videos removed from youtube. And i think those are definitely steps in the right direction.

I know this video was a little short not the most interesting or best edited like i said. I was up till 5 30. Last night. But i will have another video coming out later.

Today because i m gonna be playing a little bit of pokemon duel and giving you guys my opinion on that so in the meantime. I hope you enjoyed this one and i ll see you both later today. Oh yeah. Don t forget go.

Plus. Entry is still going on until midnight. Pacific time. Today.

So you got a little bit more time. The link is in the description. ” ..


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