Polk Boom Swimmer Duo: Review – Best budget Bluetooth speaker?

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“How s refreshing way to start the day now down to business. I love seeing seeing innovative designs and the very crowded portable bluetooth speaker market in the original pop swimmer was a real breath of fresh original air now the swimmer is back stay mostly true to its original clever form. Factor. And using the latest.

Bluetooth iteration to deliver true stereo sound. As far. As the swimmer. Is concerned portability doesn t just translate to a small science.

The clever looping tail allows some mounting in all kinds of situations. And that s only one of its fixing options. It also comes with a suction cup attachment that can be screwed on in place of the tail in this evolved form of the swimmer. That clever tail is an inch longer to the speaker itself is a small cup shape measuring just over two and a half inches wide.


If it s easily into your hand and can slide into most pockets easily and it s small enough to get lost in the backpack. I ve been super keen to see what kind of sounds such a small device can pump out but we ll get to that a bit later i really like the design of the swimmer duo its rubberized coating feels great to touch and hold and also offers the speaker plenty of protection the ultimately coloured speaker grille bears the pop logo as well as an attractive pattern of different sized holes wrapped around the bottom of the speaker lies the boom logo an led indicator and then the buttons that control the device first is the bluetooth pairing button. Followed by the volume up and down and finally the power button on the right. The instruction manual was actually quite useful with this product.

There s many more functions in the buttons first indicate the volume plus and minus buttons can also be used to play and pause by pressing both at once as well as skip a track forward or back by holding either one for two seconds to pair to swimmers together you simply need to hold the bluetooth button for three seconds on both simultaneously and finally you can answer a call by tapping the plus button and hang up by holding the minus button. The base of the speak has a lot to offer too you can choose to screw on either the long tail the suction cup base. Both of which are quite useful. But i like the tail attachment in particular while the suction cup is okay for temporarily fixing the speaker to smooth offices.

I didn t feel immensely confident leaving my nifty piece of tech hanging on for too long. Although. It s both shockproof and waterproof so if it falls. It s most likely gonna be okay the tail on the other hand is really awesome as mentioned.


It s an inch. Longer this time around and as such it s a little more versatile with what you can wrap it around and attach it to you re only limited by your imagination in this aspect. And wherever i went with it i could generally find something to wrap it around or hook. It over and if not you can also loop something through the hole at the base of the tail attachment instead to charge the device or access.

The three and a half millimeter jack. The base needs to be removed underneath. You ll find a small rubber flap that s a little tricky to pull out with your fingernail. I m sure this tight fit is to ensure the internals are protected from water and dirt.

Though the battery took a little over two hours to charge from last around eight hours playback. Which is pretty great for a device so small i feel like i wind up saying this often in these bluetooth speaker reviews. But it s especially true for this product the sound. It produces is pretty damn impressive for such a tiny device.


I was particularly impressed with the bass performance. Which seemed to sound a little better too with the suction cup fitting stuff to either a wall or my desk. The duo aspect. Is where the speakers really come into their own massive fan of the implementation.

This feature on the boom. Swimmers ooohm with other models have used previously they had a similar feature you would have to use a specific android or ios app to play through two speakers at once often mean you weren t able to use streaming apps such as spotify or google play music and you re instead limited to whatever actual files had stored locally on your device thankfully this isn t the case of the swimmer duo you simply hold the bluetooth button on both devices as mentioned and your away as far as your phone is concerned you re connected to a single device to media. And calls. Awesome.

The true stereo sound is good there s so much louder than a single speaker. And it really fills the room significantly better as you d expect to speakers over one overall. I ve got to say at the polk brune swimmer joe is one of the coolest little speakers. I ve ever used and seen well i didn t find the suction cup overly useful.


It s a nice option to have the tailhook base is just awesome the design and look at the speaker is super cool the sound is really great for a size and the implementation of its features is in my opinion. The best in its price range. Additional media controls through the volume buttons are extremely handy and the fact that the chuo function. Doesn t require an additional app is a really great bonus available for just 44 in amazon or around 80 in australia.

I think. The swimwear duo is the best portable rugged and waterproof speaker. In its price range by far. It s clearly very well thought out and includes features and a design that s well beyond its price point.

What do you guys think of the swimmers. You are you tempted to grab let me know in the comments check out our website and i ll see you guys next ” ..

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